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LeAnn Rimes has been married to Eddie Cibrian since April 22, 2011. They have been married for 8.5 years.

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LeAnn Rimes

Music - Singer

Why Famous: Blue, album

Age: 37 (b. 8/28/1982)

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Eddie Cibrian

Entertainment - Actor

Why Famous: Jimmy Doherty of Third Watch, television show

Age: 46 (b. 6/18/1973)

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Event Start Date Length
Dating 7/24/2009 1.4 years
Engaged 12/24/2010 3.9 months
Married 4/22/2011 8.5 years
 Total10.2 years

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Relationship Information, Quotes, and Trivia

Where and/or how did LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian meet?

LeAnn and Eddie met on the set of the Lifetime movie "Northern Lights" in November 2008.

Why did LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian break up?

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Other Relationship Information about LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian:

Even though they were both married to other people when they met,it didn't stop them from getting involved in an extra-marital affair while they were filming their Lifetime movie "Northern Lights".A couple of months later, their relationship got exposed by security cameras catching them kissing and holding hands at a restaurant.They both denied anything romantic was going on between them,but the evidence didn't lie.After learning Cibrian and Rimes had been carrying on a relationship for months,Cibrian's wife eventually had enough and left him.He ended up filing for divorce a month later as LeAnn's marriage crumbled as well and she left her husband, in order to be with Eddie.

LeAnn also has a necklace and a tattoo on her lower back that reads 'LovE'.It symbolizes her relationship with Eddie(Leann loves Eddie). According to LeAnn,the necklace is the most beautiful Christmas gift she's ever gotten and she's hardly seen without it.

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Classic Quotes by LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian about their relationship:

"She[LeAnn] is fantastic" Eddie Cibrian 11/2008
"He's a very sweet guy" LeAnn Rimes 11/2008
"We pretty much shook hands and went "Hi,nice to meet you" and our first week was pretty intense together." LeAnn Rimes 11/2008
"I think we hit it off pretty well.We have good chemistry" Eddie Cibrian 11/2008
"We got to know each other fairly well pretty quickly,but he's a really good guy and really easy to work with" LeAnn Rimes 11/2008
"Have I heard any of LeAnn's songs?Sure!Yes.I sing them in the shower sometimes,too" Eddie Cibrian 11/2008
"Things are finally starting to calm down and be the way they're supposed to be.I think things happen for a reason." Eddie Cibrian 3/19/2010
"Basically, I hope it's getting to be old news for everybody. Maybe at one point we had a concern about all the gossip and paparazzi frenzy, but not anymore. Now, when we feel like doing something, we just go out and do it." Eddie Cibrian 4/7/2010
"My kids adore her" Eddie Cibrian 4/19/2010
"I take responsibility for everything I've done. I hate that people got hurt. But I don't regret the outcome." LeAnn Rimes 5/23/2010
"It was very emotionally driven. I never once thought what I was doing was OK." LeAnn Rimes 5/23/2010
"The hardest thing to hear is someone call either of us a home wrecker because we didn't walk into a perfectly happy marriage and ruin it." LeAnn Rimes 5/23/2010
"I don't know what the future holds, but I know it holds Eddie. I'm really happy. I've moved on, and I hope there can be some forgiveness and acceptance." LeAnn Rimes 5/23/2010
"I tried to be as truthful as I could.I remember telling Dean that I had feelings for Eddie." LeAnn Rimes 5/23/2010
"Eddie and I are superhonest with each other.Even if it's going to hurt,we both want the truth.It's not just one person in the relationship who's taking care of the other.It's both of us putting the effort in it.We are two seperate people.He supports my independence,but he's also there when I need him." LeAnn Rimes 5/23/2010
"I'm really happy.We became really good friends and we have a great relationship and I'm at a really good place in my life." LeAnn Rimes 6/7/2010
"It wasn't a normal relationship as far as just meeting and falling in love and getting right into it as I would want it to be.But, I'm really thankful for him." LeAnn Rimes 6/7/2010
"I can't change the past and I'm truly sorry that people got hurt along the way but not everything reported in the media is reality and continuing to rehash things publicly only makes it more difficult for everyone to heal. I hope for the sake of our children we can all move forward and heal privately. I wish their mother nothing but the best." Eddie Cibrian 6/11/2010
"He's an awesome guy.He treats me so amazing and he's just wonderful.I love him to death!" LeAnn Rimes 6/30/2010
"He's a doll and he's obviously the cutest thing in the world.I'm a lucky girl 'cause he's really great to me." LeAnn Rimes 6/30/2010
"LeAnn is without a doubt a one of a kind incomparable talent! She is truly amazing!!" Eddie Cibrian 7/24/2010
"I don't care where I'm at, when I'm with Eddie everything in my world is perfect and right! " LeAnn Rimes 8/3/2010
"I know that Eddie loves and respects me more than anything in this world. Nothing and no one will ever change that." LeAnn Rimes 8/4/2010
"I must say,Eddie looks hot in a pilot uniform! Well, in anything for that matter...and nothing too." LeAnn Rimes 8/10/2010
"I'm so proud of him. I really love watching him. He's captivating, obviously!Really, he just gets better and better. He's smart and it's so sexy to watch someone who's on their game and in control." LeAnn Rimes 8/10/2010
"I love him so much! To see his smiling face when I come off stage is heaven." LeAnn Rimes 8/18/2010
"I have the best man in Eddie! He makes me feel beyond special!" LeAnn Rimes 8/29/2010
"There is so much love there. I'm thankful to have a fulfilling relationship all the way around." LeAnn Rimes 9/19/2010
"What's not to like?!He was a very nice, somewhat shy guy." LeAnn Rimes 9/23/2010
"I watch Eddie with his kids and I am always so proud of him. He's a great dad, always there. Just watching him help w/ homework and I'm just so happy to see him be so into his son's lives. He never even knows I'm watching half the time." LeAnn Rimes 10/5/2010
"I think now I feel comfortable where things are at, and I feel happy.I look forward to the future." Eddie Cibrian 10/15/2010
"We go to the gym together and I tell her that I don't want to work out with her because she does girly exercises, but the truth is she really works out way too hard for me!She does things I would not do, 'cause they're just too difficult." Eddie Cibrian 10/15/2010
"It's so nice to constantly smile and laugh with the one you love!!" LeAnn Rimes 10/17/2010
"We talk a million times a day!" LeAnn Rimes 10/22/2010
"He's adorable!Inside and out" LeAnn Rimes 10/23/2010
"It's amazing to cry happy tears! When you look at the one you love and just because he squeezes you as tight as he can at the most random moment and tells you he loves you, you cry happy tears. It's wonderful to know and trust how much someone loves you." LeAnn Rimes 10/26/2010
"Whenever I'm around Eddie, he tells me I'm beautiful all the time." LeAnn Rimes
"What happened is not who I am, period. But I do know how much I love him. So I've always said I don't live my life with regret. I can't." LeAnn Rimes 9/13/2010
"It happens every day to so many people,and if I take away my album sales, my words ... you have just another couple. You had two couples whose marriages didn't work who really stumbled upon each other and fell in love. I can't change [critics'] minds. Nothing I'm going to say is going to change it. I do know that and I have accepted that." LeAnn Rimes 9/13/2010
"We're really happy in what we feel privately. We hope [that] one day, I think people will feel publicly." LeAnn Rimes 9/13/2010
"The truth is that we're human beings.We make mistakes and we learn from them, but we're human. We fell in love." Eddie Cibrian 9/13/2010
"We're talking about something that's over a year, year and-a-half old, really, and we're still together, and we're madly in love.And I think people are finally seeing that, but it doesn't mean that people will accept it or the tabloids will stop trying to print lies and try to tear us apart or tear us down." Eddie Cibrian 9/13/2010
"I am with the greatest love I've known,LeAnn" Eddie Cibrian 12/31/2010
"I've been fortunate to experience different kinds of love,there are many.Eddie is my greatest love.The commitment we have made to each other,to making things work no matter what obstacle that's put in our way,that's special.We're a great team and we're kind and loving to one another.I really respect and love the man and father that he is" LeAnn Rimes 12/31/2010
"My most treasured possesion is my engagement ring that Eddie designed.It's so much more than just a ring" LeAnn Rimes 12/31/2010
"I'm living it!It's not always perfect,but it's pretty close.I love my life and the wonderful people in it.All of that and some Don Julio 1942 tequila on the beach with Eddie watching the sunset" LeAnn Rimes 12/31/2010
"I had toured all year and was like,'Oh god, don't make me go to Canada for four weeks'.We met and became really good friends. We spent a lot of time together on set and got to know each other well and then it just sort of snowballed after that." LeAnn Rimes 3/2/2011
"I know I didn't do it the right way. It got messy but I have learned a lot. I'm not glad it happened but I know why it did. The decision wasn't about Dean or Eddie, the decision was about whether or not I was in the right place." LeAnn Rimes 3/2/2011
"He was very shy at first with me.Very,very shy.I guess it was slightly intimidating.And he didn't know what to think of me and of course he's an actor.Nobody really knew what to expect and it was really my first real film to do as an adult.I was terrified.I had done music videos,but I had no idea how an actual movie really worked.He was pleasantly suprised,thank god,so was I, that it worked and we had chemistry.We were both super shy with each other and about it because obviously we were both married.So it was very odd." LeAnn Rimes 3/2/2011
"We had a lot of scenes together that were very intimate the first couple of days.I remember shooting a scene with him and we walked away and couldn't look at each other.I was like "This is awkward,I can't do this". I think everyone saw it,too. No one wanted to talk about it.We kind of avoided each other the first week.Finally I was like "Let's go and have a drink. Get a burger ".I really did need to get to know him to finish the film.It was just awkward." LeAnn Rimes 3/2/2011
"I didn't confirm,nor deny the relationship.He denied it.With 2 kids I think it was like " We're gonna take our own paths here and figure this out." We both tried and worked at our own marriages,but we both knew it wasn't working. And with 2 kids involved it was a much harder decision for him to make." LeAnn Rimes 3/2/2011
"We really do have a very deep connection with each other and it's very sweet.We've gone through so much together.We trust each other and coming from where we came from, that was something we had to learn to do.We've had an interesting build in this relationship.We take a lot of blows and we have made it through it.We're really happy and his kids are great.I'm a stepmom and that's crazy to me.I open up my car door and I see a car seat in the back and I'm still like "Hold on.......Yes,that's supposed to be there".Those 2 little children are so sweet and so beautiful and they've brought so much joy to my life.It's definately come with many,many layers of stuff." LeAnn Rimes 3/2/2011
"I had a moment by myself before the nuptials where I played a song she wrote for me specifically for the wedding,How Much a Heart Can Hold.It was so beautiful.I just started crying." Eddie Cibrian 4/22/2011
"We've overcome just about everything we possibly could to be together. Nothing's quite come easy in this relationship, except for us knowing that we belong together." LeAnn Rimes 4/22/2011
"We love each other very much and he brings a lot of joy to my life as I do to his.His children are wonderful and it's where I'm supposed to be and I truly believe that". LeAnn Rimes 4/2011
"Amazing! We kinda can't remember not being [married]." LeAnn Rimes 5/17/2011
"It was very traumatic when we both realized we were in love with other people." LeAnn Rimes 7/2011
"I love Eddie and his children more than I can express". LeAnn Rimes 5/2011
"I honestly don't sleep well in foreign beds without Eddie. He doesn't sleep that well either when I'm gone." LeAnn Rimes 6/24/2011
"I'm so sorry that I hurt Dean. We had some great times together, but you just can't help yourself when you know you've met someone who you just have to be with regardless of the consequences." LeAnn Rimes 7/2011
"I love being at home and my heart is there.That's really where my future will be.I love married life with Eddie and I hope we will have more children when the time is right." LeAnn Rimes 7/2011
"LeAnn is so multi-talented as far as range and what she sings.She's so far removed from just a country voice. She's got a voice of an angel. She can do anything." Eddie Cibrian 8/1/2011
"I think LeAnn looks wonderful. She is very healthy, and to me - perfect." Eddie Cibrian 8/1/2011
"My favorite part about my husband is his hands.They are so manly and my hands feel very tiny in them.They feel very protective." LeAnn Rimes 7/31/2011
"I can practically quote Eddie's vows he wrote to me for our wedding. I'll never forget the venerability of his words." LeAnn Rimes
"I keep the hankerchief that I used at our wedding in my wallet.It still has mascara on it.I don't want to wash it." LeAnn Rimes 7/31/2011
"He's so sweet.I just adore him to death.He's a really,really good guy and not hard to look at." LeAnn Rimes 8/4/2011
"He loves me. Not gonna say it's always easy, but I know without a doubt in my mind how much he loves me." LeAnn Rimes 09/18/2011
"It's definately challenging, that's for sure. And nothing worth having is easy. I loved getting married. It was beautiful. And I love Eddie's boys. It's been a huge juggling process of his job and my job and the kids. So we cherish the quiet moments. And we look forward one day to not travel quite as much and being a little more settled.But we're happy right now.It's a good life. I have nothing to complain about,that's for sure." LeAnn Rimes 09/27/2011
"I love conversations with Eddie.He's such a voice of reason,so nonjudgmental and smart.He's an amazing comfort." LeAnn Rimes 10/22/2011
"The coolest thing is the more time we're together the better it gets.Sounds corny,but true". LeAnn Rimes 10/22/2011
"My husband and I must love each other a lot to sleep on one small couch in the back of the bus just to be next to each other" LeAnn Rimes 11/18/2011
"We have a lot of testosterone around here. I would love to have a little girl!" LeAnn Rimes
I was just with the kids for the last two days taking care of them on my own, and trust me . . . I have a newfound respect for working moms who do it all by themselves. It was my birth control for a little bit -- so overwhelming! LeAnn Rimes
"We respect each other; respect is a big deal, and once you lose that, you've kind of lost everything. He's a wonderful father and a really good man. He's kind to me, and I reciprocate. It just works." LeAnn Rimes

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