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Joshua Jackson dated Diane Kruger in the past, but they broke up on July 18, 2016. Joshua Jackson dated Diane Kruger for 10.1 years. Joshua Jackson is currently dating Alyssa Julya Smith.

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Joshua Jackson

Entertainment - Actor

Why Famous: Dawson's Creek

Age: 41 (b. 6/11/1978)

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Diane Kruger

Entertainment - Actress

Why Famous: Troy, National Treasure

Age: 43 (b. 7/15/1976)

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Event Start Date Length
Dating 6/11/2006 10.1 years
Broke Up 7/18/2016 --
 Total10.1 years

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Relationship Information, Quotes, and Trivia

Where and/or how did Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger meet?

Joshua and Diane were introduced by a mutual friend. Photos of the couple surfaced in June 2006 and Joshua has said their anniversary also happens to be his birthday.

Why did Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger break up?

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Other Relationship Information about Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger:

Currently live together in Vancouver, where Fringe is filmed. When not working, they often stay in Paris where Diane owns an apartment.

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Classic Quotes by Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger about their relationship:

"I'm happy, I'm in love." Joshua Jackson 11/2008
"[She is a] lovely girlfriend." Joshua Jackson 7/2007
"I don't know that we're getting married." Joshua Jackson 11/2008
"The best part of moving in together is when you look at each other and say, 'We're meant to be together, so we should make this commitment.'" Joshua Jackson 1/2009
"She's wonderful and she's kind and she's loving and she's forgiving when I'm a moron, and not forgiving when I don't deserve to be forgiven, and pushes me in all the best possible ways and is inspiring and tough and smart and funny and no amount of good words . . . I want to be a better man because I want to always see that look in her eyes when she looks at me. I want to be the man that deserves that love." Joshua Jackson
"When I get angry and my German accent comes out, you step away. My boyfriend knows; that's when he goes quiet, like, 'OK, honey...'" Diane Kruger
"It's really a gypsy's life, never staying in one place...But Diane is so understanding that the things that used to be a chore became easy. I've never had anyone in my life before her who could do that." Joshua Jackson
"We did a road trip through Australia last Christmas. We didn't make any reservations anywhere. We just got into a car and started driving." Diane Kruger
"The daily joys, looking in her eyes, seeing her smile. More eloquent men than me have described the beauties of love but I don't think it really translates well into words. I like feeling like I do every day." Joshua Jackson
"I'm pretty in love with her. It's gross. [...] Everything you find obnoxious about couples when you are single is all of a sudden acceptable. Like, I am the most annoying guy. We talk about it all the time like oh my God I would just never want to spend any time with us." Joshua Jackson
"I don't think I'll marry again. Because I've realised commitment is important and no matter what paper you're going to sign, if that commitment ceases to be there, you'll get out of the marriage anyway. You know, I might get married at 50 or 60, when it actually means something to say 'for the rest of my life'." Diane Kruger 3/2010
"We really try not to be apart longer than two weeks." Diane Kruger 2009
"We're on the 40th floor overlooking the bay, and I wake up asking, 'Is this really my life?' Josh always seems to be getting up before I'm awake to go to work, and I tend to go to bed early." Diane Kruger 2009
"We love to entertain. Half of entertaining is preparing. We love to go to the market. We can spend half an hour thinking about what wine we're going to drink and that usually gets us talking about all the places we want to travel to together. Tuscany, Burgundy, Bordeaux. But then we'll remember, 'Hey, but we have people coming over in an hour!'" Diane Kruger 2009
"Why get married? I've come to realize that love and commitment are not about whatever paper you sign. [...] It's about what is in your heart." Diane Kruger 2009
"Yes. Definitely [we'll have kids]. But someday. I think we're having too much fun right now. But I can completely imagine a time in years to come where we are sitting around the table with our children." Diane Kruger 2009
"I was pretty smitten. I don't know how smitten she was. It took much convincing on my part, but that's okay. Every man likes to chase." Joshua Jackson 2/2009
"My education in the world of high fashion started with Diane." Joshua Jackson 9/2008
"Love. That's the most striking, terrifying, rewarding journey I've been on in my entire life. It sounds cheesy but it's the truth. I've been with [Diane] for 2 1/2 years. I've had relationships before but I was young and things were simpler back then, but to really for the first time, have somebody else's life at the centre of my considerations every day is a brand new and beautiful thing." Joshua Jackson 2008
"Joshua and I are not Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, so it's not like we have four cars following us wherever we go. We're not that famous." Diane Kruger
"I love doing girlie things like getting massages, going on dinner dates and making an effort for my guy, putting on a sexy dress and makeup. Seeing 'that look' on my man's face makes me feel sexy." Diane Kruger
"I have no attachment to places. I have learned that home is where the heart is and I just want to be with Josh." Diane Kruger 1/6/2009
"There are so many beautiful things in life and since I met Josh - he is incredibly normal and loves life - it is the first time that I have preferred my life to my work. I am happiest just hanging with him and I feel like anything is possible because he's there. That gives you great calm. I know if everything fails I still have him, so it's all OK." Diane Kruger 1/6/2009
"I think I want kids. I didn't think I would but now that I've met Josh I know that I'll have at least one. He has great values and that's important to me." Diane Kruger 1/6/2009
"We did Australia last year when we had a convertible and slept in the car. It was the best holiday ever. And we went on a camping trip, but that wasn't quite as romantic as I thought it would be - I went on the back of his motorcycle and that means you don't talk to each other all day because you are on the back of the friggin' bike." Diane Kruger 1/6/2009
"You know what, I've never seen Dawson's Creek. He said: 'You're the perfect girl for me, because you never saw me with pimples.' I'm not sure if I should watch it. When I met him, he was a man, you know? I'm not sure I want to see his awkward teenage mode!" Diane Kruger
"I like enthusiasm and openness in a man. Joshua has a lot of that and it takes me out of my more cynical side." Diane Kruger
"My better half lives in Paris, so I live there with her. Tough. Yeah, it's really rough." Joshua Jackson 12/14/2009
"She'll tell me when we're ready to get married." Joshua Jackson 12/14/2009
"Hi honey, we're on national TV and I'm embarrassing myself." Joshua Jackson 12/14/2009
"I certainly am [a lucky man]." Joshua Jackson 12/14/2009
"I'm part of a couple now, so it's not just my decision any more. To ask someone to move with me to New York is a big deal." Joshua Jackson 3/25/2009
"I have never seen one episode of Dawson's Creek. I must be the only person on this planet. I went to a Woman in Hollywood event two months ago and Katie Holmes was being honored. And all of her clips of Dawson's Creek were with Josh and it was so weird. He was all pimply and had a bloated face. I had to call him and he was like, 'Don't watch it! Don't watch it!' Very funny." Diane Kruger 3/10/2010
"[Being with Josh] is just easy, right? You don't feel awkward things or you ask yourself questions of 'what am I going to next week?' It just flows and I think that's the good thing." Diane Kruger 2007
"We are solidly together but there are no plans to marry." Joshua Jackson 4/21/2008
"We have coffee before everything, and then slowly ease through as much of the crossword as we can get through, and see where the day takes us." Joshua Jackson 8/2009
"He's the best. His style... it looks good!" Diane Kruger 8/2009
"I'd say romantic things are done with her rather than for her. But the most romantic trip we've ever taken, just at the beginning of our dating, she'd never been to Tuscany. I shot a film in Tuscany, so I took her to Tuscany. That was pretty good. That was pretty high up there on the list." Joshua Jackson 8/2009
"Lots of poets have spilled lots of ink, but so far as it occurs to me, if you're willing to put in the time and the work, everything else comes naturally." Joshua Jackson 8/2009
"I'm much happier when I'm with her than when I'm not." Joshua Jackson 2008
"[We promised not to go more than 2 weeks between visits], though I kind of have to reintroduce myself to her at the beginning of every visit. After a couple of hours, it's like she recognizes my smell and everything's okay." Joshua Jackson 2008
"He is in Vancouver nine months of the year, and then I am away making movies, so there are long periods when we don't see each other and it's hard. I am taking time off work because we promised each other this period together." Diane Kruger 8/21/2010
"[The paparazzi] do take pictures of us when we are in New York or LA, but it doesn't bother us because we don't have super interesting lives for them. We don't go out a lot and I certainly don't go to clubs without any underwear on. We love the outdoors, we love cycling and hiking and we are both very green - not pursuits that the paparazzi tend to be interested in." Diane Kruger 8/21/2010
"I see myself raising my children in Europe, probably in Paris. Josh loves Paris and he is cool with that, but we will see what happens when we get there - or if we get there." Diane Kruger 8/21/2010
"It was much harder when I was with Guillaume because it felt like I wasn't around. But when Josh and I met, I was already doing movies in France and America so the tone was set from the beginning. We've found a good balance. We try not to be apart for more than two weeks at a time." Diane Kruger 8/4/2009
"I'm a man in love." Joshua Jackson 11/10/2009
"That was a falling-down point for me with women in the past. My work is so hit-and-miss, you get caught up in this idea, when it's here, everything else goes to second best. With Diane, I've made sure she stays in the premier position. And all of a sudden I've realized, 'Oh look, I can have a life and do my job. This is really nice.'" Joshua Jackson 9/1/2010
"I think commitment is very important, particularly for me. I am a better person when I let myself have the time for romance and for love. I think for too many years I actually let that slide." Diane Kruger 8/21/2010
"Diane looks great when she's all dressed up, and it's a beautiful thing to have a woman pop out of a closet and I'm like, 'Wow, look at you!' I know how lucky I am. But do you know what? I'd take Diane in her at-home sweats with no make-up on and looking casual any day." Joshua Jackson 10/2010
"I'm one half of a whole and both partners have to make that decision together, which is a whole new ball of wax in my life. Diane and I had to make sure it worked for the two of us. But, with her, I've found the beautiful part of being in love is that it's not work. We've figured ways to see each other. She moved to New York to be with me and now she has moved up here. It involves travel and being available but it's amazing how simple it is when it works." Joshua Jackson 11/10/2009
"There's no one I'd rather spend my time with so there's no begrudging of each other. She is happy for me that the show is going well and I'm ecstatic for her that Inglourious Basterds is awesome." Joshua Jackson 11/10/2009
"Neither of us is religious, and the picket fence isn't what we're aiming at. We're together for six years now, so for all intents and purposes, we are [married]. I have no need for a priest to tell me that!" Joshua Jackson 5/31/2012
"Yes, I'm often the boyfriend of fashion, and here I'm the boyfriend of cinema. At the Met Ball, I'm always the best-dressed elbow in all of those photographs." Joshua Jackson 5/23/2012
"Josh is someone who is very grounded. It's pure, there's no bullshit. He is very curious and is someone who always reads and is very politically engaged. He awakened the urge to ask more questions. You can take so many things for granted, because you read them and think it must be true, and he's not like that." Diane Kruger 2011
"There's no other person on the planet that I'd rather spend my time with. Everything is in constant flux in an actor's life so the only thing that remains constant between the two of us is the two of us. As long as we hold on to that everything just falls into place afterwards." Joshua Jackson 3/25/2011
"I feel like we add to each other more than we balance each other, I'm more with her than I am without her." Joshua Jackson 3/25/2011
"Well, I like her (Diane Kruger) a lot. Wherever she wants to go, I'm gonna be okay with that." Joshua Jackson 1/17/2012
"[I impress him] with German food - he loves it." Diane Kruger 3/26/2012
"[Josh] is extremely approachable, interested in all sorts of things. So he is a very good influence on me." Diane Kruger 3/26/2012
"Life is more important than work. We just celebrated our fifth anniversary. We met up in Paris, gave each other gifts and went to dinner - it was just lovely being together. It's hard sustaining relationships at a distance, but if you want to be together it comes down to that. And I have had failed relationships because of a lack of commitment to that." Diane Kruger 6/2011
"In my experience, when I've done stupid things in the past two-and-a-half years of my in-love life, that the strength of a real relationship is such that you are able to do stupid things, talk about it, and move forward. When you have that level of commitment, you see some core in them, and they see some core of you; if you continue to grow, those two cores can stay together. But maybe I just want to believe that." Joshua Jackson 2008
"I wore this classic '50s-style Dior dress to the Venice Film Festival in 2008. I had to be strapped into the corset, which was very tight. During dinner I thought I was going to faint. I asked my boyfriend, Josh Jackson, to come with me to the bathroom and loosen it. People thought we were doing naughty things! But the dress was so beautiful I couldn't think of not wearing it." Diane Kruger
"Home is where the other person is and that's really great. I could live anywhere as long as he's there." Diane Kruger
"I drink and chase my woman (girlfriend Diane Kruger) around the world." Joshua Jackson 2011
"I don't think that there's a chance that if Diane has a strong opinion about something that they won't all hear about it. I know this to be true." Joshua Jackson 5/21/2012
"Things I used to own disappear, and all of a sudden I own new things that just showed up in my closet that now are my dress shoes. The little German fairy that goes into my wardrobe makes sure I'm presentable in the morning." Joshua Jackson 5/21/2012
"My advice is always either, "Yes, I like it," or "I don't understand." Other than that, she's got it." Joshua Jackson 5/21/2012
"I cut Josh's hair all the time. He loves it because he can watch TV. I've only messed it up once, when he was moving around." Diane Kruger 2011
"Josh is someone who is very grounded. It's pure, there's no bullsh*t. He is very curious and is someone who always reads and is very politically engaged. He awakened the urge to ask more questions. You can take so many things for granted, because you read them and think it must be true, and he's not like that." Diane Kruger 2011
"When you're dating a European woman, the slovenly way of dressing will not do. But the reality is, I've also grown up a lot in the last five years, and not getting dressed up is partly teenage rebellion. I obviously held on to that for too long. But I don't want to get into wearing the uniform of the thirty-year-old actor either: the beanie guy, the scarf guy. It defeats the purpose of individual expression. If I ever have a fashion relapse, Diane lets me know." Joshua Jackson
"I definitely made the effort to go see [Diane] in the full queen regalia. It's a one-time thing in an actor's life. It was sexy... period, full stop. I mean, it was kind of a kinky fetish thing with the wigs and the corsets. I don't know how [people] survived that period. Foreplay must've been a sonofabitch. It takes a nation of millions to get those things on and off." Joshua Jackson 7/10/2012
"It's quite a fantastical thing to see the woman I wake up to every morning dressed as Marie Antoinette." Joshua Jackson 7/10/2012
"It's less awkward watching [Diane] kiss a woman than watching her kiss a man." Joshua Jackson 7/10/2012
"I have an in-house fashion critic now, so I never quite leave the house in the shambles I used to. She puts me on the right path if I'm dressing myself poorly. She's an editor more than anything else." Joshua Jackson 7/10/2012
"Karl [Lagerfeld] bizarrely loves Josh. Before he asks how I am, he would ask how Josh is." Diane Kruger 7/10/2012
"Paris is a magical place. And living with a woman who speaks French is wonderful and really breaks down the barriers and opens up the city. Ideally, I'd spend a lot more of my time in Europe." Joshua Jackson 6/21/2012
"We've been together for six years now, so for all intents and purposes, we are [married]. I have no need for a priest to tell me that!" Joshua Jackson 5/2012
"It's important for the people that it's important for, but neither one of us are particularly religious so I don't think that there's any particular push. But never say never." Joshua Jackson 6/2012
"Kids are one of those things that kind of happen, aren't they? Certainly we're working on it if that's what you're asking." Joshua Jackson 6/2012
"I'm over marriage. No marriage for me. But I definitely want to have kids." Diane Kruger 9/2011
"Being in love also means learning not to say anything until she's had coffee." Joshua Jackson
"Josh knows very well that if I start speaking in German in a louder than usual voice it means I'm really angry. And straight away he tries to calm me down by coming up behind me and whispering, 'Darling!'" Diane Kruger
"This company decided it would be a good idea to sell a medical-grade laser, mocked up like a lightsaber, and it actually cuts. The only reason I don't have it right now is because I so geeked out, I was on the computer like, 'OMG! You've got to see this! This is awesome!' And Diane was like, 'You're not... we're not having that in our house. That's just not happening.'" Joshua Jackson 2011
"Because Diane has lived [in Paris] for so long and we have an apartment there, the most romantic part of our day is waking up in our own neighborhood and going down to a cafe and just having breakfast." Joshua Jackson 7/14/2012
"Family is becoming more and more important to me. I would like to have children. I wouldn't want life to pass by without having had that experience." Diane Kruger 7/13/2012
"[Our first date] I took her to an Italian restaurant, and there was some flower that was blooming. She was allergic to it so she sniffled and sneezed the entire time. And when I get nervous, you might have noticed I talk a lot. So I just chewed her ear off for an hour and a half. I'm surprised she ever called back." Joshua Jackson 7/24/2012
"You know, I've never seen a single episode of [Dawson's Creek]. I did ask him if I should watch it, as it felt like I had missed out on that part of his life, but he made me swear that I wouldn't. He said he didn't want me seeing him as a pimply teenager!" Diane Kruger 03/11/2013
"I don't want my life as a woman and a partner to pass me by. I actually think it took me too long to realise that... I definitely want a family - and a career, whether that's in this industry or another." Diane Kruger 03/11/2013
"It was a funny situation. I thought [Josh] would just come over for a drink; I was living in a hotel at the time. And I hadn't intended to have dinner with him because I didn't like him that much. I didn't want to go out with him. We were sitting in the hotel bar and I was already checking my watch because I had something else planned. But I didn't want to break his heart either when he told me he had made a reservation at a fancy restaurant. It was the worst evening we have ever spent together. Our first date was a real disaster. After our first date, he got me flowers and a box of tissues with it. He has made me laugh from the beginning." Diane Kruger 03/23/2013
"I have always had long-distance relationship therefore I can't imagine having a normal relationship. Now [Josh] is finally coming home and our new life is starting. It is like a new relationship because we will be really living together for the first time. I'm excited to see how that goes in our daily life." Diane Kruger 03/22/2013
"You can't imagine how the girls are screaming when they see him. I sometimes don't like that at all." Diane Kruger 03/22/2013
"He doesn't want me to watch...he grew up in front of the camera with pimples and blatiness." Diane Kruger
"She's a tough one to take to a new place, because from her modeling career in particular, she's kind of been everywhere. I'd like to go see some more of South America and Southeast Asia. She hasn't done too much of South America so I think we're going to try and do that. And then New Zealand, we'd both really like to go to New Zealand. She's never been. When had on our first vacation together, we went to Tuscany and had, not prosecco, but proper champagne sitting on the battlements in Siena. That was an excellent memory. My summer plans are pretty banal. Just shooting the TV show here for the summer." Joshua Jackson 5/30/2015

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