NameAgeOccupationMost Famous For
L'Wren ScottL'Wren Scott47*DesignerEx-Girlfriend of Mick Jagger
L. A. ReidL. A. Reid67OtherCo-Founder of "LaFace Records" and "The X Factor"
L. Frank BaumL. Frank Baum62*ScreenwriterThe Wizard of Oz writer
missing image for L. Lin WoodL. Lin WoodOtherAttorney Hired by Howard Stern
missing image for L. Ron HubbardL. Ron Hubbard74*OtherFounder of Scientology
L.A. ThomaL.A. ThomaTherapistRelationship with Grant Gustin
missing image for L.M. Kit CarsonL.M. Kit Carson82ActorEx-spouse of Karen Black
La Fonda Sue HoneycuttLa Fonda Sue Honeycutt70SpouseFirst wife of Dog the Bounty Hunter
missing image for LA HopkinsLA HopkinsSpouseFourth Wife of Willie Nelson
La La AnthonyLa La Anthony44TV PersonalityFormer MTV Video Jockey
La La BrownLa La Brown21*SingerS.E.X., single
La Toya JacksonLa Toya Jackson67SingerSister of Michael Jackson
missing image for Lacey BrownLacey Brown38SingerAmerican Idol Season 9 12th Place
Lacey BuchananLacey BuchananOtherFiancee of Jake Owen
Lacey ChabertLacey Chabert41ActressClaudia Salinger in Party of Five and Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls
Lacey MosleyLacey Mosley42Singerlead vocalist and main lyricist for Texan alternative rock band Flyleaf
Lacey SchwimmerLacey Schwimmer35OtherProfessional dancer on Dancing With the Stars
Lacey TurnerLacey Turner35ActressStacey Slater in Eastenders
Lacey von ErichLacey von Erich40Wrestler / WWFThe Beautiful People
missing image for Lacey WillsLacey WillsOther
missing image for Lachelle FarrarLachelle FarrarOthergirlfriend pierre
Lachlan MurdochLachlan Murdoch52OffspringSon of Rupert Murdoch
Laci Kaye BoothLaci Kaye BoothSingerAmerican Idol
Laci PetersonLaci Peterson27*OtherWife and Murder Victim of Scott Peterson
LaDainian TomlinsonLaDainian Tomlinson44Footballrunning back for the San Diego Chargers
missing image for Ladislas WisniewskiLadislas WisniewskiOtherBoyfriend of Louisa May Alcott
LaDonna HughleyLaDonna HughleySpouse
missing image for Lady Adelle BeattyLady Adelle BeattyRich
Lady Amber LeightonLady Amber LeightonOtherMother of Guy Ritchie
missing image for Lady Caroline LambLady Caroline Lamb43*RichAuthor of 'Glenarvon'
missing image for Lady Edith FoxwellLady Edith Foxwell77*SpouseSpouse of Ivan Cottom Foxwell
Lady GagaLady Gaga37SingerThe Fame, album
missing image for Lady Jane DigbyLady Jane Digby74*RoyaltyEnglish aristocrat and courtesan
missing image for Lady Jeanne CampbellLady Jeanne Campbell78*Royalty
Lady Kitty SpencerLady Kitty SpencerModelniece of Diana, Princess of Wales
Lady Mary SoamesLady Mary Soames101OffspringDaughter of Winston Churchill
Lady May Abel SmithLady May Abel Smith88*RoyaltyGranddaughter of Queen Victoria
Lady Sarah McCorquodaleLady Sarah McCorquodale68RoyaltySister of Diana Princess of Wales
Lady SovereignLady Sovereign37Rapper
Lady Victoria HerveyLady Victoria Hervey47RoyaltyEnglish socialite and "It girl"
Lady Victoria WhiteLady Victoria WhiteSpouseEstranged spouse of Robert Evans
missing image for Laeticia BoudouLaeticia BoudouSpouse
Laetitia BlegerLaetitia Bleger42ModelMiss France 2004
Laetitia CastaLaetitia Casta45ModelVictoria's Secret Angel
missing image for Lahmard TateLahmard Tate53Actoris an African American actor and is the older brother of famed actor Larenz Tate
missing image for Lahna TurnerLahna TurnerComedianSpouse of Ralphie May
missing image for Lahoma BrownLahoma BrownSpouse
Laila AliLaila Ali45BoxerDaughter of Muhammad Ali
Laila MorseLaila Morse78ActressMo Slater in Eastenders
Laina Rose ThyfaultLaina Rose Thyfault37OtherSpouse of Chris Klein
Lainey WilsonLainey Wilson31Musician
Laird HamiltonLaird Hamilton59SurferSurfing the Monster Waves
Lais RibeiroLais Ribeiro33ModelVictoria's Secret Angel
Lake BellLake Bell44ActressThe Practice and Boston Legal
missing image for Lakeisha WilliamsLakeisha Williams45OtherWife of Richard Williams
missing image for Lakeith StanfieldLakeith Stanfield32ActorGet Out, film
LaKisha JonesLaKisha Jones43SingerAmerican Idol Season 6 4th Place
missing image for Lakyle ThomasLakyle Thomas38ModelEx-Boyfriend of Ciara
Lala KentLala Kent33TV PersonalityBravo's Vanderpump Rules
Lala SloatmanLala Sloatman53Actressfor her relationship with Corey Haim
LalaineLalaine36ActressMiranda Sanchez on Lizzie McGuire
missing image for Lally WeymouthLally WeymouthTherapistEx-girlfriend of Alexander Cockburn
missing image for Lalonne MartinezLalonne MartinezSpouseWife of The-Dream
Lamar OdomLamar Odom44BasketballPower forward for the Los Angeles Lakers
missing image for Lamar SallyLamar SallyOtherEx-spouse of Sherri Shepherd
missing image for LaMarcus AldridgeLaMarcus Aldridge38BasketballPower Forward for the San Antonio Spurs
missing image for Lamberto SanfeliceLamberto SanfeliceDirectorBoyfriend of Charlotte Casiraghi
missing image for LamboLambo41RapperFiance of Gloria James
LaMelo BallLaMelo Ball22BasketballNBA
Lamman RuckerLamman Rucker51ActorTBS sitcom Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns
Lamon BrewsterLamon Brewster50BoxerFour Time WBO World Heavyweight Champion
Lamont DozierLamont Dozier81*ProducerAmerican Sonwriter and Record Producer
missing image for LaMonte McLemoreLaMonte McLemore84SingerFounding Member of The 5th Dimension, vocal group
missing image for Lamorne MorrisLamorne Morris40ActorWinston Bishop on New Girl
missing image for LaMyia GoodLaMyia GoodSingerThe Singing Group Ilsys
Lana AntonovaLana AntonovaActress
Lana ClarksonLana Clarkson40*ActressMurdered by Phil Spector
Lana CondorLana Condor26ActressJubilee in X-Men: Apocalypse, film
Lana Del ReyLana Del Rey37SingerNorman Fucking Rockwell!, album
Lana GomezLana Gomez40ArtistRelationship with Sebastian Maniscalco
missing image for Lana Jean RawlsLana Jean RawlsOther
missing image for Lana MarconiLana Marconi73*Actress
missing image for Lana ParrillaLana Parrilla46ActressRegina on Once Upon a Time
missing image for Lana RaeLana RaeSpouseRelationship with Randy Meisner
missing image for Lana Rae MeisnerLana Rae Meisner62*SpouseWife of Randy Meisner
Lana TurnerLana Turner74*ActressCora Smith in The Postman Always Rings Twice, film
Lana WoodLana Wood77ActressRole in James Bond "Diamonds are Forever"
Lance ArmstrongLance Armstrong52BicyclingHe won the Tour de France a record-breaking seven consecutive years, from 1999 to 2005
missing image for Lance Arthur SmithLance Arthur SmithActorEx spouse of Vanessa Claire Stewart
Lance BassLance Bass44SingerN Sync
Lance BurtonLance Burton63Magicianan American Stage Magician
Lance CadeLance Cade29*Wrestler / WWFLance Cade at the WWE
Lance Gerrard-WrightLance Gerrard-WrightSpouseEx Spouse of Ulrika Jonsson
Lance GrossLance Gross42ActorCalvin of House of Payne
missing image for Lance KerwinLance Kerwin62*Actor
Lance MaerovLance Maerov55Other
missing image for Lance O'BrienLance O'BrienOtherRelationship with Tanya Roberts
Lance RentzelLance Rentzel80FootballEx spouse of Joey Heatherton
Lance ReventlowLance Reventlow36*HeirEx spouse of Jill St. John
missing image for Lance StephensonLance Stephenson33Basketball
Landon BarkerLandon Barker20OffspringSon of Travis Barker
missing image for Landon BeardLandon Beard44MusicianGeneration Um... 2012
Landon BrownLandon Brown36MusicianSon of Bobby Brown
Landon DonovanLandon DonovanSoccerLos Angeles Galaxy
Landon LueckLandon Lueck44TV Personalitystarred on multiple MTV shows including The Real World: Philadelphia
Landon RossLandon RossArtistRelationship with Julian Morris
missing image for Lane AllenLane AllenSpouseSecond spouse of Betty White
missing image for Lane FactorLane FactorActorReservation Dogs, FX series
missing image for Lane FrostLane Frost25*OtherProfessional Bull rider
Lane GarrisonLane Garrison43ActorDavid "Tweener" Apolskis of "Prison Break"
missing image for Lane NapperLane Napper56ActorLane of Victorious
missing image for LaNetta FisherLaNetta FisherSpouse
missing image for Lanetta WahlgrenLanetta Wahlgren77ScreenwriterEx Spouse of Michael Blodgett
missing image for Langley KirkwoodLangley Kirkwood50ActorDavid in "The Bible" series
Lani BlairLani Blair34OtherAffair with Tristan Thompson
missing image for Lani HammettLani HammettSpouseKirk Hammett wife
LaNisha ColeLaNisha Cole41ModelRelationship with Nick Cannon
missing image for Lanny HartleyLanny HartleySpouse
missing image for Lanny LambertLanny LambertSpouseEx spouse of Dana Plato
Lapo ElkannLapo Elkann46HeirHeir to the automaker Fiat
missing image for Laquetta RobinsonLaquetta RobinsonOtherEx-Girlfriend of Michael Jordan
Lara AlvarezLara Alvarez37JournalistRelationship with Fernando Alonso
Lara DuttaLara Dutta45OtherMiss Universe 2000
Lara EmbryLara EmbryOtherEx-Wife of Jane Lynch
Lara FabianLara Fabian53Singeris an international Belgian-Italian singer, known for her vocal prowess and skilled technique
Lara Flynn BoyleLara Flynn Boyle53ActressDonna Hayward in Twin Peaks, ABC series
Lara LaRueLara LaRueOther
Lara LewingtonLara Lewington44TV Personalitya British weathergirl and television presenter on Five, joining Five News in 2003
Lara LoganLara Logan52Journalistthe Chief Foreign Correspondent for CBS News
missing image for Lara MurphyLara MurphyModel
missing image for Lara PulverLara Pulver43Actress
Lara SpencerLara Spencer54TV PersonalityThe Insider, entertainment news program
Lara StoneLara Stone39ModelDutch model
missing image for Lara SzuchnaLara SzuchnaOther
Lara TrumpLara Trump41ProducerReal News Update
Lara WorthingtonLara Worthington36TV PersonalityBeing Lara Bingle, tv series
missing image for Laraine AshtonLaraine AshtonSpouseSpouse of Terry O'Neill
missing image for Laraine Marie BrennanLaraine Marie BrennanSpouseFirst wife of Martin Scorsese
Laraine NewmanLaraine Newman71ActressSNL star in the 70's
Larenz TateLarenz Tate48ActorO-Dog in Menace II Society, film
Lari WhiteLari White52*SingerYou Can Be a Star, talent show
missing image for Larisa AffeldtLarisa AffeldtSpouse
Larisa OleynikLarisa Oleynik42Actress10 Things I Hate about You and Alex Mack
Larissa Dos Santos LimaLarissa Dos Santos LimaTV Personality90 Day Fiance
Larissa MeekLarissa Meek45Modelis a former beauty queen who has competed in the Miss Teen USA and Miss USA pageants
Larissa SchotLarissa Schot27Model
missing image for Lark PrevinLark PrevinOffspringDeceased adopted daughter of Mia Farrow
Lark VoorhiesLark Voorhies49ActressSaved by the Bell
missing image for LaRon LandryLaRon Landry39Football
missing image for Larramie ShawLarramie ShawActorMalik of House of Payne
missing image for Larrima DavisLarrima Davis37ScreenwriterGirlfriend of Chinx Drugz
missing image for Larry - Last Name UnknownLarry - Last Name UnknownOtherEx-Boyfriend of Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes
Larry BirdLarry Bird66BasketballFormer "Boston Celtics" Basketball Player
Larry BirkheadLarry Birkhead50OtherEx boyfriend of Anna Nicole Smith
Larry BishopLarry BishopActorSon of Joey Bishop
missing image for Larry BourgeoisLarry Bourgeois34OtherLes Twins, dance duo
Larry CraigLarry Craig78SenatorSenator Larry Craig-Rep. Idaho
Larry DavidLarry David76ProducerExecutive producer of Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm
missing image for Larry DavisLarry DavisSpouseEx spouse of Kim Cattrell
missing image for Larry DavisLarry DavisSpouseSpouse of LaKisha Jones
missing image for Larry DelaneyLarry Delaney77*Actor
Larry DobyLarry Doby79*Basketball
Larry EllisonLarry Ellison79EntrepreneurFounder and CEO of Oracle Corporation
Larry FineLarry Fine72*ActorLarry of The Three Stooges
Larry FlyntLarry Flynt78*PublisherPublisher of Hustler, magazine
Larry FortenskyLarry Fortensky71SpouseEx spouse of Eliabeth Taylor
Larry GelbartLarry Gelbart81*ScreenwriterM*A*S*H writer
Larry Gilliard, Jr.Larry Gilliard, Jr.52ActorD'Angelo Barksdale of The Wire, television drama
Larry HagmanLarry Hagman92ActorJ.R. Ewing of Dallas
Larry HarmonLarry Harmon98Otherthe longtime owner of the characters Bozo the Clown and Laurel and Hardy
missing image for Larry HirshanLarry HirshanOtherEx spouse of Susan Dey
Larry HughesLarry Hughes44BasketballPoint Guard for the New York Knicks
Larry JohnsonLarry Johnson44FootballRunning Back for the Kansas City Chiefs
missing image for Larry JosephLarry JosephSpouseEx Husband of Sherry Stringfield
Larry KingLarry King87*Talkshow HostLarry King Live, talk show
Larry KleinLarry KleinOtherSecond husband of Joni Mitchell
missing image for Larry KraftLarry KraftSpouseHusband of Janet Hubert
missing image for Larry KruteckLarry KruteckSpouseSpouse of Laura Branigan
missing image for Larry Lee BeckLarry Lee BeckOtherEx-Husband of Sylvia Browne
missing image for Larry MarchianoLarry MarchianoSpouseEx spouse of Linda Lovelace
Larry McMurtryLarry McMurtry84*Other1985 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, Lonesome Dove novel
Larry MullenLarry Mullen62MusicianRock Band U2
missing image for Larry NorrisLarry NorrisAuthorEx-Husband of Norris Church Mailer
missing image for Larry PorushLarry PorushOtherBoyfriend of Heather Locklear
missing image for Larry RomanoLarry Romano48ActorRichie Lanucchi of The King of Queens
missing image for Larry RosenLarry RosenAgentRelationship with Dawn Wells
missing image for Larry RudolphLarry RudolphOtherPersonal Manager to Britney Spears
missing image for Larry SchmidtLarry Schmidt42Other
Larry StricklandLarry StricklandSpouseEstranged spouse of Naomi Judd
Larry The Cable GuyLarry The Cable Guy60ComedianGit-R-Done, catchphrase
missing image for Larry WilcoxLarry Wilcox76ActorJonathan Baker "CHIPS"
missing image for Larry WilliamsLarry WilliamsOtherFather of Michelle Williams
missing image for Larry WilliamsLarry WilliamsSpouseFourth Husband of Hattie McDanie
missing image for Lars Last Name UnknownLars Last Name Unknown43MusicianGuitarrist of LaMie and ex-boyfriend of Annemarie Eilfeld
missing image for Lars SchmidtLars Schmidt92*ProducerHusband of Ingrid Bergman
Lars UlrichLars Ulrich59MusicianDrummer for Metallica
Lars von TrierLars von Trier67DirectorHypnosis figures significantly in many of his films.
Larsa PippenLarsa Pippen49TV PersonalityRelationship with Scottie Pippen
missing image for Laru LarrieuxLaru LarrieuxProducer
missing image for Lascelles StephensLascelles StephensProducerSpouse of Deborah Cox
LaShawn DanielsLaShawn Daniels41*ProducerCo-writing Say My Name, song
missing image for Lashon DixonLashon DixonOtherEx-Girlfriend of T.I.
missing image for Lashontae HeckardLashontae Heckard44ActressThe Game, television show
Lasse HallstromLasse Hallstrom77Director
missing image for Lastonia LevistonLastonia LevistonOtherEx-Girlfriend of Rick Ross
missing image for Latane BrownLatane BrownSpouseEx spouse of Dale Earnhardt
Latanya RichardsonLatanya Richardson82Spouse
missing image for LaTavia RobersonLaTavia Roberson42SingerOriginal Member of Destiny's Child
Laticia RolleLaticia Rolle35EntrepreneurRelationship with Shaquille O'Neal
missing image for LatinoLatino50MusicianBoyfriend of Kelly Key
missing image for Latisha PelayoLatisha PelayoOtherFiancee of Jerry Rice
LaTocha ScottLaTocha Scott50SingerLaTocha of Xscape
missing image for LaTonya HowseLaTonya Howse49Spouse
missing image for LaTorsha OakleyLaTorsha OakleySpouse
missing image for Latoya CalvinLatoya CalvinSpouseWidow of Nate Dogg
missing image for LaToya EvansLaToya EvansSpouseSpouse of Rashad Evans
missing image for Latoya M. BurleyLatoya M. BurleyOther
missing image for LauraLauraOther
Laura AllenLaura Allen49ActressThe 4400
missing image for Laura BassettLaura BassettSpouseEx Spouse of Michael Sabatino
Laura Bell BundyLaura Bell Bundy42ActressRuthless! The Musical
Laura BenantiLaura Benanti44ActressBaroness Elsa Schrader of The Sound of Music Live
Laura BennettLaura Bennett60DesignerProject Runway
missing image for Laura BharLaura BharModel
Laura BickfordLaura BickfordSpouseWidow of Sam Bottoms
Laura BraniganLaura Branigan47*Musicianher 1982 platinum-selling single "Gloria"
missing image for Laura BullivantLaura BullivantSpouse
Laura BushLaura Bush77Other43rd First Lady of the United States
missing image for Laura CaponLaura Capon70*SpouseWidow of Enrico Fermi
Laura Celestia SpelmanLaura Celestia SpelmanSpouseSpouse of John D. Rockefeller
missing image for Laura ClassLaura ClassSpouse
missing image for Laura DahmLaura DahmSpouseEstranged spouse of Alexander Dahm
Laura DernLaura Dern56Actressfor numerous roles in major films, including Smooth Talk, Blue Velvet
missing image for Laura DevonLaura DevonActress3rd spouse of Maurice Jarre
Laura DiebelLaura DiebelSpouseEx spouse of Tim Allen
Laura FraserLaura Fraser47Actressis a Scottish actress
Laura FreddiLaura Freddi51Talkshow Host
Laura GallacherLaura Gallacher36EntrepreneurRelationship with Russell Brand
Laura GemserLaura Gemser73Actressher work with director Joe D'Amato
Laura GiarrittaLaura GiarrittaSpouseSpouse of Vanilla Ice
Laura GovanLaura Govan44OtherEx-Fiancee of Gilbert Arenas
missing image for Laura GriffinLaura Griffin33OtherGirlfriend of Liam Hemsworth
missing image for Laura GuzikLaura GuzikOtherDaughter of Bob Marx
Laura HaddockLaura Haddock38ActressZoe Walker in White Lines, British-Spanish tv series
Laura HarrierLaura Harrier33ActressCamille Washington in Hollywood, Netflix Series
Laura HarringLaura Harring59Actressformer Miss USA and She starred as Rita/Camilla Rhodes in David Lynch's 2001 film Mulholland Drive
Laura HarrisLaura Harris47Actress Marie Warner in 24
missing image for Laura HawkLaura HawkSpouseSpouse of A.J. Hawk
missing image for Laura HelmLaura HelmOtherAffair with Usher
missing image for Laura HerbertLaura Herbert56*Spouse
Laura HigginsLaura HigginsActressRelationship with Tom Hopper
missing image for Laura Hollander RooneyLaura Hollander RooneySpouseWidow of Mickey Rooney Jr.
Laura IngrahamLaura Ingraham59Talkshow HostHer nationally-syndicated talk show, The Laura Ingraham Show
Laura InnesLaura Innes64ActressDr. Kerry Weaver on ER
Laura JohnsonLaura Johnson66ActressTerry Hartford "Falcon Crest"
Laura KightlingerLaura Kightlinger54ComedianStand-Up Stand-Up on Comedy Central
Laura LealLaura LealOtherGirlfriend of Nick Gordon
Laura LeightonLaura Leighton55ActressSydney Andrews on Melrose Place and Ashley Marin on Pretty Little Liars
Laura LingLaura Ling46JournalistCorrespondent for Current TV; sister of Lisa Ling
Laura LinneyLaura Linney59ActressCathy Jamison in The Big C, Showtime series
Laura LopesLaura Lopes45Offspringis the daughter of HRH The Duchess of Cornwall and Andrew Parker Bowles, OBE
Laura LouieLaura Louie58SpouseSpouse of Woody Harrelson
Laura MaranoLaura Marano27ActressAlly of Austin & Ally, television show
missing image for Laura MichaelsLaura MichaelsOtherSecond Wife of Bill Bixby
Laura MolinaLaura Molina65ActressArtist/Naked Dave
missing image for Laura MorettiLaura MorettiSpouseSpouse of Tom Berenger
missing image for Laura NormanLaura NormanSpouseEx spouse of Greg Norman
Laura O'TooleLaura O'Toole38ActressRelationship with Daniel Radcliffe
Laura OrtizLaura Ortiz36ActressRuby, one of the deformed hill people in The Hills Have Eyes (2006)
Laura OsnesLaura Osnes38ActressBonnie Parker in Bonnie and Clyde The Musical
Laura PausiniLaura Pausini49MusicianLe cose che vivi, album
Laura Payne-GabrielLaura Payne-GabrielActressFirst Wife of Barry Watson
missing image for Laura PerloeLaura PerloeActressSpouse of Chris Mann
Laura PerlongoLaura PerlongoOtherGirlfriend of Nev Schulman
missing image for Laura PettitteLaura PettitteSpouseRelationship with Andy Pettite
Laura PosadaLaura PosadaSpouseSpouse of Jorge Posada
Laura PreponLaura Prepon43ActressDonna Pinciotti of That '70s Show, television show
missing image for Laura Putty StroudLaura Putty StroudOtherGirlfriend of Narvel Blackstock
Laura RamseyLaura Ramsey41ActressThe Real Cancun, film
Laura SadlerLaura Sadler22*ActressNurse Sandy Harper - Holby City
Laura San GiacomoLaura San Giacomo61ActressMaya Gallo on 'Just Shoot Me'
Laura SavoieLaura SavoieSpouseRelationship with Dennis Quaid
missing image for Laura SiglerLaura SiglerOtherEx fiancee of Keith Urban
missing image for Laura SmetLaura SmetActress
missing image for Laura SoliLaura SoliSpouse
missing image for Laura StrayerLaura StrayerOtherRelationship with Seal
Laura VandervoortLaura Vandervoort39ActressKara Zor-El in Smallville, CW series
missing image for Laura WallisLaura WallisOther
Laura WrightLaura Wright53ActressCarly on General Hospital
Lauralee BellLauralee Bell54ActressChristine Blair in The Young and the Restless
missing image for Lauralei CombsLauralei Combs65Actressmother of Holly Marie Combs
Laure ManaudouLaure Manaudou37Otheris a retired French Olympic, world and European champion swimmer
missing image for Laure MattosLaure MattosSpouse
Laurel HollomanLaurel Holloman52ActressTina of The L Word
missing image for Laurel KagayLaurel KagayEntrepreneurEx girlfriend of Brad Womack
missing image for Lauren AbediniLauren AbediniOtherGirlfriend of Demi Lovato
Lauren AlainaLauren Alaina29MusicianRunner-up on the tenth season of American Idol
Lauren AmbroseLauren Ambrose45ActressClaire Fisher on "Six Feet Under".
missing image for lauren andersonlauren anderson53Spousefiance of keith anderson
Lauren BacallLauren Bacall89*ActressMarie "Slim" Browning in To Have and Have Not, film
missing image for Lauren BarberLauren BarberDesignerSpouse of Gary Kemp
missing image for Lauren BedfordLauren BedfordOther
missing image for Lauren BlitzerLauren BlitzerExecutiveWife of Chely Wright
missing image for Lauren BondLauren BondActressGirlfriend of Benji Madden
missing image for Lauren BrickenLauren BrickenSpouseChris Tomlin's wife
missing image for Lauren BuddLauren BuddModel
Lauren BurnhamLauren Burnham32TV Personality
Lauren BushLauren Bush39ModelNiece of President George W. Bush
Lauren BushnellLauren Bushnell33TV Personality20th season of The Bachelor
missing image for Lauren Campbell-SandersLauren Campbell-SandersNewsperson / Anchor
missing image for Lauren CleriLauren Cleri42TV PersonalityThe Moment of Truth, game show
Lauren CohanLauren Cohan41ActressMaggie Greene in The Walking Dead, AMC series
Lauren ComeauLauren Comeau31Social MediaRelationship with Javi Marroquin
Lauren ConradLauren Conrad37ActressThe Hills, reality show
Lauren DaigleLauren Daigle32MusicianHow Can It Be, album
Lauren DearLauren DearOtherRelationship with Alexander Ludwig
Lauren DohringLauren DohringSpouseSpouse of Jason Dohring
missing image for Lauren FrainLauren FrainModel
Lauren GermanLauren German44Actressher role as the hitchhiker in the 2003 remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
missing image for Lauren GoldLauren Gold43Model
Lauren GrahamLauren Graham56ActressLorelai Gilmore in Gilmore Girls, The WB series
missing image for Lauren HarmanLauren HarmanOther
Lauren HashianLauren Hashian39SingerRelationship with Dwayne Johnson
missing image for Lauren HastingsLauren HastingsModelCry Me A River video
missing image for Lauren HaysLauren Hays55ActressSupporting roles in erotic films
Lauren HollyLauren Holly60ActressDeputy Sheriff Maxine Stewart in Picket Fences, tv series
Lauren HuttonLauren Hutton80Modelher starring roles in the movies American Gigolo and Once Bitten
Lauren JaureguiLauren Jauregui27MusicianFifth Harmony, singing group
Lauren JenkinsLauren Jenkins32SingerThe Nashville Sessions EP
Lauren KennedyLauren Kennedy35Internet PersonalityRelationship with Jason Kennedy
Lauren KittLauren Kitt40OtherSpouse of Nick Carter
Lauren KnudsenLauren KnudsenDesignerRelationship with Dweezil Zappa
missing image for Lauren KolodinLauren KolodinOther
Lauren KoslowLauren Koslow70ActressKate Roberts of Days of Our Lives
Lauren LakeLauren LakeTV PersonalityWhile You Were Out, television show
missing image for Lauren LambertLauren LambertSpouse
Lauren LaneLauren Lane62ActressC.C. Babcock "The Nanny"
Lauren LapkusLauren Lapkus38ActressSusan Fischer in the Netflix original series Orange Is the New Black
Lauren LaverneLauren Laverne45DJ
Lauren Lee SmithLauren Lee Smith43ActressCSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Lauren LevinsonLauren Levinson78ActressMagnum, P.I.
missing image for Lauren Lindsey Donzis Lauren Lindsey Donzis 19ActressMolly in the Netflix series No Good Nick
Lauren LondonLauren London38ActressATL, film
missing image for Lauren LuskLauren Lusk39SpouseWidow of Jeremy Lusk
Lauren Michelle HillLauren Michelle Hill44ModelPlayboy Playmate of the Month in February 2001
Lauren Miller RogenLauren Miller Rogen42ProducerProducer, actress, director, & writer
Lauren MorelliLauren Morelli41ScreenwriterRelationship with Samira Wiley
missing image for Lauren NewtonLauren NewtonTV Personality
missing image for Lauren nguyenLauren nguyen56Author
missing image for Lauren PachecoLauren PachecoOtherRelationship with Jeremy Sumpter
Lauren PaulLauren Paul36DirectorRelationship with Aaron Paul
Lauren PesceLauren PesceOtherFiancee of Mike The Situation Sorrentino
Lauren PhoenixLauren Phoenix44ActressIn 2005 won the AVN Female Performer of the Year award
Lauren PopeLauren Pope40Actressshe was seen in a nightclub dancing with Prince Harry of Wales and was alleged to be his girlfriend
Lauren RhettLauren RhettSpouseSpouse of Thomas Rhett
missing image for Lauren RoszellLauren RoszellSpouseEx-girlfriend of Randy Johnson
Lauren SanchezLauren Sanchez53TV PersonalityEmmy-winning journalist and TV personality
missing image for Lauren ShippeyLauren ShippeyOtherFiancee of Jack P. Shepherd
missing image for Lauren ShulkindLauren ShulkindOtherSpouse of Tony Dow
Lauren SilvermanLauren Silverman46RichRelationship with Simon Cowell
Lauren SkaarLauren SkaarReal EstateRelationship with Michael Vartan
Lauren TannehillLauren TannehillSpouse
Lauren VelezLauren Velez59Actress Maria LaGuerta in Dexter, Showtime series
Lauren WoodLauren Wood30ModelRelationship with Odell Beckham Jr.
Lauren WoodlandLauren Woodland46ActressSara Cummings on the soap opera Sunset Beach and Janelle on Port Charles
missing image for Lauren ZelmanLauren ZelmanSpouseRelationship with Bret Harrison
Lauren ZimaLauren Zima35ProducerProducer & host of Entertainment Tonight
Lauren-Marie TaylorLauren-Marie Taylor62ActressMarried to John Didrichsen
missing image for LaurenceLaurenceSpouseEx spouse of Andrezj Seweryn
Laurence FerrariLaurence Ferrari57Talkshow Hostis a French journalist and currently anchor of the TF1 weekday evening news
Laurence FishburneLaurence Fishburne62ActorMorpheus of The Matrix, trilogy
Laurence FoxLaurence Fox45ActorDetective Sergeant James Hathaway in British series, 'Lewis'
Laurence HarveyLaurence Harvey45*Actorachieved fame in British and American films
Laurence LuckinbillLaurence Luckinbill89ActorSybok in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
Laurence OlivierLaurence Olivier82*ActorOne of the most famous and revered actors of the 20th century
missing image for Laurence P. KantorLaurence P. KantorSpouseHusband of Florence LaRue
Laurene LandonLaurene Landon66ActressMolly in ...All the Marbles
Laurene PowellLaurene PowellSpouseSpouse of Steve Jobs
missing image for Laurent ClaudeLaurent ClaudeMusicianBoyfriend of Ariel Winter
missing image for Laurent HennequinLaurent HennequinActor
missing image for Laurent HomburgerLaurent Homburger37OtherSpouse of Shauna Sand
Laurent LamotheLaurent Lamothe51OtherPrime Minister of Haiti
missing image for laurent mercierlaurent mercier56Otherproducer/director
missing image for Laurent SuprenantLaurent SuprenantSpouseWidow of Barbara Bennett
Laurette LuezLaurette Luez71*Actresswas a United States supporting actor and successful commercial model
Laurette SpangLaurette Spang72ActressNumerous TV guest roles on such shows as Lou Grant and The Love Boat
missing image for Lauri PetersLauri PetersOther
Laurie AndersonLaurie Anderson76Musicianis an American experimental performance artist and musician
Laurie BrettLaurie Brett53ActressJane Beale in Eastenders
Laurie CarrLaurie Carr57ModelPlayboy Playmate, Dec 1986; target girl on cover of Slaughter's Stick It to Ya album
Laurie CholewaLaurie Cholewa43OtherHook up with Gerard Butler
Laurie DavidLaurie David65SpouseEstranged wife of Larry David
Laurie DurningLaurie DurningOtherEngaged to Roger Waters
missing image for Laurie FarinacciLaurie FarinacciOther
missing image for Laurie ForceLaurie ForceSpouse
missing image for Laurie FranksLaurie FranksActor
Laurie GelmanLaurie Gelman59TV PersonalityThe Mom Show and Doctor in the House, talk shows
missing image for Laurie HirschLaurie HirschOtherWife of Steven Hirsch
Laurie HoldenLaurie Holden53ActressThe X-Files, The Shield, and Andrea in The Walking Dead
missing image for Laurie HolmondLaurie HolmondOtherRelationship with Snoop Dog
Laurie JacobsonLaurie JacobsonProducerSpouse of Jon Provost
missing image for Laurie LissLaurie LissSpouse
missing image for Laurie LouieLaurie LouieOther
missing image for Laurie LudwickLaurie LudwickOther
Laurie MetcalfLaurie Metcalf68ActressJackie Harris
Laurie MoneyLaurie MoneyModelRelationship with Eddie Money
missing image for Laurie UrlacherLaurie UrlacherSpouseEx-wife of Brian Urlacher
Lauro ChartrandLauro Chartrand58OtherTrue Justice
Lauryn HillLauryn Hill48SingerOne of the greatest female rappers of all time
missing image for Lauryn McBrideLauryn McBride34OtherGirlfriend of Jerry Lawler
missing image for LauvLauv29Singer
missing image for LavaLava38TV PersonalityContestant of For the Love of Ray J, season two
LaVelda FannLaVelda Fann63ActressRelationship with Robert Conrad
Lavell CrawfordLavell CrawfordComedian
Laverne CoxLaverne Cox51ActressSophia Burset in Orange Is The New Black, Netflix series
missing image for Laverne NixLaverne NixSpouse
missing image for Lavinia LangLavinia LangSpouseWife of Brett Hudson
missing image for LaVonne ElmerLaVonne ElmerSpouse
LaWanda PageLaWanda Page81*ComedianAunt Esther of Sanford and Son, television show
Lawrence BenderLawrence Bender66Produceran American film producer who rose to fame producing Reservoir Dogs in 1992
missing image for Lawrence FaulbornLawrence FaulbornSpouseKelli Giddish's husband
missing image for Lawrence GrahamLawrence GrahamOtherFather of Lauren Graham
missing image for Lawrence HolofcenerLawrence Holofcener97Other
missing image for Lawrence LevineLawrence LevineOtherEx-Boyfriend of Nancy Dow
missing image for Lawrence MortoffLawrence MortoffProducer
Lawrence Saint-VictorLawrence Saint-Victor41ActorRemy Boudreau in Guiding Light, CBS series
missing image for Lawrence SayerLawrence SayerOther
Lawrence TaylorLawrence Taylor64FootballHall of Fame linebacker from the New York Giants
missing image for Lawrie WilsonLawrie WilsonSoccer
Layla AlizadaLayla AlizadaActressFiancee of Noel Fisher
Layla ElLayla El45Wrestler / WWFFormer WWE wrestler and model
Layla KayleighLayla Kayleigh39TV Personality"Attack of the Show!"
missing image for Layla-Last Name UnknownLayla-Last Name UnknownOtherEx-Girlfriend of Paul McCartney
Layzie BoneLayzie Bone49RapperBone Thugs-n-Harmony, rap group
Laz AlonsoLaz Alonso49Actor"Fast & Furious"
Le CallLe Call45ModelGirlfriend of Owen Wilson
Lea DeLariaLea DeLaria65ActressBig Boo of Orange Is The New Black, web series
Lea DellecaveLea Dellecave47OtherSpouse of Drew Lachey
missing image for Lea GouldLea GouldSpouseWidow of Harold Gould
missing image for Lea MaiviaLea MaiviaSpouseWidow of Peter Fanene Maivia
Lea MicheleLea Michele37ActressRachel Berry in Glee, Fox series
Lea SalongaLea Salonga52SingerKim in Miss Saigon, Broadway musical
Lea ThompsonLea Thompson62ActressLorraine Baines-McFly in Back to the Future, films
missing image for Leah - last name unknownLeah - last name unknownSpouseEx spouse of Dana Carvey
missing image for Leah Donna GeonLeah Donna GeonOther
Leah FelderLeah Felder41OffspringDaughter of Don Felder
missing image for Leah GaradyLeah GaradySpouse
missing image for Leah IgnagniLeah IgnagniOtherEx-Girlfriend of Steve McNair
missing image for Leah KazanjianLeah KazanjianOffspringDaughter of Alfred Davis
missing image for Leah MacDonaldLeah MacDonaldOffspringDaughter of Ronnie Wood
missing image for Leah MarshLeah MarshOtherEx-girlfrieind of John Stamos
missing image for Leah MesserLeah Messer31TV PersonalityTeen Mom 2, reality show
missing image for Leah Nicole MayLeah Nicole MaySpouse
missing image for Leah ParkLeah ParkOtherFiancee of T.J. Thyne
Leah PipesLeah Pipes35ActressLife Is Wild
missing image for Leah PruettLeah Pruett35RacingRelationship with Tony Stewart
Leah ReminiLeah Remini53ActressCarrie Heffernan in King of Queens, CBS series
missing image for Leah ReneeLeah ReneeOtherGirlfriend of Nick Zano
missing image for Leah StutzLeah StutzSpouseWife of Randy Spelling
Leah SykesLeah SykesMusician
Leah WoodLeah Wood45SingerDaughter of Ronnie Wood
missing image for Leana MacFaddenLeana MacFaddenSpouseWidow of James Owen Sullivan
missing image for Leandro PennaLeandro PennaOtherBoyfriend of Katie Price
LeAnn RimesLeAnn Rimes41SingerBlue, album
missing image for LeAnn SheremetLeAnn SheremetOther
missing image for Leanna CreelLeanna CreelActress
missing image for Leanne DomiLeanne DomiSpouseEx-spouse of Tie Domi
missing image for Leanne GogginsLeanne GogginsSpouseDeceased spouse of Walton Goggins
Leanza CornettLeanza Cornett49*TV PersonalityMiss Florida 1992 and Miss America 1993
missing image for Leasi AndrewsLeasi Andrews40ModelThe Master of Disguise Dating famous male actors
Leatrice JoyLeatrice Joy91*Actress
missing image for Leba SedakaLeba SedakaSpouse
LeBron JamesLeBron James38BasketballSmall Forward for the Miami Heat
missing image for Lech KaczynskiLech Kaczynski60*HeirFormer President of Poland
missing image for LecraeLecrae44MusicianChristian Hip-Hop Artist
LedisiLedisiSingerPieces of Me, album
missing image for Lee 'Q' O'DenatLee 'Q' O'Denat43*BloggerWorldStarHipHop, website
missing image for Lee AlexanderLee AlexanderMusicianMember of the Norah Jones Band/Ex-boyfriend of Norah Jones
missing image for Lee AndersonLee Anderson100*Spouse
missing image for Lee AngelLee AngelOtherGirlfriend of Little Richard
Lee Ann WomackLee Ann Womack57Singer2000 Country-Pop crossover hit, "I Hope You Dance"
missing image for Lee AnthonyLee AnthonyOtherBrother of Casey Anthony
Lee BrennanLee Brennan50SingerLead vocalist of boy band 911
Lee BriceLee Brice43SingerI Don't Dance, album
missing image for Lee D'AvanzoLee D'AvanzoOtherHusband of Drita D'Avanzo
missing image for Lee DanielsLee Daniels63DirectorPrecious, film
Lee DeWyzeLee DeWyze37SingerWinner of American Idol, season 9
Lee Dong-hwiLee Dong-hwi38ActorExtreme Job, film
missing image for Lee GarlingtonLee GarlingtonOtherEx-Boyfriend of Rock Hudson
missing image for Lee GrivasLee GrivasOtherEx boyfriend of Christina Applegate
missing image for Lee GuberLee Guber69*OtherEx spouse of Barbara Walters
Lee Harvey OswaldLee Harvey Oswald24*OtherAssassin of President John F. Kennedy
Lee HyoriLee Hyori44SingerFormer member of Fin.K.L., singing group
Lee KirkLee KirkOtherSpouse of Jenna Fischer
missing image for Lee KudrowLee KudrowSpouseFather of Lisa Kudrow
missing image for Lee LeonardLee Leonard94Talkshow Host
Lee MajorsLee Majors84ActorColonel Steve Austin in Six Million Dollar Man, tv series
Lee MarvinLee Marvin63*ActorCat Ballou
missing image for Lee McConaughyLee McConaughySpouseSpouse of Bob Woodruff
Lee MeadLee Mead42Actorthe male lead in the 2007 London West End revival of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream
Lee MeriwetherLee Meriwether88ActressFormer Miss America 1955
missing image for Lee NajjarLee NajjarOtherAffair with Kim Zolciak
Lee NorrisLee Norris42ActorMarvin 'Mouth' McFadden on One Tree Hill
Lee PaceLee Pace44ActorNed in Pushing Daisies, ABC series
Lee RadziwillLee Radziwill85*OtherSister of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Lee RemickLee Remick55*ActressAnatomy of a Murder , Days of Wine and Roses, and The Omen
Lee RyanLee Ryan40SingerFormer member of boyband Blue
missing image for Lee SavinLee SavinProducerDeceased spouse of Connie Hines
Lee SharpeLee Sharpe52OtherManchester United
missing image for Lee SiegelLee SiegelOtherDoctor for 20th Century Fox
missing image for Lee StoneLee Stone55Actor
missing image for Lee Thompson YoungLee Thompson Young29*ActorJett Jackson
missing image for Lee WatsonLee WatsonSpouseSpouse of Shane Watson
missing image for Lee WilkofLee Wilkof72ActorStage actor
missing image for Lee WoodruffLee WoodruffSpouse
Leeann TweedenLeeann Tweeden50TV PersonalityModel/Sportscaster
Leelee SobieskiLeelee Sobieski41ActressJoan d'Arc in Joan of Arc, miniseries
missing image for Leeroy ThornhillLeeroy ThornhillOtherEx fiance of Sara Cox
missing image for Leesa PetersenLeesa Petersen35*Other
Leeza GibbonsLeeza Gibbons66Talkshow HostHost of radio show, Leeza Live
missing image for Leidy FigueroaLeidy FigueroaOtherWife of Joran van der Sloot
Leif GarrettLeif Garrett62OtherTeen Idol in the 70s
Leif LewisLeif Lewis53OtherSpouse of Katie Wagner/Motorcycle Builder
Leigh BonielloLeigh BonielloOtherSpouse of Howie Dorough
missing image for Leigh BrownLeigh BrownSpouseSpouse of Jean Shepherd
missing image for Leigh CurranLeigh Curran79Actress
missing image for Leigh DanielLeigh Daniel45Track and Fieldis an American track athlete specializing in long-distance running
Leigh KoechnerLeigh Koechner57ActressRelationship with David Koechner
Leigh LawsonLeigh Lawson78ActorSpouse of Twiggy
missing image for Leigh LimonLeigh LimonDesigner
Leigh Taylor-YoungLeigh Taylor-Young78ActressPeyton Place
missing image for Leigh VanceLeigh VanceSpouse
Leigh-Allyn BakerLeigh-Allyn Baker51ActressDisney's "Good Luck Charlie"
missing image for Leigh-Anne CsuhanyLeigh-Anne Csuhany53Other2nd Wife of Kelsey Grammer
Leigh-Anne PinnockLeigh-Anne Pinnock32SingerLittle Mix, band
Leighanne LittrellLeighanne Littrell54ActressSpouse of Brian Littrell
Leighton MeesterLeighton Meester37ActressBlair Waldorf on Gossip Girl
Leila ArcieriLeila Arcieri49ActressSon of the Beach, television show
Leila BekhtiLeila Bekhti39ActressFrench film and television actress of Algerian descent
Leila GeorgeLeila George31ActressRelationship with Sean Penn
missing image for Leila KnightLeila KnightOtherFiancee of Jose Canseco
Leila LopesLeila Lopes37ModelMiss Universe 2011
missing image for Leilah TyreeLeilah TyreeFootballSpouse of David Tyree
Leilani DowdingLeilani Dowding43ModelEx-girlfriend of Stephen Dorff
Leilani MendozaLeilani MendozaOtherRelationship with Brian McKnight
missing image for Leilani MitchellLeilani Mitchell34BasketballWNBA player for New York Liberty
Leilani SarelleLeilani Sarelle57ActressEx Spouse of Miguel Ferrer
Leisha HaileyLeisha Hailey52ActressAlice Pieszecki on The L Word; pop duo The Murmurs
missing image for Leisha HarleyLeisha HarleyOther
Lela RochonLela Rochon59ActressRobin Stokes of Waiting to Exhale, film
Leland ChapmanLeland Chapman46TV PersonalityDog the Bounty Hunter, reality show
Leland HaywardLeland Hayward68*Producerthe producer of the Broadway stage productions of South Pacific and The Sound of Music
Leland OrserLeland Orser63ActorDr. Lucien Dubenko in ER, NBC series
missing image for LeleeLelee51SingerSWV, singing group
missing image for Lelia ParmaLelia ParmaSpouseSpouse of Tyler Ritter
Lemar ObikaLemar Obika45Singer
missing image for Lemmy KilmisterLemmy Kilmister70*MusicianMotorhead, band
missing image for Len BlackLen BlackSpouse
Len CariouLen Cariou84ActorHenry Reagan in Blue Bloods, a CBS series
Len GoodmanLen Goodman78*TV PersonalityJudge on Dancing with the Stars, tv series
Len LesserLen Lesser88*ActorUncle Leo of Seinfeld, television show
Len WisemanLen Wiseman50DirectorDirected Underworld, films
missing image for LenaLenaOther
Lena BakerLena Baker43*OtherFirst and Only Woman Executed by State of Georgia, Pardoned in 2005
missing image for Lena BorowskiLena BorowskiSpouse
Lena DunhamLena Dunham37ActressHBO series, "Girls"
Lena GiesekeLena GiesekeSpouseEx spouse of Tim Burton
Lena HeadeyLena Headey50ActressCersei Lannister in Game of Thrones, HBO series
Lena HorneLena Horne92*Musicianis an American singer and actress
Lena KallersjoLena KallersjoSpouseBjorn Ulvaeus
Lena KatinaLena Katina39Musiciant.A.T.u. Russian music duo
missing image for Lena Mae BasiloneLena Mae Basilone86*SpouseWife of John Basilone
Lena Meyer-LandrutLena Meyer-Landrut32MusicianWon Eurovision Song Contest 2010
missing image for Lena NilssonLena Nilsson61Actress
Lena OlinLena Olin68Actress
missing image for Lena SmithLena SmithOtherGirlfriend of Katt Williams
missing image for Lena SvedLena SvedArtistWife of Andy Dick
missing image for Lene BausagerLene BausagerOtherGirlfriend of Rick Astley
Lene Grawford NystromLene Grawford Nystrom50Singerthe lead vocalist for pop-dance group Aqua
Lene MarlinLene Marlin43Musicianis a Norwegian musician
missing image for Lenita KurtzLenita KurtzOther
Lennie HaytonLennie Hayton63*OtherDeceased Spouse of Lena Horne
Lennie JamesLennie James58ActorMorgan Jones of The Walking Dead
Lennox LewisLennox Lewis58Boxeris a retired boxer and former undisputed World heavyweight champion
missing image for Lenny BruceLenny Bruce40*ComedianLenny Bruce is Out Again, album
Lenny DykstraLenny Dykstra60Baseball1986 Word Champion New York Mets outfielder
missing image for Lenny HenryLenny Henry65Actor
Lenny KravitzLenny Kravitz59MusicianAmerican Woman, single
missing image for Lenny NicholsonLenny NicholsonOther
missing image for Lenny SantiagoLenny SantiagoOtherEx-fiance of Adrienne Bailon
missing image for Lenore StevensLenore StevensSpouse3rd spouse of Richard Mulligan
Leo GorceyLeo Gorcey51*Actorfor portraying on film the leader of the group of young hooligans known as the Dead End Kids
missing image for Leo GregoryLeo GregoryOtherEx-Boyfriend of Hannah Sandling
Leo HowardLeo Howard26ActorJack of Kickin It
Leo KuLeo Ku51Singeris a Hong Kong Cantopop and Mandopop singer and actor
missing image for Leo PanzirerLeo PanzirerSpouseEx spouse of Leona Helmsley
Leo RobintonLeo RobintonEntrepreneurRelationship with Emma Watson
Leo WoodallLeo Woodall27ActorJack in White Lotus, HBO Series
Leo WyndhamLeo WyndhamActorBoyfriend of Mischa Barton
Leon AmesLeon Ames91*ActorMr. Alonzo Smith of Meet me in St. Louis
Leon BridgesLeon Bridges34MusicianComing Home, single
missing image for Leon Isaac KennedyLeon Isaac KennedyActorEx-Husband of Jayne Kennedy
Leon PoweLeon Powe39BasketballBasketball player for Cleveland Cavaliers
Leon RobinsonLeon Robinson61ActorJ.T. Matthews of The Five Heartbeats, film
missing image for Leon SylversLeon Sylvers70ProducerThe Sylvers, family band
Leon ThomasLeon Thomas30ActorAndre Harris in Victorious, Nickelodeon series
missing image for Leon TrotskyLeon Trotsky61*OtherBolshevik revolutionary and exile from the USSR
Leona HelmsleyLeona Helmsley87*Hoteliera billionaire New York City hotel operator and real estate investor
missing image for Leona HobbsLeona HobbsSpouseFirst Wife of Merle Haggard
Leona LewisLeona Lewis38SingerSpirit, album
Leona NaessLeona Naess49Singeris a British singer-songwriter and ex fiancee of Ryan Adams
Leona WilliamsLeona WilliamsSpouseThird Spouse of Merle Haggard
missing image for Leonard BernsteinLeonard BernsteinMusician
missing image for Leonard ChurillaLeonard ChurillaOtherEx-Husband of Lorrie Puckett
Leonard CohenLeonard Cohen82*Authoris a Canadian singer-songwriter, musician, poet, novelist, and artist
missing image for Leonard DanielsLeonard DanielsSpouseHusband of Nicci Gilbert
missing image for Leonard KovnerLeonard KovnerSpouseEx Spouse of Esther Williams
Leonard NimoyLeonard Nimoy83*ActorSpock of Star Trek
Leonard ReidLeonard ReidSpouseRelationship with Natalie Desselle
missing image for Leonard TealeLeonard Teale71*ActorAustralian radio actor
missing image for Leonard WelchLeonard WelchOther
missing image for Leonard WhitingLeonard Whiting73ActorRomeo in 1968's "Romeo & Juliet"
missing image for Leonardo CarreraLeonardo Carrera62Wrestler / WWFFormer member of The LWO
Leonardo DiCaprioLeonardo DiCaprio49ActorJack Dawson in Titanic, film
missing image for Leonel VieiraLeonel Vieira54Actor
missing image for Leonice HennigLeonice HennigSpouse
missing image for Leonka SednyovLeonka Sednyov119Otherthe Romanovs kitchen boy
Leonor VarelaLeonor Varela50ActressCleopatra
missing image for Leonora HornblowLeonora HornblowSpouseWidow of Arthur Hornblow, Jr.
Leontien Van MoorselLeontien Van Moorsel53BicyclingWon Gold Medals in 2000 Summer Olympics
missing image for Leontyne PriceLeontyne PriceSingerCleopatra of Antony and Cleopatra, opera
Leopold II of BelgiumLeopold II of Belgium74*RoyaltyKing of the Belgians
Leopold III of BelgiumLeopold III of Belgium81*RoyaltyLeopold III
Leopold StokowskiLeopold Stokowski95*MusicianComposer
Leos CaraxLeos Carax63DirectorHis poetic style and his tortured depictions of love.
missing image for Leota LaneLeota Lane59*Singer"The Lane Sisters" singing group
LeRoi MooreLeRoi Moore46*MusicianPlays saxophone in the Dave Matthews Band
missing image for Leroy NeimanLeroy Neiman91*ArtistSports Artist
Leroy SaneLeroy Sane27SoccerProfessional Soccer Player
Les BrownLes Brown78SpouseEx spouse of Gladys Knight
Les CraneLes Crane87Talkshow HostRecording Hit "Desiderata"
Les DennisLes Dennis70Actorthe host of Family Fortunes for 16 years
missing image for Les DudekLes DudekMusicianis an American guitarist
Les PaulLes Paul94*Musicianwas an American jazz guitarist and inventor
Les SchwabLes Schwab89*ExecutiveLes Schwab Tire Centers
Les StroudLes Stroud61TV PersonalitySurvivor Man
LeSean McCoyLeSean McCoyFootball
missing image for LesleyLesley57*Spouse
Lesley Ann WarrenLesley Ann Warren77Actressthe title role of Rodgers and Hammerstein's television special, Cinderella, in 1965
missing image for Lesley BlackLesley BlackSpouseEx spouse of John Huston
Lesley Brown SajakLesley Brown SajakSpouse
missing image for Lesley CusumanoLesley Cusumano48Designer
Lesley GoreLesley Gore68*SingerIt's My Party, single
missing image for Lesley GrierLesley GrierOther
Lesley ManvilleLesley Manville67ActressBBC play "Grown-Ups"
missing image for Lesley PanettiereLesley Panettiere67Other
missing image for Lesley YoungLesley YoungModelEx spouse of Mark Messier
Lesley-Anne DownLesley-Anne Down69Actress
Lesli KayLesli Kay58ActressMolly Conlan of As The World Turns
missing image for Leslie -- UnknownLeslie -- UnknownSpouseFirst Wife of Daniel Roebuck
missing image for Leslie AllenLeslie AllenSpouseEx-wife of Tony Curtis
missing image for Leslie AllenLeslie Allen73*Racingwas an American racecar driver
Leslie Ann WoodwardLeslie Ann Woodward56ActressEx spouse of Robert Evans
Leslie BibbLeslie Bibb49ActressBrooke McQueen in Popular, tv series
missing image for Leslie BirnbaumLeslie BirnbaumSpouseWife of Roger Birnbaum
missing image for Leslie BlattLeslie BlattSpouseFirst spouse of Clay Felker
missing image for Leslie BryansLeslie BryansSpouseSpouse of A Martinez
Leslie CaronLeslie Caron92Actressfor the musical films Gigi, Lili, An American in Paris, and Daddy Long Legs
Leslie CarterLeslie Carter25*SingerSister of Nick and Aaron Carter
missing image for Leslie CloudLeslie Cloud67RestauranteurChef
missing image for Leslie CockburnLeslie CockburnTV PersonalityMother of Olivia Wilde
missing image for Leslie DallesandroLeslie DallesandroSpouse
Leslie David BakerLeslie David Baker65ActorStanley Hudson on The Office
missing image for Leslie de Jesus AlejandroLeslie de Jesus AlejandroMusicianSpouse of Kevin Alejandro
missing image for Leslie DeMeuse-DisneyLeslie DeMeuse-DisneySpouseWidow of Roy Disney
Leslie EasterbrookLeslie Easterbrook74ActressRhonda Lee, Laverne & Shirley's Marilyn Monroe-like neighbor; Captain Callahan in Police Academy
missing image for Leslie F. YergerLeslie F. YergerSpouseWidow of Nick Reynolds
Leslie FentonLeslie Fenton76*Actorwas an English actor and film director
missing image for Leslie G. EdmondsLeslie G. EdmondsSpouseEx Spouse of MeatLoaf
missing image for Leslie GilliamsLeslie GilliamsExecutiveStep-Father of Melissa Joan Hart
missing image for Leslie GoodmanLeslie GoodmanSpouseEx spouse of Ric Flair
Leslie GraceLeslie Grace28ActressNina Rosario in In the Heights, film
Leslie HowardLeslie Howard50*ActorAshley Wilkes of Gone with the Wind
Leslie JonesLeslie Jones56ActressTasha in Lottery Ticket, film
missing image for Leslie JordanLeslie Jordan67*ActorBeverly Leslie Will and Grace, NBC series
Leslie MannLeslie Mann51Actress"The Cable Guy"
missing image for Leslie MillerLeslie MillerOtherEx-Girlfriend of Rockwell
Leslie MoonvesLeslie Moonves74Otheris President and Chief Executive Officer of CBS Corporation
Leslie NielsenLeslie Nielsen84*ActorFrank Drebin in The Naked Gun
Leslie Odom Jr.Leslie Odom Jr.42ActorAaron Burr in the Broadway musical Hamilton
missing image for Leslie PollackLeslie PollackOtherEx-Wife of Harry Anderson
Leslie StefansonLeslie Stefanson52ActressCapt. Elisabeth Campbell "The General's Daughter"
missing image for Leslie WoodLeslie WoodSpouseEx spouse of Michael Andretti
missing image for Lester ClarkLester ClarkSpouse
Leticia ClineLeticia Cline45Modelformer interviewer for TNA Wrestling
missing image for Leticia CliveLeticia CliveSpouse
Letitia Christian TylerLetitia Christian Tyler51*OtherFirst Wife of John Tyler and Tenth First Lady of the United States
Letitia DeanLetitia Dean56ActressSharon Watts - "EastEnders"
missing image for Letitia George Letitia George SpouseWife of William Still
Letitia WrightLetitia Wright30ActressUrban Hymn
missing image for Letizia FilippiLetizia Filippi44TV Personality
LeToya LuckettLeToya Luckett42SingerFounding Member of Destiny's Child, r&b group
missing image for Lev RukhinLev RukhinPhotographerRelationship with Sandra Oh
LeVar BurtonLeVar Burton66ActorGeordie LaForge on Star Trek: the Next Generation
Leven RambinLeven Rambin33ActressAva Benton in All My Children, ABC soap opera
Levi JohnstonLevi Johnston33OtherEx-Fiance of Bristol Palin
Levi MeadenLevi MeadenActorRelationship with Ariel Winter
Levi StubbsLevi Stubbs72*SingerThe Four Tops, r&b group
missing image for LevistaLevistaSpouseFirst Wife of Booker T
Lew AyresLew Ayres88*ActorFormer Spouse of Ginger Rogers
Lew CodyLew Cody50*ActorSilent Films
missing image for LewanneLewanneOther
missing image for Lewi MorganLewi Morgan35MusicianRixton, Band
Lewis CapaldiLewis Capaldi27Singer'Someone You Loved' single
missing image for Lewis FellLewis FellOther
missing image for Lewis FureyLewis Furey74Musician
missing image for Lewis GomavitzLewis GomavitzProducerProducer of Kukla, Fran and Ollie
Lewis HamiltonLewis Hamilton38RacingBritish Formula One Racing Driver
missing image for Lewis J. BoiesLewis J. Boies103SpouseEx spouse of Hedy Lamarr
Lewis J. SelznickLewis J. Selznick62*TV Personalitywas a Jewish-Ukrainian-American producer in the early years of the film industry
missing image for Lewis SpectorLewis SpectorHeirTwin Son of Phil Spector
missing image for Lewis WilsonLewis Wilson80*Actor
Lex BarkerLex Barker54*Actor"Tarzan of the Apes"
Lex LugerLex Luger65Wrestler / WWFWWE
Lex Scott DavisLex Scott Davis32ActressNya in The First Purge
missing image for Lex SteeleLex SteeleActor
Lexa DoigLexa Doig50ActressRommie in the science fiction TV series Andromeda
Lexi MurphyLexi MurphySpouseRelationship with Max Thieriot
Lexie MarieLexie Marie37ActressAmerican pornographic film actress, exotic dancer and nude model
missing image for Lexy HulmeLexy Hulme39Actressgirlfriend of Joseph Gorden Levitt
Leyicet PeraltaLeyicet PeraltaSpouseSpouse of Danny Gokey
missing image for Leyla BearmanLeyla BearmanOtherEx fiancee of Fred Durst
Leyman LahcineLeyman LahcineOtherRelationship with Paloma Faith
missing image for Lezhae ZeonaLezhae ZeonaOtherEx-Girlfriend of Fetty Wap
missing image for Lezlie AndersonLezlie AndersonSpouse
Lhotse HawkLhotse HawkSpouseformer Vice President of the International Free Skiers Association
missing image for Lia Di LeoLia Di LeoActress
Lia GherardiniLia GherardiniSpouseRelationship with Vince Neil
missing image for Lia SmithLia SmithOtherSpouse of Justin Bartha
Liam ClancyLiam Clancy74*MusicianMember of the Clancy Brothers troupe
missing image for Liam DeanLiam Dean29Model
missing image for Liam FlahertyLiam FlahertyModel
Liam GallagherLiam Gallagher51SingerOasis, band
Liam HemsworthLiam Hemsworth33ActorJosh Taylor in Neighbours, soap opera
Liam HowlettLiam Howlett52MusicianThe Prodigy
Liam McIntyreLiam McIntyre41Actor"Spartacus: Vengeance"
Liam NeesonLiam Neeson71ActorOskar Schindler in Schindler's List, film
Liam O'BrienLiam O'Brien83*Screenwriter
Liam PayneLiam Payne30MusicianOne Direction, boy band
Liam RichardsLiam RichardsActor
Liam WaiteLiam Waite52ActorEx boyfriend of Natasha Henstridge
Liana LiberatoLiana Liberato28Actress'The Best of Me' film
missing image for Liane DavidsonLiane DavidsonOther
missing image for Libba LeiningerLibba LeiningerOther
missing image for Libby GausdenLibby GausdenOther
missing image for Libby MintzLibby MintzActressFiancee of Donovan Leitch
missing image for Libby OffutLibby OffutOtherGirlfriend of Randy Moss
Libby PurvisLibby PurvisActress
missing image for LiberaceLiberace104Singer
Liberty RossLiberty Ross45Model
LidoLido31MusicianRelationship with Halsey
missing image for Liem DahanLiem Dahan26Singer
Liev SchreiberLiev Schreiber56ActorCotton Weary in Scream, movie trilogy
Lil DagoverLil Dagover92*ActressGerman Actress
Lil DurkLil Durk31RapperSigned to the Streets, mixtape series
Lil DuvalLil Duval46ComedianAin't That America
Lil Eazy-ELil Eazy-E39RapperSon of Eazy-E
Lil FizzLil Fizz38SingerB2K, r&b group
Lil FlipLil FlipRapperhis freestyle ability
missing image for Lil GreeneLil GreeneSpouseWidow of Ray Stevenson
Lil Hardin ArmstrongLil Hardin Armstrong73*OtherEx Spouse of Louis Armstrong
Lil JJLil JJComedian
Lil JonLil Jon52Producera pioneer of the sub-genre of hip hop known as "crunk
Lil KekeLil Keke47Rapperis an original member of the Screwed Up Click
Lil MamaLil Mama34RapperVYP Voice of the Young People, album
Lil MoLil Mo45SingerSuperwoman Pt. II, single
Lil Nas XLil Nas X24Rapper
Lil PeepLil Peep21*Rapper
Lil RoundsLil Rounds39SingerAmerican Idol Season 8 7th Place
Lil ScrappyLil Scrappy39RapperBred 2 Die Born 2 Live, album
Lil TwistLil Twist30RapperYoung Money Entertainment
Lil WayneLil Wayne41RapperTha Carter I, II, III, IV, albums
Lil WyteLil Wyte41Rapper
missing image for Lil ZaLil Za30RapperYoung Money Entertainment, record label
missing image for Lil' JLil' J38RapperDevon Carter of That's So Raven
Lil' John RobertsLil' John RobertsMusicianEx-Fiance of Jill Scott
Lil' KimLil' Kim49RapperThe Notorious K.I.M., album
missing image for Lila BraffLila BraffActressPlaying Elizabeth Montgomery on Reba
missing image for Lila HotzLila HotzSpouseFirst Wife of Henry Luce
missing image for Lila McCannLila McCann41Singercountry singer
Lili DamitaLili Damita89*Actresswas a French actress who had appeared in 33 movies between 1922 and 1937
Lili Fini ZanuckLili Fini Zanuck69ProducerWidow of Richard Zanuck
missing image for Lili GentleLili Gentle83ActressEx spouse of Richard D. Zanuck
Lili ReinhartLili Reinhart27Actress Betty Cooper in Riverdale, CW series
Lili SimmonsLili Simmons30ActressRebecca Bowman in Banshee, Cinemax series
Lili TaylorLili Taylor56ActressLisa Kimmel Fisher in "Six Feet Under"
missing image for Lilia LucianoLilia LucianoOther
Lilian BondLilian Bond83*Actress
Lilian GarciaLilian GarciaSingerthe lead announcer for their Raw brand
missing image for Liliana LopezLiliana LopezSpouseRelationship with Richard Burgi
missing image for Liliana MatthaeusLiliana Matthaeus35Spouse4th Wife of Lothar Matthaeus
missing image for Lilit AvagyanLilit AvagyanOtherFiancee of Reggie Bush
Lilli PalmerLilli Palmer71*ActressEx Wife of Rex Harrison
missing image for Lillian AbramsLillian AbramsOtherEx-Wife of Bob Guccione
missing image for Lillian ArchLillian ArchSpouse
Lillian BoundsLillian Bounds98*SpouseWidow of Walt Disney
Lillian Case RussellLillian Case Russell71*ScreenwriterWife of John Lowell
missing image for Lillian FontaineLillian Fontaine88*ActressMother of Joan Fontaine and Olivia de Havilland
missing image for Lillian GregoryLillian GregorySpouseWidow of Dick Gregory
Lillian HellmanLillian Hellman79*ScreenwriterLittle Foxes
missing image for Lillian LamontLillian Lamont45*SpouseFormer Wife of Fred MacMurray
missing image for Lillian LehmanLillian Lehman76ActressEx-wife of John Amos
Lillian LugosiLillian LugosiSpouse
missing image for Lillian McEwanLillian McEwan78OtherEx-Girlfriend of Clarence Thomas
Lillian MullerLillian Muller71ModelPlayboy Playmate of the Year
missing image for Lillian Vallish FooteLillian Vallish FooteSpouseDeceased spouse of Horton Foote
missing image for Lillian VedderLillian VedderSpouseWidow of Dennis Morgan
missing image for Lillie LangtryLillie Langtry76*Actress
Lillo Brancato, Jr.Lillo Brancato, Jr.47ActorCalogero Anello in A Bronx Tale, film
Lilly BeckerLilly Becker46ModelModel and wife of Boris Becker
Lilly GhalichiLilly Ghalichi40Actress"Shahs of Sunset"
Lilly JayLilly JaySpouseRelationship with Ethan Slater
Lilly KrugLilly Krug22ActressLilly in Every Breath You Take, film
Lilly MelgarLilly Melgar54Actress"Bold and the Beautiful"
missing image for Lilly PinoLilly PinoSpouseDanny Pino's wife
missing image for Lilly PulitzerLilly Pulitzer81*Designeris a socialite and prominent fashion designer
missing image for Lilly RobbinsLilly RobbinsOther
Lily AldridgeLily Aldridge38ModelVictoria's Secret model
Lily AllenLily Allen38SingerSmile, single
missing image for Lily AlphonsisLily AlphonsisScreenwriterScript Dr.
Lily Anne HarrisonLily Anne Harrison34ActressRelationship with Peter Facinelli
Lily ColeLily Cole35ModelBritish Fashion Awards Model of the Year in 2004
Lily CollinsLily Collins34ActressDaughter of Phil Collins
Lily DonaldsonLily Donaldson36Modelis a British model
Lily JamesLily James34ActressLady Rose MacClare in "Downtown Abbey"and "Cinderella"
Lily KwongLily Kwong35EntrepreneurRelationship with Nick Kroll
Lily RabeLily Rabe41ActressAmerican Horror Story, FX series
Lily TomlinLily Tomlin84Actress9 to 5
Lily-Rose DeppLily-Rose Depp24ActressJohnny Depp's Daughter
missing image for Lin BolenLin BolenSpouseWidow of Paul Wendkos
missing image for Lin Feng-JiaoLin Feng-Jiao70ActressWife of Jackie Chan
Lin-Manuel MirandaLin-Manuel Miranda43Actorwriting the script, music and lyrics for Hamilton
Lina BasquetteLina Basquette87*Actress
missing image for Lina LundemoLina LundemoOther
missing image for Lina NilsonLina NilsonModelGirlfriend of Roberto Cavalli
Lina SandbergLina SandbergModelRelationship with Scott Disick
Lina ValentinaLina ValentinaDesignerRelationship with Aaron Carter
Lina WertmuellerLina Wertmueller93*DirectorFirst female director to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director
Lincoln LewisLincoln Lewis36ActorKevin Holmes in Tomorrow, When the War Began, Home, film
missing image for Lincoln TownleyLincoln Townley50EntrepreneurBoyfriend of Denise Welch
missing image for Linda Anne StamatonLinda Anne StamatonSpouseSpouse of Al Michaels
Linda ArvidsonLinda Arvidson65*Actress
missing image for Linda BanwellLinda BanwellSpouseWidow of Bob Hoskins
Linda BlairLinda Blair64ActressThe Exorcist, film
missing image for Linda BlattyLinda BlattyOtherEx-Wife of William Peter Blatty
missing image for Linda BolleaLinda BolleaSpouse
missing image for Linda Bond-OwenLinda Bond-OwenSpouseWife of Nicholas Bond-Owen
missing image for Linda BruckheimerLinda BruckheimerSpouse
missing image for Linda CaanLinda CaanSpouseWife of James Caan
Linda CardelliniLinda Cardellini48ActressSamantha Taggart on ER
Linda ChristianLinda Christian86*ActressEx-Wife of Tyrone Power
missing image for Linda CoblentzLinda CoblentzOtherFirst wife of Geraldo Rivera
missing image for Linda CookeLinda Cooke69SingerWidow of Cecil Womack
missing image for Linda DarrellLinda Darrell41*ActressAmber St. Clair in Forever Amber
Linda DoucettLinda Doucett69ActressEx-girlfriend of Garry Shandling
missing image for Linda DupreeLinda DupreeActressOne of the mud wrestlers in 'Stripes'
missing image for Linda EdenLinda EdenOther
Linda EderLinda EderActress
missing image for Linda EmeryLinda Emery78Spouse
Linda EvangelistaLinda Evangelista58ModelSupermodel
Linda EvansLinda Evans81ActressKrystle Carrington on Dynasty
missing image for Linda FettersLinda FettersOtherSpouse of Ken Howard
Linda FiorentinoLinda Fiorentino65ActressThe Last Seduction, film
missing image for Linda FosterLinda Foster79Actress
missing image for Linda FreemanLinda FreemanSpouse1st wife of John Callahan
missing image for Linda GilbertLinda Gilbert73SpouseEx Spouse of David Carradine
Linda GrayLinda Gray83ActressSue Ellen Ewing of Dallas, television show
Linda Gray GibbLinda Gray GibbSpouseSpouse of Barry Gibb
missing image for Linda GrossmanLinda GrossmanSpouseEx Spouse of Art Garfunkel
missing image for Linda HainesLinda HainesOther
Linda HallLinda HallOtherRelationship with Pooch Hall
Linda HamiltonLinda Hamilton67ActressSarah Connor in The Terminator, films
Linda HardyLinda Hardy50ActressMiss France 1992
Linda HarrisonLinda Harrison78ActressNova "Planet of the Apes"
missing image for Linda HaywoodLinda HaywoodSpouse
Linda HoganLinda Hogan64SpouseEx spouse of Hulk Hogan
missing image for Linda HollidayLinda Holliday60ExecutiveRelationship with Bill Belichick
Linda HonorLinda HonorOtherEx-wife of Paul Molitor
missing image for Linda Kay CooperLinda Kay CooperOther
missing image for Linda KnievelLinda KnievelSpouseWife of Evel Knievel
Linda KozlowskiLinda Kozlowski65ActressCrocodile Dundee
Linda LampeniusLinda Lampenius53Otheris a Finnish classical violinist and recording artist
Linda LarkinLinda Larkin53ActressVoice of Princess Jasmine from Aladdin
Linda LavinLinda Lavin86Actress"Alice"
missing image for Linda LewisLinda Lewis73Musician
Linda LovelaceLinda Lovelace53*Actress"Deep Throat"
missing image for Linda LowyLinda LowyDirectorCasting director for Grey's Anatomy
Linda McCartneyLinda McCartney56*PhotographerRelationship with Paul McCartney
Linda McMahonLinda McMahon75SpouseWife of Vince McMahon
missing image for Linda MorrisLinda MorrisOther
Linda MorselliLinda Morselli35ModelRelationship with Fernando Alonso
missing image for Linda MyersLinda MyersOtherEx-Wife of Casey Kasem
missing image for Linda O'BrienLinda O'BrienSpouseWife of Pat O'Brien
missing image for Linda O'ConnellLinda O'ConnellArtistMother of Jerry O'Connell
Linda O'NeilLinda O'Neil49ModelAmerican model and actress
Linda ParkLinda Park45ActressWomen's Murder Club, television drama
Linda PawlikLinda PawlikSpouseSpouse of Robert Picardo
Linda PerryLinda Perry58MusicianLead singer of 4 Non Blondes, rock band
Linda PhanLinda Phan38DirectorRelationship with Drew Scott
missing image for Linda PhiferLinda PhiferSpouse
Linda PurlLinda Purl68Actressfor portraying Ben Matlock's daughter Charlene Matlock in the first season of Matlock
missing image for Linda RamoneLinda Ramone63OtherWidow of Johnny Ramone
Linda RonstadtLinda Ronstadt77Singeran American popular music vocalist and entertainer
Linda SantaguidaLinda Santaguida45TV Personality
Linda ThompsonLinda Thompson73ActressRelationship with Elvis Presley
missing image for Linda UlvaeusLinda Ulvaeus50OffspringDaughter of Agneta Faltskog and Bjorn Ulvaeus
missing image for Linda WallemLinda WallemSpouseSpouse of Melissa Etheridge
missing image for Linda WilliamsLinda WilliamsOtherEX lover of Damon Dash
Linda WoodwardLinda WoodwardSpouseWife of Tom Jones
Linda WrightLinda Wright75*SpouseRelationship with Max Wright
Linden AshbyLinden Ashby63ActorJohnny Cage "Mortal Kombat"
missing image for Lindly GardnerLindly GardnerOtherEx girlfriend of Chris Klein
Lindsay ArnoldLindsay Arnold29TV PersonalityDances with the Stars
missing image for Lindsay BronsonLindsay BronsonOtherGirlfriend of David Faustino
Lindsay BrunnockLindsay BrunnockSpouseSpouse of Kenneth Branagh
Lindsay ClubineLindsay ClubineOtherRelationship with Clay Buchholz
Lindsay CroliusLindsay CroliusOther
missing image for Lindsay CrookLindsay CrookOtherMarried to Mackenzie Crook
missing image for Lindsay CrosbyLindsay Crosby51*ActorSon of Bing Crosby
Lindsay DavenportLindsay Davenport47Tennisa former World No. 1 American professional tennis player
Lindsay EllLindsay Ell34Singer
Lindsay EllingsonLindsay Ellingson39ModelVictoria's Secret Angel
missing image for Lindsay FaulkLindsay FaulkOtherEx-Wife of Marshall Faulk
Lindsay FrimodtLindsay Frimodt42ModelVictoria's Secret
Lindsay HartleyLindsay Hartley45ActressTheresa Lopez Fitzgerald on Passions
missing image for Lindsay KupfermanLindsay Kupferman45OtherChild psychologist
Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan37ActressHallie Parker & Annie James in The Parent Trap, film
missing image for Lindsay Michelle NaderLindsay Michelle Nader39Other
Lindsay PriceLindsay Price46ActressVictory Ford on Lipstick Jungle, NBC series
Lindsay Rae HofmannLindsay Rae Hofmann32DesignerRelationship with Scott Speedman
missing image for Lindsay SchweitzerLindsay SchweitzerNurseRelationship with Eric Stonestreet
Lindsay ShookusLindsay Shookus43ProducerGirlfriend of Ben Affleck, Saturday Night Live Producer
Lindsay SloaneLindsay Sloane46ActressAlice Pedermeir of The Wonder Years, television show
missing image for Lindsay VrckovnikLindsay Vrckovnik26OtherGirlfriend of Scott Disick
Lindsay WagnerLindsay Wagner74ActressJamie Sommers "Bionic Woman"
Lindsay ZirLindsay Zir47ActressEx spouse of Toby Cockerell
Lindsey BuckinghamLindsey Buckingham74SingerFleetwood Mac, band
missing image for Lindsey McKeonLindsey McKeon41ActressKatie Peterson on Saved by the Bell New Class and Taylor James on One Tree Hill
Lindsey MorganLindsey Morgan33ActressRaven Reyes in "The 100"
Lindsey PearlmanLindsey Pearlman43*ActressGeneral Hospital, tv series
Lindsey RoeperLindsey RoeperPlayboy Model
Lindsey ShawLindsey Shaw34ActressJennifer "Moze" Mosely in Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, Nickelodeon series
missing image for Lindsey SporrerLindsey SporrerActressSeen with Blake Shelton at a party
Lindsey VonnLindsey Vonn39SkierWinner of The FIS Alpine Ski World Cup, 2008-2010
missing image for Lindy WiltonLindy WiltonSpouseWidow of Daniel Massey/sister of Penelope Wilton
Linsey FarrellLinsey Farrell45AgentSpouse of Dave Farrell
missing image for Linsey GodfreyLinsey Godfrey35ActressCaroline Spencer Forrester of the Bold and Beautiful
missing image for Linsey TooleLinsey TooleOtherRelationship with Freddy Harteis
missing image for Linus RoacheLinus Roache59ActorADA Michael Cutter on Law & Order
Linzi MartinLinzi Martin40SpouseSpouse of Billy Martin
missing image for LioLioSinger
Lionel AtwillLionel Atwill61*ActorSilent Films
Lionel BLionel B43TV PersonalityYouTuber
Lionel BarrymoreLionel Barrymore76*ActorMr. Potter of It's a Wonderful Life, film
missing image for Lionel FriedmanLionel FriedmanOtherFormer Boyfriend of John Strauss
missing image for Lionel KriselLionel KriselOther
Lionel MessiLionel Messi36SoccerFootballer for FC Barcelona
Lionel RichieLionel Richie74SingerThe Commodores, group
Lior BittonLior Bitton49OtherRelationship with Jenna Jameson
Lira GaloreLira Galore30ModelRelationship with Drake
Liron LevoLiron Levo51Actor
missing image for LisaLisaSpouse
missing image for Lisa AkeyLisa Akey54Actress
missing image for Lisa AndrewsLisa AndrewsSpouse
Lisa AnnLisa Ann51ActressWho's Nailin' Paylin?, film
missing image for Lisa Ann CooperLisa Ann CooperModelSecond Wife of Chris Sarandon
Lisa Ann RussellLisa Ann Russell51ActressSpouse of Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Lisa ArmstrongLisa ArmstrongStylistRelationship with Ant McPartlin
Lisa AskeyLisa AskeyOtherEx-Wife of Donald Faison
missing image for Lisa BerengerLisa BerengerSpouseEx spouse of Tom Berenger
missing image for Lisa BloomLisa Bloom62OtherDaughter of Gloria Allred
Lisa BlountLisa Blount53*ActressAn Officer and a Gentleman
missing image for Lisa BonderLisa Bonder57Tenniswas a professional tennis player
Lisa BonetLisa Bonet56ActressDenise Huxtable in The Cosby Show
Lisa BoyleLisa Boyle55Modelappearances in Playboy magazine and its various Special Editions
missing image for Lisa BozekLisa BozekOther
Lisa BrennanLisa Brennan58Spouse
missing image for Lisa BrunsonLisa BrunsonActor
Lisa BundLisa Bund35Singer3rd place at German Idol season 4
missing image for Lisa ButcherLisa Butcher52ModelModel and TV presenter
missing image for Lisa ClarkLisa ClarkOtherEx-Wife of Tommy Mottola
Lisa CollinsLisa CollinsActressRelationship with Billy Zane
missing image for Lisa CrosbyLisa CrosbySpouseWife of Harry Crosby
Lisa D'AmatoLisa D'Amato43ModelParticipant in "America's Next Top Model All-Stars"
missing image for Lisa DaidoneLisa DaidoneOtherEx-Girlfriend of Travis Alexander
Lisa DerganLisa Dergan53ModelPlayboy's Playmate of the Month in July 1998
missing image for Lisa DeutschLisa DeutschSpouseEx-wife of Tony Curtis
Lisa DonovanLisa Donovan43Comedian
missing image for Lisa DuganLisa DuganOtheris a Democratic member of the Illinois House of Representatives
Lisa EdelsteinLisa Edelstein57ActressDr. Lisa Cuddy in the Fox series House, Abby McCarthy in Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
Lisa EllisLisa EllisAgentGirlfriend of Shaquille O'Neal
Lisa FaulknerLisa Faulkner51ActressBurn It, television show
missing image for Lisa FigueroaLisa FigueroaOtherEx-Fiancee of Eddie Murphy
Lisa FischerLisa Fischer65SingerHow Can I Ease The Pain, single
Lisa FonssagrivesLisa Fonssagrives80*ModelWife of Irving Penn
Lisa GastineauLisa Gastineau63TV PersonalityReality TV - Gastineau Girls
missing image for Lisa GilbertLisa Gilbert67Other
missing image for Lisa GoldsteinLisa Goldstein42ActressMillicent Huxtable on One Tree Hill
missing image for Lisa GomezLisa GomezSpouseSpouse of Jon Seda
missing image for Lisa GoresLisa GoresOtherDating Brad Garrett
Lisa GuerreroLisa Guerrero59TV Personality"Sunset Beach"
missing image for Lisa HarrisonLisa HarrisonSpouseSpouse of Jon Walmsley
missing image for Lisa HartLisa HartOtherStepmother of Melissa Joan Hart
Lisa HartmanLisa Hartman67ActorCiji Dunne of Knots Landing
missing image for Lisa HeywoodLisa HeywoodOtherFiancee of Ethan Zohn
Lisa HoffmanLisa HoffmanSpouseSpouse of Dustin Huffman
missing image for Lisa HowardLisa Howard60ActressAnne Lindsey "Highlander: The Series"
missing image for Lisa JacamanLisa JacamanOtherReal Estate
missing image for Lisa JeynesLisa JeynesActor
Lisa JoynerLisa Joyner56TV PersonalityTV Entertainment Reporter
missing image for Lisa KaplerLisa KaplerSpouseSpouse of Gabe Kapler
missing image for Lisa KarmazinLisa KarmazinOtherEx Girlfriend of Harvey Keitel
Lisa KellyLisa Kelly46SingerCeltic Woman, musical group
missing image for Lisa KenneyLisa Kenney63Other
Lisa KlineLisa KlineDesignerLisa Kline, boutique
Lisa KouchakLisa KouchakActressSpouse of Eric Martsolf
Lisa KudrowLisa Kudrow60ActressPhoebe Buffay in Friends, NBC series
Lisa LampanelliLisa Lampanelli62ComedianComedy Central Roaster
Lisa LazarusLisa Lazarus36TV Personality
missing image for Lisa LederLisa LederOtherEx-Wife of Marc Leder
missing image for Lisa LemoncelliLisa LemoncelliSpouse
Lisa LeslieLisa Leslie51BasketballLos Angeles Sparks
missing image for Lisa LeveridgeLisa LeveridgeOtherGuitarist of the band Hole
missing image for Lisa LiberatiLisa Liberati44ActressRelationship with James McAvoy
Lisa LindeLisa Linde51ActressEx-spouse of James Marsden
Lisa LingLisa Ling50TV PersonalityCorrespondent for Oprah Winfrey Show
Lisa LisaLisa Lisa56SingerLisa Lisa and Cult Jam, singing group
Lisa LoCiceroLisa LoCicero53ActressOlivia Falconeri in "General Hospital"
Lisa LoebLisa Loeb55MusicianHit song "Stay(I Missed You)"
Lisa LopesLisa Lopes30*RapperLeft Eye of TLC, R&B group
Lisa LoringLisa Loring64*ActorWednesday Addams in The Addams Family, tv series
missing image for Lisa MaeLisa MaeSpouseWife of Rick Malambri
Lisa MaffiaLisa Maffia44Musicianas the main female member of So Solid Crew
Lisa MafiaLisa MafiaOther
Lisa MarieLisa Marie54Modelappeared in numerous magazines, including Maxim and Esquire
Lisa Marie ElwesLisa Marie Elwes51PhotographerWife of Cary Elwes
Lisa Marie PresleyLisa Marie Presley54*SingerDaughter of Elvis Presley
missing image for Lisa MatricardiLisa MatricardiMusicianEx girlfriend of Joshua Bell
missing image for Lisa MayfieldLisa MayfieldOtherEstranged stepmother of Jeremy Mayfield
missing image for Lisa MeslohLisa MeslohSpouseJohn O'Hurley's wife
missing image for Lisa MeyersLisa MeyersSpouse
missing image for Lisa MoorishLisa MoorishSinger
missing image for Lisa MullerLisa Muller34SpouseWife of Thomas Muller
Lisa NiemiLisa Niemi67SpouseWidow of Patrick Swayze
missing image for Lisa O'MalleyLisa O'MalleySpouse
Lisa OrigliassoLisa Origliasso38SingerThe Veronicas, singing duo
missing image for Lisa OrtizLisa OrtizSpouse
Lisa OzLisa OzSpouseSpouse of Dr. Oz
missing image for Lisa ParkLisa ParkSpouseSpouse of Ray Park
Lisa PelikanLisa Pelikan69Actressis an American stage, film and television actress
missing image for Lisa PembertonLisa PembertonOther
Lisa PerejmaLisa PerejmaOtherRelationship with Armie Hammer
Lisa PersdotterLisa Persdotter43SpouseSpouse of Charles Simonyi
missing image for Lisa PinoyLisa PinoyOtherAffair with P. Miller
Lisa PriceLisa PriceEntrepreneurCarol's Daughter, haircare products
missing image for Lisa Pritchett-JohnsonLisa Pritchett-Johnson47*OtherEx-Girlfriend of Joe Walsh
Lisa RayLisa Ray51Model
missing image for Lisa ReutimannLisa Reutimann49Spouse
missing image for Lisa RidegLisa Rideg101OtherEx-Stalker of Actor Jensen Ackles
missing image for Lisa RinehartLisa RinehartOther
Lisa RinnaLisa Rinna60ActressBillie Reed of Days of our Lives
missing image for Lisa RobertsonLisa RobertsonOtherHookup with Ralph Fiennes
missing image for Lisa RobertsonLisa RobertsonSpouseAlan Robertson's wife
missing image for Lisa Robin KellyLisa Robin Kelly43*ActressLaurie in "That 70's Show"
missing image for Lisa RuoccoLisa Ruocco35OtherEx-girfriend of Alex Gaskarth
Lisa SchoenLisa SchoenChefRelationship with Parker Stevenson
Lisa Scott-LeeLisa Scott-Lee48SingerFormer Singer for the UK Group Steps
Lisa SheridanLisa Sheridan44*Actressappeared in TV series Invasion, FreakyLinks, Legacy, Las Vegas
missing image for lisa smithlisa smithSpouseboyzone wife
Lisa SnowdonLisa Snowdon52Modelthe host of the reality television show Britain's Next Top Model
Lisa StansfieldLisa Stansfield57Musician
Lisa StellyLisa Stelly36SpouseSpouse of Jack Osbourne
missing image for Lisa StrainLisa StrainSpouseSecond Wife of Phil Hartman
missing image for Lisa ThornerLisa ThornerOtherEx-Wife of Damon Wayans
missing image for Lisa TremblayLisa TremblaySpouseCurrent Wife of Josh Taylor
Lisa TuckerLisa Tucker34SingerAmerican Idol Season 5 10th Place
Lisa VanderpumpLisa Vanderpump63TV PersonalityThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, reality show
Lisa VultaggioLisa Vultaggio50ActressHannah Scott "General Hospital"
Lisa WhelchelLisa Whelchel60ActressBlair Warner of The Facts of Life
missing image for Lisa WiehoffLisa WiehoffSpouseSpouse of Randy Johnson
missing image for Lisa WiniusLisa WiniusOtherEx-girlfriend of Matt Kenseth
Lisa WuLisa Wu54TV PersonalityReal Housewives of Atlanta, reality show
Lisa ZaneLisa Zane62Actress
Lisalla MontenegroLisalla Montenegro35ModelBrazilian supermodel
missing image for Lisan GoinesLisan Goines50Other
Lisandro LopezLisandro Lopez40SoccerOlympique Lyonnaise in France
LisaRaye McCoyLisaRaye McCoy56ActressNeesee James of All of Us, sitcom
missing image for Lisardo GuarinosLisardo Guarinos53Actor
missing image for Lise K GerardLise K GerardOtherEx-Wife of Mac Davis
missing image for Lisea LyonsLisea LyonsOther
missing image for Liselore KooijmanLiselore KooijmanSpouseSpouse of Christijan Albers
missing image for Lisset GutierrezLisset Gutierrez50Singer
Lita BaronLita BaronSpouseFirst spouse of Rory Calhoun
Lita FordLita Ford65Musician
Lita GreyLita Grey87*ActressEx spouse of Charlie Chaplin
Little RichardLittle Richard87*MusicianTrue King of Rock and Roll
Liv LoLiv LoEntrepreneurRelationship with Henry Golding
Liv TylerLiv Tyler46Actress Arwen Undomiel in The Lord of the Rings, film trilogy
Liv UllmannLiv Ullmann84Actress"Scenes From A Marriage"
Livia GiuggioliLivia Giuggioli54ProducerRelationship with Colin Firth
Liya KebedeLiya Kebede45Modelis an Ethiopian model who has appeared on the cover of US Vogue twice
Liz BondsLiz BondsSpouseWife of Barry Bonds
missing image for Liz BrixiusLiz BrixiusProducerCreator of Nurse Jackie
Liz FullerLiz Fuller47TV PersonalityTelevision Presenter
missing image for Liz JannettaLiz JannettaOtherGirlfriend of Jon Gosselin
missing image for Liz LangeLiz LangeDesignerFounder and President of Liz Lange maternity clothing
missing image for Liz McClarnonLiz McClarnonSingermember of Atomic Kitten
Liz PhairLiz Phair56MusicianHer album Exile in Guyville
Liz SmithLiz Smith94*JournalistThe Grand Dame of Dish
missing image for Liz TrujilloLiz TrujilloOtherFiancee of Flavor Flav
Liz VasseyLiz Vassey51ActressEmily Ann Sago in "All My Children"
missing image for Liz ViciousLiz ViciousActress
missing image for Liz WeberLiz WeberSpouse
missing image for Liza GreerLiza Greer60Model1 of 4 authors of "You'll Never Make Love in this Town Again"
Liza HuberLiza Huber48ActressGwen Hotchkiss of Passions
Liza KoshyLiza Koshy27ActressBoo A Madea Halloween. Film
missing image for Liza LapiraLiza Lapira41ActressSpecial Agent Michelle Lee of NCIS, television show
Liza MarquezLiza MarquezOther
Liza MinnelliLiza Minnelli77ActressSally Bowles in Cabaret, film
missing image for Liza MoralesLiza MoralesOther
Liza PowelLiza Powel53ExecutiveSpouse of Conan O'Brien
missing image for Liza Richardson Liza Richardson MusicianDated Henry Rollins
missing image for Liza RiosLiza RiosSpouseWidow and Former Personal Assistant of Big Pun
missing image for Liza RoweLiza Rowe26ActressHostel XXX, film
Liza WeilLiza Weil46ActressParis Geller on Gilmore Girls, Bonnie Winterbottom on How to Get Away with Murder
Lizze BroadwayLizze Broadway25ActressKat Martin in Bones
Lizzie GrubmanLizzie Grubman52Othera publicist for celebrities, founding her own company in 1996
missing image for Lizzie RovsekLizzie Rovsek43TV PersonalityReal Housewives of Orange County and Miss Teen USA
Lizzie WestLizzie West50Singer
LizzoLizzo35SingerCuz I Love You, album
Lizzy CaplanLizzy Caplan41ActressJanis Ian in Mean Girls, film
Ljay CurrieLjay Currie26ProducerRelationship with Iggy Azalea
LL Cool JLL Cool J55RapperBigger and Deffer, album and Sam Hanna of NCIS Los Angeles
Lleyton HewittLleyton Hewitt42TennisWinner of 2001 US Open and 2002 Wimbledon Men's Singles
missing image for Lloren CookLloren CookBasketball
LloydLloyd37SingerStreet Love, album
Lloyd BanksLloyd Banks41RapperAmerican rapper and member of the rap group G-Unit
Lloyd BridgesLloyd Bridges85*ActorAirplane
Lloyd EislerLloyd Eisler60Skaterformer Canadian pairs skater
missing image for Lloyd KramarLloyd KramarOther
missing image for Lloyd MillerLloyd MillerOther
Lloyd PriceLloyd Price88*Singer1959 million-selling hit, Personality
Lo BosworthLo Bosworth37TV PersonalityLaguna Beach: The Real Orange County, reality series
Lochlyn MunroLochlyn Munro57ActorGreg Philippe "Scary Movie"
missing image for Locksmith RudimentalLocksmith RudimentalRapperBoyfriend of K. Michelle
missing image for Loel GuinnessLoel Guinness82*RichMember of Guinness brewing dynasty
missing image for Loesha ZeviarLoesha ZeviarSpouseEx Wife of Flea
Logan BrowningLogan Browning34ActressSasha in Bratz: The Movie, film
Logan HendersonLogan Henderson34ActorBig Time Rush
Logan LermanLogan Lerman31ActorPercy Jackson films
Logan Marshall-GreenLogan Marshall-Green47Actorhis roles in 'Dark Blue','The O.C.','24' and 'Traveler'
Logan MillerLogan Miller31ActorTripp Campbell in "I'm In the Band"
Logan PaulLogan Paul28Internet PersonalitySocial media personality
LogicLogic33RapperEverybody, album
missing image for Lois AldrinLois AldrinSpouse
Lois AndrewsLois Andrews44*Actressher first role in 1943 as the comic strip character Dixie Dugan in the film of the same name
missing image for Lois BergeronLois BergeronSpouseSpouse of Tom Bergeron
Lois ChilesLois Chiles76ModelDr. Holly Goodhead in the 1979 James Bond film Moonraker
Lois ClarkeLois ClarkeSpouseSpouse of James Garner
missing image for Lois DaneLois DaneOther
missing image for Lois Driggs AldrinLois Driggs AldrinSpouseWife of Buzz Aldrin
missing image for Lois FoersterLois FoersterTV PersonalityWidow of Art Linkletter
missing image for Lois GilbertLois GilbertOther
missing image for Lois HardwickLois HardwickSpouseFirst Wife of Donald Sutherland
missing image for Lois Joan GeigerLois Joan GeigerSpouseWidow of Henry Gibson
Lois NettletonLois Nettleton80*Actress"General Hospital"
missing image for Lois O'ConnorLois O'ConnorSpouseWidow of Jason Robards
missing image for Lois SassonLois SassonOtherPartner of Lesley Gore
missing image for Lois SchaalLois SchaalOtherEx-Wife of Richard Schaal
missing image for Lois SmartLois Smart66Actressmother of Elizabeth Smart
Lokelani McMichaelLokelani McMichaelSurfer
missing image for Lola AlbrightLola Albright98Actress
Lola FalanaLola Falana81Actressis an American dancer and actress of Cuban and African American descent
missing image for Lola GlaudiniLola Glaudini52ActressElle Greenaway on Criminal Minds
missing image for Lola LaneLola Lane75*ActressOne of the Lane Sisters
missing image for Lola MontezLola Montez40*OtherAdventuress, courtesan, and dancer
Lola SkyeLola SkyeModel
missing image for Lola Van WagenenLola Van Wagenen83SpouseEx spouse of Robert Redford
Loleatta HollowayLoleatta Holloway64*SingerLove Sensation, single
missing image for Loleini TongaLoleini TongaOtherFiancee of Chris Henry
missing image for Loletha AdkinsLoletha AdkinsOtherRelationship with Morgan Freeman
missing image for Lolicia OliveraLolicia OliveraSpouseEx Wife of Jonathan Aitken
Lolita DavidovichLolita Davidovich62Actressis a Canadian film and television actress of Serbian origin
Lolita MorenaLolita Morena63Model
missing image for Lollie GrothLollie GrothOtherPoet
Lolo JonesLolo Jones41Track and FieldAmerican track and field and bobsled athlete
missing image for Lolo SoetoroLolo Soetoro52*OtherStepfather of Barack Obama
Lon ChaneyLon Chaney47*ActorSilent Film
missing image for Lon Chaney, Jr.Lon Chaney, Jr.67*ActorLarry Talbot of The Wolf Man, films
missing image for LondonLondon44TV PersonalityWinner of Daisy of Love
London 'Deelishis' CharlesLondon 'Deelishis' Charles45TV PersonalityWinner of Flavor of Love 2
London FletcherLondon Fletcher48FootballWashington Redskins
London GoheenLondon Goheen25Internet Personality
missing image for London KingLondon KingSpouseEx spouse of Rob Schneider
London MooreLondon Moore31ActressRelationship with Nathan Kress
Loni AndersonLoni Anderson78ActressJennifer Marlowe of WKRP in Cincinnati, television
missing image for Loni LoveLoni Love52Talkshow HostThe Real, talk show
missing image for Lonneke EngelLonneke EngelOther
missing image for Lonnie LambLonnie Lamb36OtherSales
missing image for Lontel JohnsonLontel JohnsonTV PersonalityLittle Women Atlanta, reality show
missing image for Loo BrealeyLoo Brealey44ActressStaff Nurse Roxy Bird - Casualty
missing image for Lora LongLora LongSpouseSpouse of Matt Long
Lora SomozaLora Somoza51*ActressRelationship with James Gandolfini
Loraine Alterman BoyleLoraine Alterman BoyleReporterSpouse of Peter Boyle
missing image for Loray WhiteLoray WhiteSpouseEx spouse of Sammy Davis Jr.
missing image for Lorca CohenLorca CohenOffspringDaughter of Leonard Cohen
missing image for Lord Alexander Rufus IssacsLord Alexander Rufus IssacsOther
missing image for Lord Alfred DouglasLord Alfred Douglas75*ArtistUranian poet and lover of Oscar Wilde
missing image for Lord Anthony AshleyLord Anthony AshleyRoyalty
missing image for Lord Audley HenryLord Audley HenrySpouseThird Husband of Sarah Churchill
missing image for Lord ByronLord Byron36*AuthorPoet and author of 'Don Juan'
missing image for Lord Charles Peregrine CourtenayLord Charles Peregrine CourtenayRoyaltySpouse of A J Langer
missing image for Lord Freddie WindsorLord Freddie Windsor44RoyaltySon of Prince Michael and Princess Michael of Kent
Lord InfamousLord Infamous40*RapperThree 6 Mafia, rap group
missing image for Lord JamarLord Jamar55RapperBrand Nubian, hip hop group
missing image for Lord JamarLord Jamar55RapperBrand Nubian, hip hop group
missing image for Lord Robert HansonLord Robert HansonHeirRoyality
Lord SnowdonLord Snowdon93RoyaltyFormer Husband of Princess Margaret
missing image for Lord Stanley of AlderneyLord Stanley of AlderneyRoyalty
LordeLorde27SingerRoyals, single
missing image for Lore'lLore'lRapperLove & Hip Hop, season 3
Lorelei MahoneyLorelei Mahoney40ActressEscape The Fate, I'm Through With White Girls, Redeemer
Lorelei TaronLorelei TaronSpouseWife of Radamel Falcao
missing image for Loren Gray BeechLoren Gray Beech21Singer
missing image for Loren HarperLoren HarperActor
missing image for Lorena BernalLorena Bernal46Model
Lorena CartagenaLorena CartagenaSpouseRelationship with Fat Joe
Lorena HerreraLorena Herrera56Actressmodel, posing for ads in Mexico and South America
Lorena LaysonLorena Layson78*ActressSecond Wife and Widow of Louis B. Mayer
Lorena RojasLorena Rojas43*ActressNatalia Ruiz of Pecados Ajenos, soap opera
missing image for Lorene DevienneLorene Devienne42OtherSinger
Lorene ScafariaLorene Scafaria43ScreenwriterFilms, "Nick's and Nora's Infinite Playlist"
missing image for Lorenza IzzoLorenza Izzo34ActressWife of Eli Roth
missing image for Lorenza NewtonLorenza NewtonSpouseWife of Guillermo del Toro
Lorenzen WrightLorenzen Wright34*BasketballNBA Center
missing image for LorenzoLorenzo37OtherHusband of Tiffany Evans
missing image for Lorenzo GordonLorenzo GordonBasketballHusband of Brittish Williams
Lorenzo LamasLorenzo Lamas65ActorLance Cumson in Falcon Crest, CBS series
Lorenzo MartoneLorenzo MartoneExecutiveFiance of Marc Jacobs
missing image for Lorenzo RispoliLorenzo RispoliOtherBoyfriend of Ursula Andress
missing image for Lorenzo SalviatiLorenzo SalviatiSpouse
missing image for Lorenzo SmithLorenzo Smith61HeirHeir of W.H. Smiths
missing image for Loretta BerardiLoretta Berardi82SpouseFirst spouse of Ronnie James Dio
missing image for Loretta CombsLoretta Combs78*ModelSecond Wife and Widow of John Agar
Loretta DevineLoretta DevineActressWaiting to Exhale, film
missing image for Loretta G. SebenaLoretta G. SebenaSpouseWidow of Victor Mature
Loretta LynnLoretta Lynn90*SingerCoal Miner's Daughter, single
missing image for Loretta MartinLoretta MartinSpouse2nd spouse of Dick Clark
Loretta SwitLoretta Swit86ActressMajor Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan on M*A*S*H
Loretta YoungLoretta Young87*ActressAcademy Award for "The Farmer's Daughter"
missing image for Lori AllenLori AllenTV PersonalitySay Yes to the Dress Atlanta
Lori Anne AllisonLori Anne Allison66OtherMakeup artist, ex-wife of Johnny Depp
missing image for Lori BakerLori BakerOther
missing image for Lori ChaseLori ChaseSpouseRelationship with Will Chase
missing image for Lori DrewLori DrewOtherCyber Bullying and Contributing to Death of Megan Meiers
missing image for Lori FerryLori FerrySpouseWife of Guy Fieri
missing image for Lori Graham BakkerLori Graham BakkerSpouseWife of Jim Bakker
missing image for Lori GreinerLori Greiner53EntrepreneurShark Tank
Lori HarveyLori Harvey26ModelStep daughter to Steve Harvey
missing image for Lori KahnLori KahnOther
Lori LampsonLori LampsonOther
Lori LoughlinLori Loughlin59ActressRebecca Donaldson on Full House
missing image for Lori MathiesenLori MathiesenOtherEx-Wife of Steven Avery
missing image for Lori McCommasLori McCommas54SpouseEx spouse of Terence Howard
missing image for Lori MichaelsLori MichaelsSinger
missing image for Lori NelsonLori Nelson90Actress"How to Marry a Millionaire" tv series
Lori PettyLori Petty60Actressplaying Keanu Reeves' surfer girlfriend in the 1991 action thriller "Point Break"
Lori SilverbushLori SilverbushSpousespouse of Tom Colicchio
missing image for Lori SingerLori Singer66ActressAriel Moore in Footloose and Julie Miller on Fame
missing image for Lori WaltonLori WaltonSpouseSpouse of Bill Walton
Lori WeintraubLori WeintraubProducerSpouse of Miguel Ferrer
LorieLorie41SingerPres de Toi, album
missing image for Lorie McDonaldLorie McDonaldSpouse
missing image for Lorien HaynesLorien HaynesJournalistStephen Moyer's ex
Lorna AdamsLorna AdamsSpouseFourth Wife of Milton Berle
missing image for Lorna HoganLorna HoganModelFling with Calum Best
Lorna LuftLorna Luft71ActressDaughter of Judy Garland
missing image for Lorna WellsLorna WellsSpouseSpouse of Cedric the Entertainer
missing image for Lorne GreeneLorne GreeneActor
Lorne MichaelsLorne Michaels79ProducerCreator "Saturday Night Live"
missing image for Lorne Stormonth-DarlingLorne Stormonth-DarlingSpousehusband of honeysuckle
Lorraine AllenLorraine AllenSpouseEx Spouse of Xavier Cugat
Lorraine AshbourneLorraine AshbourneActressWife of Andy Serkis
missing image for Lorraine BogleLorraine BogleOther
Lorraine BraccoLorraine Bracco69Actress"The Sopranos"
missing image for Lorraine DavisLorraine DavisSpouseRelationship with Paul Sorvino
missing image for Lorraine DritzLorraine DritzSpouseWidow of Millard Kaufman
Lorraine GaryLorraine Gary86Actressher role as Ellen Brody in Jaws, Jaws 2, and Jaws: The Revenge
missing image for Lorraine GoddardLorraine GoddardSpouse
Lorraine NicholsonLorraine Nicholson33ActressAlana Blanchard in Soul Surfer, film
missing image for Lorraine PerrigordLorraine PerrigordSpouse
Lorraine StewartLorraine StewartActressThe Phantom of the Opera
missing image for Lorraine TurnerLorraine TurnerSpouseEx spouse of Ike Turner
missing image for Lorraine VitaleLorraine VitaleSpouseSpouse of Dick Vitale
missing image for Lorrie MahaffeyLorrie MahaffeyOther
Lorrie MorganLorrie Morgan64SingerLeave the Light On, album
missing image for Lorrie PuckettLorrie PuckettSpouse
missing image for Lorrie SullenbergerLorrie SullenbergerSpouseWife of Chesley B. 'Sully' Sullenberger, III
missing image for Lorrie VidalLorrie VidalSpouse
Lory Del SantoLory Del Santo65ModelEx-wife of Eric Clapton and mother of Conor Clapton
Lothar MatthaeusLothar Matthaeus62SoccerFamous German Soccer Player
missing image for Lotte VerbeekLotte Verbeek41ActressGeillis Duncan in Outlander
Lottie MossLottie MossModelHalf-sister of model Kate Moss
missing image for Lotus CorelleLotus CorelleSpouse
Lou AdlerLou Adler89ProducerFounder of Dunhill Records
Lou Al-ChamaaLou Al-Chamaa38OtherRelationship with Leona Lewis
missing image for Lou BeattyLou BeattyOtherEx-Husband of Christine Beatty
Lou BegaLou Bega48Musicianhis song "Mambo No. 5"
Lou BelleraLou BelleraPhotographerEvent Video Producer
missing image for Lou DeMatteiLou DeMatteiOtherHusband of Amy Tan
Lou Diamond PhillipsLou Diamond Phillips61ActorRitchie Valens of La Bamba, film
Lou DobbsLou Dobbs78Newsperson / Anchormanaging editor for CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight
Lou DoillonLou Doillon41Actressthe face and muse of the fashion house Givenchy
Lou FerrignoLou Ferrigno72ActorThe Incredible Hulk
missing image for Lou KernerLou KernerAgent
missing image for Lou MyersLou Myers77*ActorMr. Vernon Gaines of A Different World, television show
missing image for Lou PearlmanLou Pearlman62*OtherFormer Manager of Backstreet Boys and NSYNC
Lou RawlsLou Rawls72*SingerVocal Style and 70 Albums
Lou ReedLou Reed71*Musician"The Velvet Underground"
missing image for Lou TellegenLou Tellegen51*ActorSilent Film Actor/Stage Star
missing image for LouAnne BrickhouseLouAnne BrickhouseSpouse
Louie AndersonLouie Anderson68*ComedianChristine Baskets in Baskets, FX series
missing image for Louie BellsonLouie Bellson84*Musician
missing image for Louie RitterLouie RitterSpouseFirst Husband of Carroll Baker
Louie RuelasLouie RuelasEntrepreneurRelationship with Teresa Giudice
Louie VitoLouie Vito35OtherProfessional snowboarder
Louis ArmstrongLouis Armstrong69*SingerComing to prominence in the 1920s as an innovative cornet and trumpet player
missing image for Louis AuchinclossLouis Auchincloss92*Author
Louis B. MayerLouis B. Mayer75*Producerfor his stewardship and co-founding of the Hollywood film studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
missing image for Louis BassLouis BassBankerEx spouse of Marie McDonald
Louis Belanger-MartinLouis Belanger-MartinExecutiveRelationship with Tyra Banks
missing image for Louis BertignacLouis BertignacSinger
Louis C.K.Louis C.K.56ComedianLive at the Beacon Theater, stand-up special
Louis CalhernLouis Calhern60*ActorEx Spouse of Natalie Schafer
Louis DaguerreLouis Daguerre63*ScientistDaguerreotype, photography
Louis de FunesLouis de Funes68*ActorFrench actor
Louis DiameLouis DiameExecutiveRelationship with Issa Rea
Louis DowlerLouis DowlerModelRelationship with Jennifer Esposito
Louis EisnerLouis Eisner35ArtistRelationship with Ashley Olsen
missing image for Louis FarrakhanLouis Farrakhan90OtherLeader of the Nation of Islam
Louis GarrelLouis Garrel40ActorStarring role in "The Dreamers"
Louis Gossett JrLouis Gossett Jr87ActorEmil Foley of An Officer and a Gentleman, film
Louis HaywardLouis Hayward75*ActorLeslie Charteris' The Saint in The Saint in New York.
Louis IV, Grand Duke of HesseLouis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse54*RoyaltySon of Prince Karl of Hesse and Princess Elizabeth of Prussia
missing image for Louis J. RuneareLouis J. RuneareSpouse
missing image for Louis JonesLouis JonesSpouseFirst Husband of Lena Horne
missing image for Louis MalleLouis Malle63*DirectorAu revoir, les enfants, film
missing image for Louis McKayLouis McKaySpouseDeceased Spouse of Billie Holiday
missing image for Louis SoubrierLouis SoubrierOtherProduction Designer
missing image for Louis Thornton-AllanLouis Thornton-AllanOtherRelationship with Meadow Walker
missing image for Louis TillLouis TillOtherEx-Husband of Mamie Till
Louis TomlinsonLouis Tomlinson31MusicianOne Direction
missing image for Louis ViardotLouis Viardot83*OtherDirector of the Theatre Italien
Louis ZorichLouis Zorich93*ActorBurt Buchman, on the NBC series Mad About You
missing image for Louis, vicomte de Narbonne-LaraLouis, vicomte de Narbonne-Lara58*RoyaltySon of King Louis XV of France
missing image for Louisa AdamsLouisa Adams77*Other6th First Lady of the United States
missing image for Louisa HawkinsLouisa HawkinsSpouseWife of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
missing image for Louisa JacobsonLouisa Jacobson32ActressMarian Brook in The Gilded Age, HBO series
missing image for Louisa May AlcottLouisa May Alcott55*AuthorLittle Women, novel
Louisa MoritzLouisa Moritz82*ActressRose in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Louise AnsteadLouise Anstead43SpouseEx-wife of Ant Anstead
missing image for Louise Astor Van AlenLouise Astor Van AlenHeir
Louise BonsallLouise BonsallSpouseSpouse of Michael Owen
Louise BourgoinLouise Bourgoin42TV PersonalityWeather girl for French news channel
Louise BrooksLouise Brooks78*Actressroles in Pandora's Box, Diary of a Lost Girl and Prix de Beaute
missing image for Louise CurrieLouise Currie110Actress
missing image for Louise de VilmorinLouise de Vilmorin67*AuthorAuthor and poet
missing image for Louise EricksonLouise EricksonSpouseEx-spouse of Ben Gazzara
missing image for Louise FletcherLouise Fletcher31*ActressNurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, film
missing image for Louise Georgina Arrow-SmithLouise Georgina Arrow-SmithSpouseWife of Louis Daguerre
Louise GloverLouise Glover40Modelher work as a glamour model
Louise GriffithsLouise Griffiths45Singerwas a contestant in the BBC television series, Fame Academy in 2003
missing image for Louise HansenLouise HansenSpouse
missing image for Louise KingLouise King83*SingerSinger of The King Sisters
Louise LasserLouise Lasser84ActressMary Hartman, Mary Hartman
missing image for Louise LongmoreLouise LongmoreSpouse
missing image for Louise LorraineLouise LorraineSpouse
missing image for Louise MitchellLouise MitchellOtherEx-Girlfriend of Ray Charles
Louise MountbattenLouise Mountbatten75*RoyaltySecond wife of King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden.
missing image for Louise NewburyLouise NewburySpouseWife of Bill Paxton
missing image for Louise of BadenLouise of Baden47*RoyaltyEmpress of Russia
Louise PostLouise Post56SingerVeruca Salt
Louise RedknappLouise Redknapp49SingerEternal, singing group
Louise RoeLouise Roe41ModelAppearance on Season 2 of MTV's The City
missing image for Louise ScruggsLouise ScruggsSpouseSpouse of Earl Scruggs
missing image for Louise ShawLouise Shaw35OtherEx girlfriend of Ed Westwick
missing image for Louise SorelLouise Sorel83ActressFirst spouse of Ken Howard
missing image for Louise StanleyLouise StanleySpouseEx spouse of Addison Randall
missing image for Louise StrattenLouise StrattenSpouseRelationship with Peter Bogdanovich
Louise TobinLouise Tobin105OtherEx spouse of Harry James
Louise TreadwellLouise Treadwell87*ActressWidow of Spencer Tracy
missing image for Louise Van der VorstLouise Van der VorstModelEx-Girlfriend of Daniel Johns
missing image for Louise WillinghamLouise WillinghamSpouseEx spouse of Bo Diddley
Lourdes LeonLourdes Leon27DesignerDaughter of Madonna
missing image for Lourdes StephenLourdes StephenOther
Love MajewskiLove Majewski51ActressI Married a Mobster, television show
missing image for Lu LeonardLu Leonard77*ActressGertrude "Jake & the Fatman"
Luana PiovaniLuana Piovani47Actress
LuAnn de LessepsLuAnn de Lesseps58TV PersonalityThe Real Housewives of New York City, reality show
missing image for Lubica SlovakLubica SlovakOther
Lubov AzriaLubov Azria56DesignerRelationship with Max Azria
Luc BessonLuc Besson64DirectorStunning visual films
Luc CarlLuc Carl42RestauranteurBoyfriend of Lady GaGa
Luc RobitailleLuc Robitaille57HockeyLA Kings Hockey player
Luca BarbatoLuca BarbatoSpouseRelationship with Samantha De Grenet
Luca BestettiLuca BestettiMusicianlead singer of ROCKETS
missing image for Luca MarinLuca MarinOtherSwimming
missing image for Luca RossiLuca RossiOther
Luca ToniLuca Toni46Socceran Italian World Cup-winning footballer, who plays for Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga
missing image for Lucas AkosinLucas AkosinSpouseHusband of Leonor Varela
missing image for Lucas AkoskinLucas AkoskinProducerBoyfriend of Leonor Varela
missing image for Lucas Alexander BreinholmLucas Alexander BreinholmSpouseThird Husband of Nina Hagen
Lucas BabinLucas Babin44ActorAmerican film and television actor
missing image for Lucas BryantLucas Bryant45ActorNathan Wuornos of Haven
Lucas GrabeelLucas Grabeel39ActorHigh School Musical
missing image for Lucas HarrellLucas HarrellBaseball
Lucas MouraLucas Moura31Soccer
Lucas NeffLucas Neff38ActorJimmy Chance in Raising Hope, Fox series
missing image for Lucas PaskiewiczLucas Paskiewicz35Producer
Lucas TillLucas Till33ActorTravis Brody in Hannah Montana: The Movie, film
Lucas ZwirnerLucas Zwirner32Journalist
LuceroLucero54ActressRoles in Telenovela
missing image for Lucho BrievaLucho BrievaSpouse
missing image for Lucia CalhounLucia CalhounOtherMistress of James A. Garfield
missing image for Lucia MendezLucia MendezOther
Lucia OskerovaLucia Oskerova32ActressRelationship with Anthony Michael Hall
Lucia SenasiovaLucia SenasiovaModelMiss. Universe - Slovakia
missing image for Lucia TovarLucia Tovar41Modela spokesmodel for Hawaiian Tropic and a model for Playboy
Luciana AbreuLuciana Abreu38Actress
Luciana DamonLuciana Damon47SpouseSpouse of Matt Damon
Luciana GimenezLuciana Gimenez54ModelRelationship with Mick Jagger
Luciana PedrazaLuciana Pedraza51SpouseSpouse of Robert Duvall
Luciana SalazarLuciana Salazar43Model
Luciano PavarottiLuciano Pavarotti71*SingerItalian operatic tenor for his televised concerts and media appearances
missing image for Luciano SzafirLuciano SzafirActor
Lucie ArnazLucie Arnaz72ActressDaughter of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz
Lucie GardnerLucie GardnerModelFiancee of Lee Sharpe
Lucie SilvasLucie Silvas46Singeris an English singer-songwriter
Lucien BallardLucien Ballard80*Otherwas an American cinematographer and director of photography
missing image for Lucien HappersbergerLucien Happersberger77*OtherEx-Boyfriend of James Baldwin
Lucien LaviscountLucien Laviscount31Actor Grange Hill, teen drama
Lucila SolaLucila Sola47ActressRelationship with Al Pacino
missing image for Lucile AscoleseLucile AscoleseSpouseEx-wife of Roy Rogers
missing image for Lucile RossonLucile RossonSpouse
Lucille BallLucille Ball77*Actress"I Love Lucy"
Lucille BremerLucille Bremer79*ActressRose Smith in Meet me in St. Louis
missing image for Lucille Ellis SimonLucille Ellis SimonSpouseFirst Wife of Norton Simon
missing image for Lucille Parker WrightLucille Parker WrightSpouseWidow of Gene Markey
missing image for Lucille WilsonLucille WilsonSpouseWidow of Louis Armstrong
missing image for Lucinda PaschLucinda PaschOtherEx-Wife of John Ramsey
missing image for Lucinda TaitLucinda TaitOther
Lucinda WilliamsLucinda Williams70Musicianis an American rock, folk, and country music singer and songwriter
Lucky Blue SmithLucky Blue Smith25Model
missing image for Lucky VanousLucky VanousOther
missing image for Lucky WhiteheadLucky Whitehead31Football
Lucretia GarfieldLucretia Garfield85*Other20th First Lady of the United States
Lucy BeckerLucy Becker45Modelis a British glamour model and actress
missing image for Lucy BlueLucy Blue38SingerBanana & Nuts , album
Lucy BoyntonLucy Boynton29Actress
Lucy ClarksonLucy Clarkson41ModelLara Croft "Tomb Raiders" video games
missing image for Lucy DarrowLucy DarrowActress
Lucy DavisLucy Davis50ActressDawn Tinsley in the BBC comedy "The Office"
Lucy DoraineLucy Doraine91*Actress
missing image for Lucy GallardoLucy GallardoTherapist
Lucy GordonLucy Gordon29*Actress Jennifer Dugan in Spider-Man 3, film
Lucy GriffithsLucy Griffiths37ActressLady Marian in Robin Hood, BBC series
Lucy HaleLucy Hale34ActressAria Montgomery in Pretty Little Liars, Freeform series
missing image for Lucy HealdLucy HealdProducer
Lucy LawlessLucy Lawless55ActressXena
Lucy LiuLucy Liu54ActressLing Woo on Ally McBeal
missing image for Lucy LysterLucy LysterSpousewife of Harry Enfield
Lucy MercerLucy Mercer57*OtherMistress of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Lucy PetersLucy PetersSpouseWidow of House Peters, Jr.
Lucy PinderLucy Pinder39ModelBritish glamour model
missing image for Lucy PounderLucy PounderOther
missing image for Lucy SextonLucy SextonSpouseSpouse of Stephen Daldry
missing image for Lucy SmithLucy SmithOtherRelationship with James Bay
Lucy VoddenLucy Vodden46*OtherInspiration for the Beatles song, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"
missing image for Lucy WebbLucy WebbActressSpouse of Kevin Pollak
Lucy Webb HayesLucy Webb Hayes57*Other19th First Lady of the United States
missing image for Lucy WilliamsLucy WilliamsSpouse
Lucy WolvertLucy WolvertModelGirlfriend of George Clooney
Lucy WoodwardLucy Woodward43Singerfor the Top 40 hit "Dumb Girls"
Lucy-Jo HudsonLucy-Jo Hudson40ActressWild at Heart
LudacrisLudacris46RapperWord of Mouf, album
Ludivine SagnierLudivine Sagnier44Actressis a French actress and model
missing image for Ludlow Ogden SmithLudlow Ogden SmithSpouseEx spouse of Katherine Hepburn
missing image for Ludo GrahamLudo GrahamProducerTV producer & husband of Kate Humble
Ludovic BourceLudovic BourceOtherComposer for the film "The Artist"
missing image for Ludwig HallbergLudwig HallbergOtherRelationship with Rebecca Ferguson
missing image for Ludwig I, King of BavariaLudwig I, King of Bavaria82*RoyaltyKing of Bavaria 1825-1848
LuenellLuenell64ComedianAmerican Hustle, film
missing image for Luigi BorgheseLuigi BorgheseSpouseEstranged spouse of Barbara Bouchet
Luigi De LaurentiisLuigi De Laurentiis75*ProducerBrother of Dino De Laurentiis
missing image for Luigi De Laurentiis Jr.Luigi De Laurentiis Jr.Producer
missing image for Luis AbreuLuis AbreuActor
missing image for Luis Antonio RamosLuis Antonio RamosActorCarlos 'Vibora' Ruiz of Power, television show
missing image for Luis BarrenechaLuis BarrenechaSpouseThird Husband of Tippi Hedren
Luis BunuelLuis Bunuel83*Director
Luis FelberLuis FelberMusicianRelationship with Lena Dunham
Luis FigoLuis Figo51Socceris a former Portuguese footballer
Luis FonsiLuis Fonsi45SingerPuerto Rican singer
missing image for Luis Garcia FanjulLuis Garcia Fanjul51Entrepreneur
Luis Garcia PostigoLuis Garcia Postigo54SoccerInternational Mexican footballer player who specialized in the position of a striker
Luis GuzmanLuis GuzmanActor
Luis HernandezLuis HernandezOtherRelationship with Briana DeJesus
missing image for Luis IglesiasLuis IglesiasOther
missing image for Luis ManzanoLuis Manzano42Talkshow HostBeing the son of Edu Manzano and Star for all Season, Vilma Santos
Luis MiguelLuis Miguel53SingerRomance, album
missing image for Luis Miguel DominguinLuis Miguel Dominguin69*OtherA Bullfighter from Spain
Luis SuarezLuis Suarez36SoccerFootballer for Liverpool
Luisa GazelliLuisa GazelliSpouseWidow of Prince Ruffo di Calabria Fulco
Luisana LopilatoLuisana Lopilato36ActressRelationship with Michael Buble
Luise RainerLuise Rainer104*ActressO-Lan "The Good Earth"
missing image for Lujan FernandezLujan Fernandez44Model
Lukas HaasLukas Haas47Actorknown for roles both as a child and as an adult
Lukas PodolskiLukas Podolski38Soccer
Lukas RossiLukas Rossi46MusicianWinner of Rock Star: Supernova, CBS seriew
Luke BenwardLuke Benward28ActorBilly Forrester in How to Eat Fried Worms, film
Luke BilykLuke Bilyk29ActorDrew Torres of "Degrassi"
missing image for Luke BroadlickLuke BroadlickSpouseRelationship with Alexis Jordan
Luke BryanLuke Bryan47SingerI'll Stay Me, album
Luke BullenLuke Bullen50Musicianis an English drummer and percussionist
Luke CombsLuke Combs33SingerThis One's for You, album
Luke CookLuke Cook36ActorDark Lord, in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Luke EvansLuke Evans44ActorZeus of Immortals
Luke FordLuke Ford42ActorAlex O'Connell in Mummy 3
Luke GossLuke Goss55ActorPrince Nuada
Luke HemmingsLuke Hemmings27MusicianLead singer of Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer
missing image for Luke JamesLuke James39Singer
Luke KirbyLuke Kirby45ActorNick Steinwald in "Labor Pains"
Luke MablyLuke Mably47ActorScott Lucas in Dream Team for two seasons
Luke MacFarlaneLuke MacFarlane43Actor
Luke MenardLuke Menard44SingerAmerican Idol Season 7 Semi-Finalist
missing image for Luke MitchellLuke Mitchell38Actor
Luke PasqualinoLuke Pasqualino33ActorFreddie McClair of "Skins"
Luke PerryLuke Perry53*ActorDylan McKay from Beverly Hills 90210
Luke PritchardLuke Pritchard38SingerThe Kooks
missing image for Luke Quinn, Jr.Luke Quinn, Jr.OtherHusband of Denise Borino-Quinn
Luke RockholdLuke Rockhold39OtherUFC Middleweight champion
Luke RussertLuke Russert38TV PersonalitySon of the late Tim Russert
Luke StedmanLuke StedmanSpouseEx spouse of Malia Jones
Luke WaltonLuke Walton43BasketballLos Angeles Lakers
missing image for Luke WardLuke WardSurfer
Luke WilsonLuke Wilson52ActorLead role in the film Bottle Rocket
Luke WorrallLuke WorrallModelBritish Model
missing image for Lula Mae MaxeyLula Mae MaxeySpouseEx-spouse of Dale Robertson
LuluLulu75ActressEx spouse of Maurice Gibb
missing image for Lulu AntariksaLulu Antariksa28ActressStevie Baskara on "How to Rock"
LumideeLumideeMusicianNever Leave You (Uh Ooh, Uh Oooh!), single
missing image for Luna FisichellaLuna Fisichella50SpouseSpouse of Giancarlo Fisichella
Luol DengLuol Deng38BasketballSmall Forward for the NBA's Chicago Bulls
Lupe FiascoLupe Fiasco42RapperLupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor, album
Lupe FuentesLupe Fuentes36Actress
missing image for Lupe GidleyLupe GidleySpouseSpouse of Christopher McDonald
Lupe VelezLupe Velez36*ActressEx spouse of Johnny Weissmuller
Lupino LaneLupino Lane67*ActorBritish actor
Lupita Nyong'oLupita Nyong'o40ActressPatsey in "Twelve Years a Slave"
missing image for Luraina UndershuteLuraina Undershute45SpouseEx-spouse of Darren Shahlavi
Lusia HarrisLusia Harris68BasketballThe Only Female Drafted by an NBA team/First US Women's Olympic Basketball Team
Luther CampbellLuther Campbell62Executive2 Live Crew, rap group
Luther VandrossLuther Vandross54*Singerwas an American R&B and soul singer-songwriter, and record producer
missing image for Lux InteriorLux Interior62*MusicianCo-founder and lead singer of Cramps
Lux WrightLux WrightOtherFiance of Steve-O
Luz Elena GonzalezLuz Elena Gonzalez53Actressrolls in soap opera and for having won the contest Nuestra Belleza Jalisco
missing image for Luzandra StrassburgLuzandra Strassburg41OtherGirlfriend of Roberto Blanco
Luzelena RuffaloLuzelena RuffaloOtherSister-in-law of Mark Ruffalo
missing image for Lyda LoudonLyda LoudonOtherDating Steven Bauer
missing image for Lydia BarachiLydia BarachiSpouseEx spouse of Lorenzo Lamas
Lydia BilbrookLydia Bilbrook101*Actress
missing image for Lydia Di LeonardoLydia Di LeonardoOtherEx spouse of Peter Criss
missing image for Lydia FoxLydia Fox44Actress
Lydia Hearst-ShawLydia Hearst-Shaw39Modelheiress to publishing fortune established by her maternal great-grandfather William Randolph Hearst
Lydia HestonLydia Heston95*ActressWidow of Charlton Heston
missing image for Lydia MetzLydia MetzSpouseRelationship with Jeremy Edwards
missing image for Lydia Seung NamLydia Seung NamOtherFiancee of The-Dream
Lyfe JenningsLyfe Jennings45SingerLyfe 268-192, album
Lykke LiLykke Li37MusicianYouth Novels, album
missing image for Lyle AlzadoLyle Alzado43*Football
Lyle LovettLyle Lovett66Singer1986's "Cowboy Man", a #10 hit on the country charts
Lyle TrachtenbergLyle TrachtenbergActorEx spouse of Whoopi Goldberg
Lyle WaggonerLyle Waggoner84*Actor"The Carol Burnett Show"
Lymari NadalLymari Nadal45ActressAmerican Gangster
missing image for Lyn AshleyLyn AshleyActressAustrailian actress
missing image for Lyn HenleyLyn HenleyOtherEx-Wife of Drewe Henley
missing image for Lyn LevyLyn LevyOtherEx-Wife of Chuck Barris
missing image for Lyn RevsonLyn RevsonSpouseEx. wife of Charles Revson
Lynda CarterLynda Carter72ActressWonder Woman, tv show
missing image for Lynda HueyLynda HueyOtherEx-girlfriend of Wilt Chamberlain
Lynda LopezLynda LopezNewsperson / AnchorSister of Jennifer Lopez
missing image for Lynda MedwellLynda MedwellSpouseEx spouse of Daniel Benzali
missing image for Lynda Owens PettyLynda Owens PettySpouse
missing image for Lynda SperryLynda SperrySpouseFirst Wife of Al Jardine
missing image for Lyndall HobbsLyndall Hobbs70Other
missing image for Lyndall LockeLyndall Locke43OtherEx-Boyfriend of Beyonce
Lynden GillisLynden GillisEntrepreneurRelationship with of Jane Fonda
missing image for Lyndie Benson-GorelickLyndie Benson-GorelickSpouseEx-spouse of Kenny G
Lyndsy FonsecaLyndsy Fonseca36ActressPlaying Katy in Kick Ass
Lynette ParadiseLynette Paradise54ActressRelationship with Adam Carolla
missing image for Lynette TaylorLynette TaylorSpouseWife of Lawrence Taylor
missing image for Lynette WaldenLynette WaldenActress
missing image for Lynette YiLynette YiOther
missing image for Lynn AnoaiLynn AnoaiSpouseSpouse of Afa Anoa'i
Lynn BariLynn Bari75*ActressEx spouse of Sidney Luft
Lynn CohenLynn Cohen86*ActressMagda in "Sex and the City"
Lynn CollinsLynn Collins46ActressPortia in The Merchant of Venice, film
Lynn FontanneLynn FontanneActressWife of Alfred Lunt
missing image for Lynn FrankelLynn FrankelSpouseSpouse of Mick Fleetwood
missing image for Lynn GarafolaLynn GarafolaSpouseSpouse of Eric Foner
missing image for Lynn GilmartinLynn Gilmartin39TV PersonalityAnchor of The World Poker Tours
missing image for Lynn GoldsmithLynn GoldsmithSpouseEx spouse of Michael Nouri
missing image for Lynn HalpernLynn HalpernSpouseSecond Spouse of Donald Bellisario
missing image for Lynn hammerlundLynn hammerlundSpouseEx Spouse of Michael Blodgett
missing image for Lynn HartmanLynn HartmanOtherFiancee of Steven Avery
missing image for Lynn HoffmanLynn HoffmanOtherTV hostess
missing image for Lynn KendallLynn KendallSpouse
missing image for Lynn Louisa WoodruffLynn Louisa WoodruffSpouseCurrent Wife of Sam Waterston
missing image for Lynn Mary ShawLynn Mary ShawSpouseEx Spouse of Ian Holm
missing image for Lynn Merrick