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Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon's Bed is similar to The Kevin Bacon Game for movies, except it connects celebrities to each other through the people they have dated, married, hooked up with, had affairs with, etc.

For example, Paul McCartney can be connected to Paris Hilton through various hookups and relationships by Sabrina Guinness, Mick Jagger, Kaya Jones, and Nick Carter.
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On This Date in Celebrity History

Camilla Belle Profile PhotoTim Tebow Profile Photo

Camilla Belle


Tim Tebow

 broke up on this day in 2012

Dave Haywood


Kelli Cashiola

were engaged on this day in 2011

Carlos Santana


Cindy Blackman

were married on this day in 2010

Lil' Wayne


Candace Cabrera

 broke up on this day in 2010

Kevin Jonas


Danielle Jonas

were married on this day in 2009

Miley Cyrus


Nick Jonas

 broke up on this day in 2007

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