NameAgeOccupationMost Famous For
H. John Heinz IIIH. John Heinz III52*Senatorwas a member of the United States Senate
H. John Heinz IVH. John Heinz IV52OffspringSon of H. John Heinz III and Teresa Heinz Kerry
H. L. MenckenH. L. Mencken75*JournalistThe American Language, book
missing image for H.B. DuntzH.B. DuntzSpouseSpouse of James MacArthur
Haakon, Crown Prince of NorwayHaakon, Crown Prince of Norway45RoyaltySon of King Harald V of Norway
missing image for Habiba Abdul-JabbarHabiba Abdul-JabbarSpouse
missing image for Habon Aden CurtisHabon Aden Curtis45SpouseWife of Christopher Paul Curtis
missing image for Habon CurtisHabon Curtis45Spouse
Hady MirzaHady Mirza38SingerWinner of Singapore Idol, season two
Haifa WehbeHaifa Wehbe42Singerrunner up for Miss Lebanon and later the release of her debut album Huwa az-Zaman
Hailee SteinfeldHailee Steinfeld21ActressMattie Ross in "True Grit"
Hailey Baldwin Hailey Baldwin 21ModelDaughter of Stephen Baldwin
Hailey GlassmanHailey Glassman31OtherEx-Girlfriend of Jon Gosselin
missing image for Hailie Jade Scott MathersHailie Jade Scott MathersOffspringDaughter of Eminem
missing image for Hajna O. MossHajna O. MossSpouseEx spouse of Laurence Fishburne
missing image for Hak Ja HanHak Ja HanSpouseWife of Sun Myung Moon
missing image for Hal FowlerHal FowlerActorHusband of Kim Wilde
missing image for Hal HayesHal HayesOther
Hal HolbrookHal Holbrook93ActorAbraham Lincoln of Lincoln, television show
missing image for Hal KempHal Kemp34*Musician
Hal KetchumHal Ketchum65Singer
missing image for Hal LeeHal LeeAuthor
Hal RayleHal RayleActorHusband of Mary Roswell
Hal SparksHal Sparks49ActorMichael Novotny in "Queer as Folks"
Haley BennettHaley Bennett30SingerCora Corman of Music and Lyrics, film
missing image for Haley James ScottHaley James Scott36Actress
Haley Joel OsmentHaley Joel Osment30ActorThe Sixth Sense, film
missing image for Haley PullosHaley Pullos20ActressMolly Lansing-Davis of General Hospital, soap opera
Haley ReinhartHaley Reinhart28SingerFinalist on American Idol
Haley ScarnatoHaley Scarnato36SingerAmerican Idol Season 6 8th Place
missing image for Halima Rashid-JacksonHalima Rashid-JacksonSpouseSpouse of Jermaine Jackson
Halle BerryHalle Berry52ActressMonster's Ball, film
missing image for Halle CalhounHalle Calhoun21OtherGirlfriend of R. Kelly
Hallie EisenbergHallie Eisenberg26Actressthe Pepsi Girl in Pepsi commercials
missing image for Hallie Meyers-ShyerHallie Meyers-ShyerActressDaughter of Charles Shyer
HalseyHalsey24SingerBadlands, album
Halston SageHalston Sage25ActorGrace of How to Rock
missing image for Hamdan bin Mohammed Hamdan bin Mohammed 36RoyaltyCrown Prince of Dubai
missing image for Hamilton Von WattsHamilton Von Watts46SpouseSpouse of Erin Torpey
missing image for Hamish Brocklebank Hamish Brocklebank EntrepreneurSpouse of Jess Weixler
Hamzi HijaziHamzi HijaziOtherBoyfriend of Jaime Pressly
missing image for Hana NitscheHana NitscheModelGermany's Next Top Model finalist
missing image for Hana PravdaHana Pravda92*ActressCzech actress
Hana SoukupovaHana Soukupova32ModelVictoria Secret model
Hanan AshrawiHanan Ashrawi72Otheris a Palestinian legislator, human rights activist, and scholar
Hani FurstenbergHani FurstenbergActressRole in film, "The Loneliest Planet"
Hank AaronHank Aaron84BaseballBaseball Hall of Fame in 1982
Hank AzariaHank Azaria54ActorVoice work on The Simpsons
Hank BaskettHank Baskett36FootballPhiladelphia Eagles
Hank CheyneHank Cheyne54ActorRicardo Torres in Sunset Beach
missing image for Hank JonesHank JonesMusician
Hank KuehneHank Kuehne43GolferFormer Fiance of Venus Williams
Hank ThompsonHank Thompson82*Musicianwas a country music entertainer whose career spanned seven decades
Hank Williams Jr.Hank Williams Jr.69MusicianSon of Hank Williams Sr
Hank Williams SrHank Williams Sr29*SingerAmerican Country Music Performer
missing image for Hanna Beth MerjosHanna Beth Merjos30ModelEx-Fiancee of Chris Zylka
missing image for Hanna RaivistoHanna RaivistoOtherdated Kimi Raikkonen
Hanna VerboomHanna Verboom35ActressEva Voorsboch in the 2005 sequel Deuce Bigelow: European Gigolo
missing image for Hanna WalkerHanna Walker25OtherDated Louis Tomlinson
missing image for Hannah - Last Name UnknownHannah - Last Name UnknownOtherGirlfriend of Josh Murray
Hannah BagshaweHannah BagshaweOtherSpouse of Eddie Redmayne
Hannah BlackwellHannah Blackwell26OtherWife of Phillip Phillips
missing image for Hannah CabreraHannah CabreraSpouse
missing image for Hannah ClarkeHannah ClarkeOther
missing image for Hannah CohnHannah CohnSpouse
Hannah DavisHannah Davis28ModelSpouse of Derek Jeter
missing image for Hannah DouglassHannah DouglassActressGirlfriend of Grant Gustin
missing image for Hannah GoslarHannah Goslar90AuthorBest Friend of Anne Frank
missing image for Hannah Hania WilkosHannah Hania Wilkos56OtherEx-wife of Steve Wilkos
Hannah HarperHannah Harper36ActressWorld of Whorecraft
missing image for Hannah HillHannah HillDesigner
missing image for Hannah JonasHannah JonasDesigner
missing image for Hannah McCloud Hannah McCloud 15Actress
Hannah MurrayHannah Murray29Actressplaying Cassie Ainsworth in the E4 teen drama Skins from 2007 to 2008.
missing image for Hannah SandlingHannah Sandling41TV PersonalityTelevsion Presenter
missing image for Hannah SiegalHannah SiegalOtherEx-wife of George Burns
Hannah SimoneHannah Simone38ActressCece Parekh on New Girl
Hannah SpearrittHannah Spearritt37SingerFormer singer of S Club 7
Hannah StormHannah Storm56JournalistThe Early Show
missing image for Hannah Van BurenHannah Van Buren35*SpouseEx spouse of Martin van Buren
missing image for Hannah WatermanHannah Waterman43ActressLaura Beale in Eastenders
missing image for Hanne JacobsenHanne JacobsenOtherSpouse of Mads Mikkelsen
missing image for Hanne NorgaardHanne NorgaardOtherEx-Wife of Idris Elba
missing image for Hanne StrasserHanne StrasserOther
missing image for Hannibal BuressHannibal Buress35ComedianThe Eric Andre Show
missing image for Hannibal JacksonHannibal JacksonOtherHusband of Kellie Shanigyne Williams
Hans KlokHans Klok49MagicianThe Beauty of Magic in Las Vegas
missing image for Hans RollaHans RollaSpouseSpouse of Elizabeth Pena
missing image for Hans-Michael RehbergHans-Michael Rehberg80Actor
missing image for HarHar31Actress
missing image for Harald MareschHarald MareschActor
Hardy KrugerHardy Kruger90ActorOne of the greatest German Actors in the 1960s
Harlan EllisonHarlan Ellison84*AuthorThe Outer Limits, television show
missing image for Harld GouldHarld Gould86*ActorMartin Morgenstern of Rhoda, television show
missing image for Harlene RosenHarlene Rosen80SpouseWoody Allen's first wife
Harley Jane KozakHarley Jane Kozak61Actress
missing image for Harley RodriguezHarley Rodriguez44OtherBoyfriend of Jonathan Knight
missing image for Harminder KaurHarminder KaurSpouseSpouse of WWE Superstar The Great Khali
Harmon NelsonHarmon NelsonMusicianEx spouse of Bette Davis
Harmoni EverettHarmoni EverettActressSpouse of Kerr Smith
missing image for Harmony AndersonHarmony Anderson42Model
Harmony KorineHarmony Korine45Directorfor the screenplay Kids and for directing the movies Gummo and Julien Donkey-Boy
missing image for Harold AbelesHarold AbelesOther
missing image for Harold Allen, JrHarold Allen, JrSpouseFirst Husband of Margaret O'Brien
missing image for Harold BassinHarold BassinSpouseex Husband of Helena Brenda
Harold ClurmanHarold Clurman78*Director
Harold DowHarold Dow62*Journalist"48 Hours"
Harold LloydHarold Lloyd77*ActorSilent films
missing image for Harold MorrisonHarold MorrisonOtherEx-Husband of Toni Morrison
Harold NicholasHarold Nicholas79*OtherEx spouse of Dorothy Dandridge
Harold PerrineauHarold Perrineau55ActorMichael Dawson in "Lost"
Harold PinterHarold Pinter78*Screenwriter"the most influential and imitated dramatist of his generation
Harold RossonHarold Rosson93*PhotographerThe Wizard of Oz
missing image for Harold TruccoHarold TruccoProducer
missing image for Harper Lee Harper Lee 29*AuthorTo Kill a Mockingbird, novel
Harpo MarxHarpo Marx75*ActorThe Marx Brothers
Harriet AnderssonHarriet Andersson86Actressfor being one of Ingmar Bergman's regular actresses
Harriet HilliardHarriet Hilliard85*SingerWidow of Ozzie Nelson
missing image for Harriet HughesHarriet HughesSpouseWidow of W.C. Fields
missing image for Harriet ImusHarriet ImusSpouseSpouse of Don Imus
missing image for Harriet LindgrenHarriet LindgrenOther
missing image for Harriet TendlerHarriet TendlerSpouse
Harrison FordHarrison Ford76ActorHan Solo "Star Wars" original trilogy
missing image for Harry AndersonHarry Anderson65*ActorNight Court, television show
Harry BelafonteHarry Belafonte91Singer"The Banana Boat Song"
missing image for Harry BernsenHarry Bernsen83*Producer
Harry CohnHarry Cohn66*Producerwas president and production director of Columbia Pictures
Harry Connick JrHarry Connick Jr51SingerSoundtrack for "When Harry Met Sally"
Harry CrosbyHarry Crosby60ActorSon of Bing Crosby
Harry DavenportHarry Davenport83*ActorGrandpa of Meet me in St.Louis
Harry Dean StantonHarry Dean Stanton91*ActorThe Green Mile, Red Dawn, and Repo Man
Harry EnfieldHarry Enfield57ComedianBritish Comedian
missing image for Harry FalkHarry Falk85DirectorEx spouse of Patty Duke
missing image for Harry GesnerHarry Gesner93OtherArchitect
missing image for Harry GoldHarry GoldAgentAdopted Father of Tracey Gold
Harry HamlinHarry Hamlin67ActorL.A. Law, Clash of the Titans
Harry HelmsleyHarry HelmsleySpouseDeceased spouse of Leona Helmsley
missing image for Harry HolmHarry HolmDirectorSon of Ian Holm
missing image for Harry HoudiniHarry Houdini52*MagicianMagician and escape expert
Harry JamesHarry James77*Musician
missing image for Harry Joe BrownHarry Joe Brown81*Producerwas a movie producer and supervisor who was also a theatre and film director
Harry JuddHarry Judd32Musiciandrummer in the British pop rock/pop band Mcfly
Harry KarlHarry Karl68*EntrepreneurEx spouse of Debbie Reynolds
Harry KewellHarry Kewell40Socceris an Australian professional football midfielder
missing image for Harry LearHarry LearSpouseEx spouse of Bettie Page
Harry LopesHarry Lopes41Spouseson-in-law of HRH The Duchess of Cornwall and Andrew Parker Bowles, OBE
Harry M. BrittenhamHarry M. BrittenhamOtherSpouse of Heather Thomas
missing image for Harry MeyenHarry Meyen54*ActorFirst Spouse of Romy Schneider
Harry MorganHarry Morgan96*ActorCol. Sherman T. Potter of M*A*S*H, television show
Harry MortonHarry Morton37RestauranteurPink Taco
Harry S. TrumanHarry S. Truman88*Presidentwas the 33rd President of the United States
Harry ShearerHarry Shearer75ActorVoice of Mr. Burns of The Simpsons
Harry Shum, Jr.Harry Shum, Jr.36ActorMike Chang on Glee
missing image for Harry SmithHarry Smith67JournalistThe Early Show and NBC News
missing image for Harry SmithHarry SmithOtherBrother of Will Smith
Harry StylesHarry Styles24SingerOne Direction
Harry TreadawayHarry Treadaway34ActorVictor Frankenstein in Penny Dreadful
missing image for Harry Wentworth-StanleyHarry Wentworth-StanleyRoyaltyBoyfriend of Cressida Bonas
missing image for Hart HallHart HallSpouseWife of Scott Hall
Harvey FuquaHarvey Fuqua82*ProducerFounder of The Moonglows, r&b group
missing image for Harvey GodorovHarvey GodorovOtherDancer
Harvey KeitelHarvey Keitel79Actorfor his memorable roles from Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction
Harvey KormanHarvey Korman81*ActorBlazing Saddles, The Carol Burnett Show
missing image for Harvey LembeckHarvey Lembeck58*ActorEric Von Zipper from Beach Party
missing image for Harvey LevinHarvey Levin68OtherTMZ, website and television show
Harvey WeinsteinHarvey Weinstein66ProducerCo-Founder of Miramax Films
Hasnat KhanHasnat KhanOtherEx boyfriend of Princess Diana
missing image for Hassan JameelHassan JameelHeirHookup of Rihanna
missing image for Hassan KhanHassan KhanSpouseFirst Husband of Chaka Khan
Hatem TrabelsiHatem Trabelsi41Socceris a Tunisian footballer playing for Colorado Rapids
missing image for Hattie BilsonHattie Bilson97*ScreenwriterWidow of George Bilson
missing image for Hattie ChappelleHattie ChappelleSpouse
missing image for Hattie GlascoeHattie GlascoeSpouse
Hattie McDanielHattie McDaniel60*ActressMammy of Gone with the Wind
HavocHavoc44RapperMobb Deep, hip-hop duo
missing image for Hay HarrisHay HarrisSpouse
Hayao MiyazakiHayao Miyazaki77Otherco-founder of Studio Ghibli, an animation studio and production company
missing image for Haydee DiazHaydee DiazOtherEx-Girlfriend of Funkmaster Flex
Hayden ChristensenHayden Christensen37ActorAnakin Skywalker in the Star Wars films
Hayden PanettiereHayden Panettiere29ActressHeroes
missing image for Hayes HilgroveHayes HilgroveActorEx spouse of Kristen Wiig
Hayes MacArthurHayes MacArthur41ActorPerfect Couples, television show
missing image for Hayes RobbinsHayes RobbinsOtherFiance of Danielle Panabaker
Hayley AtwellHayley Atwell36ActressAgent Peggy Carter
missing image for hayley cooperhayley cooper43Therapistactor
Hayley DuMondHayley DuMond44ActressSpouse of Keith Carradine
Hayley KiyokoHayley Kiyoko27ActressStella Yamada of Lemonade Mouth, film
missing image for Hayley LeverHayley LeverOther
Hayley MillsHayley Mills72ActressThe Parent Trap
missing image for Hayley ReyHayley Rey44SpouseSpouse of Dr. Robert Rey
Hayley RobertsHayley Roberts38OtherFiancee of David Hasselhoff
Hayley SalesHayley Sales32Musicianher album Sunseed and for her two songs What You Want and Keep Driving
missing image for Hayley StommelHayley StommelMusicianSpouse of Tyler Hubbard
Hayley WestenraHayley Westenra31Singer
Hayley WilliamsHayley Williams29MusicianLead Vocalist of Paramore
missing image for Hayley WoodHayley Wood31Model
missing image for Haylie ArnoldHaylie Arnold25Other
Haylie DuffHaylie Duff33ActressHilary Duff's older sister.
missing image for Haylie JohnsonHaylie Johnson38ActressSpouse of Jonny Lang
Hazel CourtHazel Court82*Actressroles in horror films during the 1950s and early 1960s
missing image for Hazel DanielsHazel DanielsSpouseWife of Charlie Daniels
Hazel GordyHazel GordySpouse
missing image for Hazel HastingsHazel HastingsSpouse
missing image for Hazel PankyHazel PankySpouse
missing image for Hazel-EHazel-ERapperLove & Hip Hop Hollywood, reality show
missing image for He KexinHe Kexin26OtherChinese Gymnast
missing image for HeatHeatTV PersonalityI love New York season 1,I love money season 1
Heath BenedictHeath Benedict24*FootballCollege Football Player
missing image for Heath FreemanHeath FreemanActor
Heath LedgerHeath Ledger28*ActorBrokeback Mountain and The Dark Knight, films
Heath SlaterHeath Slater35Track and FieldAmerican Wrestler
missing image for Heather ChadwellHeather Chadwell41TV PersonalityRunner-Up at Rock of Love
missing image for Heather ChristieHeather Christie32ModelGirlfriend of Anthony Kiedis
missing image for Heather ClemHeather Clem44SpouseSex Tape with Hulk Hogan
missing image for Heather DaltreyHeather DaltreySpouseSpouse of Roger Daltrey
missing image for Heather FogartyHeather Fogarty34Actress
Heather GrahamHeather Graham48ActressRoller Girl "Boogie Nights"
missing image for Heather HahnHeather HahnModelChanel model
missing image for Heather Harrison-BroadleyHeather Harrison-BroadleyOther
Heather HeadleyHeather Headley44Musicianis a Trinidadian R&B and soul singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress
missing image for Heather HelmsHeather HelmsSpouseSpouse of Matthew Lillard
Heather HemmensHeather Hemmens34ActressAlice Verdura of Hellcats
Heather HunterHeather Hunter49ActressHeather Hunter On Fire, video
Heather JuergensenHeather Juergensen48Actressis an American actress and writer
Heather KhanHeather KhanSpouseSpouse of Marco Kahn
missing image for Heather KneseHeather KneseModelHookup of Brian McFayden
Heather KozarHeather Kozar42ModelPlayboy's Playmate of the Month for January 1998
missing image for Heather Last Name UnknownHeather Last Name UnknownTV Personalityex girlfriend of Shawn Southern
Heather LocklearHeather Locklear57ActressAmanda Woodward in Melrose Place
Heather MatarazzoHeather Matarazzo36ActressWelcome To The Dollhouse, The Princess Diaries
missing image for Heather McCartneyHeather McCartney55OffspringDaughter of Linda McCartney
Heather McCombHeather McComb41ActressMaggie in "Party of Five"
missing image for Heather MedwayHeather MedwayActressWife of Danny Bilson
Heather MenziesHeather Menzies68ActressLouisa von Trapp in The Sound of Music
Heather MilliganHeather Milligan44TherapistGirlfriend of Arnold Schwazenegger
Heather MillsHeather Mills50SpouseEx spouse of Paul McCartney
Heather MittsHeather Mitts40SoccerU.S. Women's National Soccer Team
Heather MorrisHeather Morris31ActressBrittany S. Pierce on Glee
Heather NicholsHeather NicholsSpouseSpouse of Joe Nichols
Heather NovaHeather Nova51Musicianis a singer-songwriter and poet
Heather RandallHeather RandallSpouseWidow of Tony Randall
missing image for Heather RoushHeather Roush30OtherEx-girlfriend of Adam Gregory
missing image for Heather SingletonHeather Singleton41OtherSpouse of Joe Nichols
missing image for Heather SneddonHeather SneddonOtherFourth wife of Andre Previn
missing image for Heather Stewart-WhyteHeather Stewart-Whyte49ModelEx spouse of Yannick Noah
Heather StohlerHeather StohlerModelModel for Calvin Klein
missing image for Heather SummerhayesHeather SummerhayesSpouseSpouse of Len Cariou
missing image for Heather TarasHeather TarasOtherFiancee of Daymond John
Heather ThomasHeather Thomas61ActressJody Banks in "The Fall Guy"
missing image for Heather ThompsonHeather ThompsonSpouseWife of Kenyon Martin
Heather TomHeather Tom43ActressSoap Actress
missing image for Heather TonkinHeather TonkinOtheraffair with mark phillips
Heather WellsHeather Wells45Other
missing image for Heather Wielandt Heather Wielandt SpouseEx-spouse of Titus Welliver
Heavy DHeavy D44*RapperHeavy D & The Boyz
Hedi SlimaneHedi Slimane50Model
Hedwig von TrappHedwig von Trapp55*Singerdaughter of Georg von Trapp
Hedy LamarrHedy Lamarr86*ActressSamson and Delilah, film
missing image for Hefe WineHefe WineProducerEx-Boyfriend of Iggy Azalea
missing image for Heidi BivensHeidi Bivens42ActressEx-Girlfriend of Justin Theroux
Heidi CortezHeidi Cortez37Modelis an American model, writer, actress, business owner and radio host/personality
Heidi FleissHeidi Fleiss52Entrepreneuris an American former madam
Heidi HamelsHeidi Hamels40SpouseSpouse of Cole Hamels
missing image for Heidi HendersonHeidi HendersonSpouseEx-Wife of William Hurt
Heidi KlumHeidi Klum45ModelVictoria's Secret Model
missing image for Heidi Lowe Heidi Lowe SpouseSpouse of James Durbin
Heidi MarkHeidi Mark47ModelPlayboy Playmate July 1995
Heidi MontagHeidi Montag32ActressThe Hills
Heidi MuellerHeidi Mueller36ActressKay Bennett "Passions" and Who Wants to Marry My Dad?
Heidi NewfieldHeidi Newfield48Singerwas lead singer, rhythm guitarist and harmonica player for the group Trick Pony
missing image for Heidi NorthcottHeidi NorthcottOtherGirlfriend of Jose Canseco
missing image for Heidi PowellHeidi PowellSpouseSpouse of Chris Powell
Heidi RangeHeidi Range35SingerSugababes
Heidi RhoadesHeidi RhoadesOtherFiancee of Jillian Michaels
Heidi Van PeltHeidi Van PeltSpouseEx Spouse of Taran Noah Smith
missing image for Heidy AllendeHeidy AllendeOtherGirlfriend of Russell Simmons
missing image for Heidy RIveraHeidy RIveraTherapist
Heike MakatschHeike Makatsch47Actressis a German actress
Heiko von der LeyenHeiko von der Leyen63Spouse
Heiner KampsHeiner Kamps63Other
missing image for Heinz Maier-LeibnitzHeinz Maier-Leibnitz89*OtherHusband of Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann
missing image for Helayne McNortonHelayne McNortonOther
missing image for Helen AndersonHelen AndersonOtherSecond Wife of Howard Keel
missing image for Helen B DaviesHelen B DaviesOtherEx-Wife Of George Peppard
missing image for Helen BlairHelen BlairOtherFiancee of Ricky Nelson
missing image for Helen ChandlerHelen ChandlerSpouseEx spouse of Bramwell Fletcher
missing image for Helen Dorothy MartinHelen Dorothy Martin90*ActressPearl of 227, television show
Helen FieldingHelen Fielding60Author"Bridget Jones Diary"
Helen FlanaganHelen Flanagan28ActressRosie Webster - Coronation Street
Helen GahaganHelen Gahagan79*Actress
missing image for Helen GeldermanHelen GeldermanOtherZiegfeld dancer
missing image for Helen HaganHelen HaganSpouseFirst spouse of Tony Alamo
missing image for Helen HartHelen Hart85*SpouseSpouse of Stu Hart
Helen HayesHelen Hayes92*Actress
Helen Herron TaftHelen Herron Taft81*Other27th First Lady of the United States
Helen HillHelen Hill36*Otheranimation filmaker
Helen HuntHelen Hunt55ActressMad About You
missing image for Helen KellerHelen Keller88*AuthorShe was the first deafblind person to graduate from college.
missing image for Helen KirschHelen KirschOtherEx-Wife of Brendan Kirsch
Helen LabdonHelen Labdon49ModelSpouse of Greg Kinnear
missing image for Helen Lasichanh Helen Lasichanh 38DesignerSpouse of Pharell Williams
missing image for Helen ListHelen List45*SpouseWife of John List
Helen McCroryHelen McCrory50ActorCherie Blair in "The Queen"
missing image for Helen MelendezHelen MelendezSpouseWidow of Bill Melendez
Helen MenkenHelen Menken64*ActressEx spouse of Humphrey Bogart
Helen MirrenHelen Mirren73ActressWon the Best Actress Oscar for 'The Queen'
missing image for Helen MorrisHelen MorrisSpouseSpouse of Martin Scorsese
missing image for Helen O'DonoghueHelen O'DonoghueSpouseColin O'Donoghue's wife
missing image for Helen Palmer Geisel Helen Palmer Geisel OtherEx-Wife of Dr. Seuss
missing image for Helen PittsHelen Pitts65*OtherWidow of Frederick Douglass
Helen ReddyHelen Reddy77SingerSong, "I Am Woman"
missing image for Helen SchonbergerHelen Schonberger75*ActorWidow of Moe Howard
missing image for Helen SchwabHelen SchwabSpouseSpouse of Charles Schwab
missing image for Helen ShaverHelen Shaver67ActressRachel Corrigan "Poltergeist: the Legacy"
Helen SlaterHelen Slater54ActressMovies Supergirl, The Legend of Billie Jean, The Secret of My Success
missing image for Helen SporidesHelen SporidesOther
Helen SvedinHelen Svedin42Modelis a Swedish model
missing image for Helen von TilzerHelen von TilzerSpouseWidow of Gummo Marx
Helen WagnerHelen Wagner91*ActressNancy Hughes of "As The World Turns"
missing image for Helen WolfHelen WolfSpouse
Helen Woodford,Helen Woodford,SpouseEx spouse of Babe Ruth
missing image for Helena BendaHelena Benda83*Actress
missing image for Helena BergHelena Berg50Photographer
Helena Bonham CarterHelena Bonham Carter52ActressA Room with a View, Lady Jane, Howard's End, etc.
Helena ChristensenHelena Christensen49ModelVictoria Secret model
missing image for Helena FredricksHelena FredricksSpouse
Helena HoudovaHelena HoudovaModelRepresented Czech Republic in the 1999 Miss World Competition
Helena JosefssonHelena Josefsson40SingerLead singer in the band Sandy Mouche
Helena PaparizouHelena Paparizou36Singerwinning the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 for Greece with the song My Number One
Helena RubinsteinHelena Rubinstein94*ExecutiveHelena Rubinstein cosmetics
missing image for Helena SegerHelena Seger48SpouseSpouse of Zlatan Ibrahimovic
missing image for Helena TaylorHelena TaylorSpouseEx-spouse of N. Richard Nash
missing image for Helena VestergaardHelena VestergaardModelGirlfriend of Anthony Kiedis
missing image for Helene BizotHelene BizotActress
missing image for Helene EksterowiczHelene EksterowiczTV PersonalityWinner of The Bachelo, season 2
missing image for Helene GremillonHelene GremillonSpouseSpouse of Julien Clerc
missing image for Helene HamiltonHelene HamiltonSpouse
missing image for Helene PatarotHelene PatarotActress
missing image for Helene SouleHelene SouleSpouse
Helene WeigelHelene Weigel70*Actresstheatre actress
Helio CastronevesHelio Castroneves43Racingwon the Indianapolis 500 in both 2001 and 2002
missing image for Helly NahmadHelly NahmadOther
missing image for Helmut DantineHelmut Dantine64*ActorKnown for playing Nazis' in films of the 1940s
missing image for Helmut DietlHelmut Dietl74ScreenwriterGerman screenwriter
Helmut HuberHelmut HuberProducerSpouse of Susan Lucci
missing image for Helmut OroszHelmut Orosz39Singer6th place at German Idol season 7
missing image for Helmuth SommerHelmuth SommerActorEx spouse of Donna Summer
missing image for Heloise AgostinelliHeloise Agostinelli20Model
missing image for Helyn CurvyHelyn CurvySpouse
missing image for Hendrik Van LoonHendrik Van Loon62*Journalist
Henny BackusHenny Backus93*ActressWidow of Jim Backus
Henri CastelliHenri Castelli40ActorSpouse of Isabeli Fontana
Henri ChristopheHenri Christophe53*RoyaltyHenri I, King of Haiti
Henri de la FalasieHenri de la Falasie74*ProducerEx spouse of Gloria Swanson
missing image for Henri Del VecchioHenri Del Vecchio33OtherHeir - royal descendant of Antoine Grimaldi, Polo Player
missing image for Henri Esteves Henri Esteves OtherBoyfriend of Gina Rodriguez
missing image for Henri LavorelHenri LavorelProducer
Henri Louis Le ChatelierHenri Louis Le Chatelier85*ScientistLe Chatelier's principle
Henri VidalHenri Vidal40*ActorSpouse of Michele Morgan
missing image for HenriettaHenriettaSpouse
missing image for Henrietta KellerHenrietta KellerOther
Henrietta LacksHenrietta Lacks31*OtherThe HeLa Cell Line
missing image for Henrietta MacArthurHenrietta MacArthurSpouse
missing image for Henriette LajoieHenriette LajoieSpouseFirst Wife of Rupert von Trapp
missing image for Henrik LundqvistHenrik LundqvistOther
missing image for Henry Abel SmithHenry Abel Smith92*OtherFirst Husband of Lady May Abel Smith
missing image for Henry BeckwithHenry BeckwithRoyalty
missing image for Henry BourgeoisHenry Bourgeois82Attorney General
missing image for Henry BrandonHenry BrandonActor
missing image for Henry Brewster StantonHenry Brewster Stanton82*OtherThe Secret Six, abolitionists
Henry CavillHenry Cavill35ActorClark Kent/Kal-El of Man Of Steel
missing image for Henry CzernyHenry Czerny59Banker
Henry DarrowHenry Darrow85ActorManolito Montoya in 1960's series "High Chaporral"
Henry FondaHenry Fonda77*ActorGrapes of Wrath
Henry GibsonHenry Gibson73*Actorfor his role reciting offbeat poetry on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In
Henry HagerHenry Hager40OtherSpouse of Jenna Bush and son-in-law of Former President George Bush
missing image for Henry Ian CusickHenry Ian Cusick51ActorDesmond Hume on Lost
missing image for Henry J. Topping, Jr.Henry J. Topping, Jr.RichEx spouse of Lana Turner
missing image for Henry J.ToppingHenry J.Topping55*RichEx-Husband of Arline Judge
missing image for Henry JaglomHenry Jaglom77Director
missing image for Henry JoostHenry JoostProducer
missing image for Henry KingiHenry KingiOtherstuntman
Henry KissingerHenry Kissinger95OtherSecretary of State in the Richard Nixon administration
missing image for Henry LancasterHenry LancasterBaseball
Henry LuceHenry Luce68*PublisherAmerican Publisher
Henry RollinsHenry Rollins57MusicianThe Henry Rollins Show
missing image for Henry SilvaHenry Silva90Actor
Henry SimmonsHenry Simmons48ActorDetective Baldwin Jones in NYPD Blue
missing image for Henry SmithHenry Smith63HeirHeir to WH Smith
missing image for Henry SmithHenry SmithSpouseEx-spouse of Helen Menken
missing image for Henry Thomas BerryHenry Thomas Berry40*EntrepreneurSpouse of Monica Spear Mootz
Henry Wadsworth LongfellowHenry Wadsworth Longfellow75*AuthorPaul Revere's Ride, poem
missing image for Henry WickhamHenry WickhamOther
Henry WindsorHenry Windsor74*RoyaltyDuke of Gloucester/Son of King George V and Queen Mary
Henry WinklerHenry Winkler73ActorArthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli of Happy Days, television show
missing image for Hepzibah SessaHepzibah SessaMusician
Herb EdelmanHerb Edelman62*Actorhis role as Dorothy's husband Stan on The Golden Girls
missing image for Herb SandkerHerb SandkerSpouseSpouse of Rhonda Vincent
Herb WilsonHerb WilsonRestauranteur
Herbert BibermanHerbert Biberman71*Producer
missing image for Herbert DisneyHerbert Disney72*OtherSon of Elias Disney and Flora Disney
missing image for Herbert GreeneHerbert GreeneSpouseSecond Husband of Carolyn Jones
Herbert GronemeyerHerbert Gronemeyer62Singer
Herbert HutnerHerbert HutnerOtherEx spouse of Zsa Zsa Gabor
missing image for Herbert J. YatesHerbert J. Yates85*Producer
missing image for Herbert K. SombornHerbert K. Somborn53*RestauranteurEx spouse of Gloria Swanson
Herbert Leigh HolmanHerbert Leigh HolmanSpouseFirst Husband of Vivian Leigh
Herbert RossHerbert Ross74*Director
missing image for Herbert SargentHerbert SargentSpouseFirst spouse of Geraldine Brooks
Herbie HancockHerbie Hancock78MusicianGrammy Award for Album of the Year for "River: The Joni Letters"
missing image for Herbie KayHerbie KaySpouse1st spouse of Dorothy Lamour
missing image for Herma MarksmanHerma MarksmanOtherAffair with Hugo Chavez
missing image for Herman BroodHerman Brood54*MusicianBand "Herman Brood and His Wild Romance"
missing image for Herman FrijdaHerman FrijdaSpousefather of Anne Franks's friend Eva
missing image for Herman GriffinHerman GriffinSingerEx-spouse of Mary Wells
Herman RosenblatHerman Rosenblat89AuthorEmbellished Holocaust Love Story
missing image for Hermann Nicoli Hermann Nicoli ModelFiance of Candice Swanepoel
missing image for Hermine BaumhacklHermine Baumhackl51OtherAffair of Roberto Blanco
Hermione BaddeleyHermione Baddeley79*Actresswas a English character actress of theatre, film and television
Hermione GingoldHermione Gingold89*ActressMadame Alvarez "Gigi"
missing image for Hermione HannenHermione HannenActressFirst wife of Anthony Quayle
Herschel SavageHerschel Savage65Actoris an American pornographic actor and porn movie director
Herschel WalkerHerschel Walker56FootballFormer Running Back for the Dallas Cowboys
missing image for Herve Le BihanHerve Le BihanSpouseEx spouse of Amber Valetta
missing image for Hess WesleyHess WesleyProducer
missing image for Hetty KellyHetty KellyOther
Hideaki ItoHideaki Ito43Actoris a Japanese actor
Hidetoshi NakataHidetoshi Nakata41Soccerwas one of the most famous Asian footballers of his generation
Hikaru UtadaHikaru Utada35SingerFirst Love, album
Hilaria Thomas BaldwinHilaria Thomas Baldwin34SpouseSpouse of Alec Baldwin
Hilarie BurtonHilarie Burton36ActressPeyton Sawyer on One Tree Hill
missing image for Hilary ClarkHilary ClarkSpouseEx spouse of Casey Jennings
missing image for Hilary CruzHilary Cruz29ActressMiss Teen USA
Hilary DuffHilary Duff31ActressLizzie McGuire
missing image for Hilary LyonHilary LyonOther
missing image for Hilary MonreanHilary MonreanSpouseEx-Wife of Jason Mesnick
Hilary QuinlandHilary Quinland58OtherSpouse of Bryant Gumbel
Hilary RhodaHilary Rhoda31ModelSports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
Hilary SwankHilary Swank44ActressHer two Oscar-winning roles in Boys Don't Cry and Million Dollar Baby
missing image for Hilda KeenanHilda KeenanOther
missing image for Hildegard JanssenHildegard JanssenSpouseWidow of Walter Kempowski
Hill HarperHill Harper52ActorSheldon Hawkes of CSI:NY, television show
missing image for Hillard ElkinsHillard ElkinsProduceris an American theatre and film producer
Hillaree BurnsHillaree BurnsSpouseEx spouse of Scott Stapp
missing image for Hillary HarleyHillary Harley29ActressDatied Steven McQueen
Hillary Rodham ClintonHillary Rodham Clinton71SenatorSecretary of State; ex-U.S. Senator
Hillary ScottHillary Scott32Singer"Lady Antebellum"
Hillu SchwetjeHillu Schwetje69Spouse3rd Spose of Gerhard Schroeder
Hines WardHines Ward42FootballPittsburgh Steelers
missing image for Hiram KellerHiram Keller52*ActorAscyltus in "Satyricon" film
missing image for Hitonari TsujiHitonari Tsuji59OtherEx spouse of Kao Minami
missing image for Hjordis GenbergHjordis Genberg76*Model
Hoda KotbHoda Kotb54JournalistDateline NBC, television show
Hofit GolanHofit GolanModelIsraeli model and business partner of British dress designer Scott Henshall
missing image for Hok KonishiHok KonishiOther
missing image for Hoke DoroughHoke DoroughOtherDeceased father of Howie Dorough
HokuHoku37MusicianDaughter of Don Ho
missing image for Holiday ReinhornHoliday Reinhorn54Author
Holland RodenHolland Roden32ActressLydia Martin in "Teen Wolf"
Holland TaylorHolland Taylor75Actress
missing image for Hollingsworth MorseHollingsworth Morse77*Director
Holly AirdHolly AirdActress
missing image for Holly Blake-ArnsteinHolly Blake-Arnstein33Singergirls band
Holly BrookHolly Brook32Singeris a multi-instrumental singer and songwriter
Holly BurrellHolly BurrellSpouseSpouse of Ty Burrell
missing image for Holly CollinsHolly CollinsSpouseEx-spouse of Jim Keach
missing image for Holly CookHolly CookSpouse
Holly DurstHolly Durst35OtherContestant on the Bachelor
Holly FieldsHolly FieldsActress
missing image for Holly HaganHolly Hagan26TV PersonalityGeordie Shore
missing image for Holly HesterHolly HesterOther
Holly HuddlestonHolly HuddlestonOtherE Network reality show, "Sunset Tan"
Holly HunterHolly Hunter60Actress"The Piano"
missing image for Holly LetchworthHolly LetchworthOtherGirlfriend of Nick Lachey
Holly MadisonHolly Madison38TV PersonalityThe Girls Next Door, reality show
Holly Marie CombsHolly Marie Combs44ActressPiper Halliwell on Charmed and Ella Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars
Holly McGuireHolly McGuireModelMaxim Hot 100
missing image for Holly MirandaHolly Miranda36Musician
Holly MontagHolly Montag35TV PersonalityReality star on the MTV show: The Hills
Holly Robinson PeeteHolly Robinson Peete54ActressHangin' With Mr. Cooper, television comedy
missing image for Holly RockwellHolly RockwellArtist
missing image for Holly SampsonHolly Sampson45ActressAffair with Tiger Woods
Holly ValanceHolly Valance35ActressCSI: Miami, Entourage
Holly WeberHolly Weber34Actressis an American actress and model
Holly WilliamsHolly Williams37SingerDaughter of Hank Williams, Jr.
Holly WilloughbyHolly Willoughby37Otherfor the ITV ice skating show Dancing on Ice
missing image for HollywoodHollywoodOtherBrother of Trick Daddy
missing image for Hon. David Pax TennantHon. David Pax TennantSpouseEx spouse of Hermione Baddeley
missing image for Hon. Joan GuinnessHon. Joan Guinness89*RoyaltyMother of Aga Khan IV
missing image for Honey HarlowHoney Harlow78*OtherEx-Wife of Lenny Bruce
missing image for HoneydipHoneydip33OtherModel/ dancer
missing image for Honeysuckle WeeksHoneysuckle Weeks39ActorFoyles War, film
Honor BlackmanHonor Blackman91ActressCathy Gale of The Avengers, film
HoopzHoopz35TV PersonalityWinner of Flavor of Love
Hoot GibsonHoot Gibson70*Actorwas a rodeo champion and a pioneer cowboy film actor, film director and producer
missing image for Hope AlexaHope AlexaOtherEx-Girlfriend of Dwight Howard
Hope BryceHope BryceDesignerWidow of Otto Preminger
Hope DavisHope Davis54Actresshas starred in more than 20 feature films
Hope DworaczykHope Dworaczyk33Playboy Model2010 Playmate of the year
missing image for Hope Hale DavisHope Hale DavisSpouse
missing image for Hope LangeHope Lange70*Actress
missing image for Hope LiningerHope LiningerSpouse
Hope SoloHope Solo37SoccerGoalkeeper for the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team
missing image for Hope WilsonHope WilsonOtherEx girlfriend of Emmitt Smith
missing image for HopsinHopsin33Rapper
missing image for Horace EliascheffHorace EliascheffSpouse
missing image for Horace G. BrownHorace G. BrownSpouseSpouse of Marion Davies
Horatio SanzHoratio SanzComedianSaturday Night Live, sketch comedy
Horton FooteHorton Foote92*Playwrightfor his screenplay for the 1962 film, To Kill a Mockingbird
Hosea ChanchezHosea Chanchez37ActorMalik El Debarge Wright of The Game, television show
Hot WingsHot Wings30TV PersonalityWinner of Real Chance of Love season 2
House Peters Jr.House Peters Jr.92*TV PersonalityMr. Clean of Mr. Clean Commercials
missing image for Houshang TouzieHoushang Touzie31SpouseSpouse of Shohreh Aghdashloo
missing image for Houston AlexanderHouston Alexander46Boxerlight heavyweight for the Ultimate Fighting Championship
Houston NuttHouston Nutt61Coachhead football coach at the University of Mississippi
missing image for Howard BarneyHoward BarneySpouseEx Spouse of Sally Ellers
missing image for Howard DeutchHoward DeutchSpouseSpouse of Lea Thompson
missing image for Howard DonaldHoward Donald50Singertake that
Howard DuffHoward Duff76*ActorEx spouse of Ida Lupino
missing image for Howard F. RubyHoward F. RubyExecutiveHusband of Yvette Mimieux
Howard GouldHoward GouldOtherSpouse of Ashleigh Banfield
missing image for Howard GrodeHoward GrodeSpouse
Howard HawksHoward Hawks81*Directoran American film director, producer and writer of the classic Hollywood era
Howard HewettHoward Hewett63SingerShalamar, r&b group
missing image for Howard HickmanHoward HickmanSpouseFirst Husband of Hattie McDaniel
Howard HughesHoward Hughes70*Producersetting multiple world air-speed records
Howard K SternHoward K Stern49EntrepreneurEx-Boyfriend of Anna Nicole Smith
Howard KeelHoward Keel85*ActorStarred in many of the classic film musicals of the 1950s
missing image for Howard Maurice LloydHoward Maurice LloydSpouseEx Spouse of Marilyn King
Howard OxenbergHoward Oxenberg91*OtherEx-Husband of Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia
missing image for Howard ShermanHoward ShermanOtherSpouse of Sela Ward
Howard SternHoward Stern64Radio DJ"The Howard Stern Show"
missing image for Howard ToseHoward ToseOther
missing image for Howell Van GerbigHowell Van GerbigOther
Howie DayHowie Day37Musicianis an American singer-songwriter
Howie DoroughHowie Dorough45SingerBackstreet Boys
Howie LongHowie Long58FootballHall of Fame in 2000
Howie MandelHowie Mandel62Comedian"Deal or No Deal"
missing image for Hua XieHua XieSpouseEx spouse of Zang Yimou
missing image for Huang QiuyanHuang QiuyanSpouseEx spouse of Jet Li
missing image for Hubertus Herring FrankensdorfHubertus Herring FrankensdorfRoyalty
missing image for Hudson LeickHudson Leick49ActressCallisto of Xena Warrior Princess, television show
missing image for Hudson MorganHudson MorganOther
missing image for Hudson SheafferHudson SheafferActorFiance of
missing image for Hugh BonnevilleHugh BonnevilleActorRobert Crawley of Downton Abbey, television show
missing image for Hugh BrodyHugh BrodySpouseSpouse of Juliet Stevenson
missing image for Hugh D. AuchinclossHugh D. Auchincloss79*Banker
Hugh DancyHugh Dancy43ActorElla Enchanted
missing image for Hugh David CampbellHugh David CampbellSpouseMarried to Eleonore von Trapp
missing image for Hugh E. RodhamHugh E. Rodham82*OtherFather of Hillary Rodham Clinton
missing image for Hugh FraserHugh Fraser66*OtherEx-spouse of Antonia Fraser
Hugh GrantHugh Grant58Actor"Four Weddings and a Funeral"
missing image for Hugh Harrell, Jr.Hugh Harrell, Jr.OtherEx-Husband of Beah Richards
Hugh HefnerHugh Hefner91*PublisherCEO of Playboy Enterprises
Hugh JackmanHugh Jackman50ActorWolverine - X-Men Movies
Hugh LambertHugh Lambert61*Other
Hugh LaurieHugh Laurie59ActorDr. Gregory House in "House"
missing image for Hugh MasekelaHugh MasekelaSpouse2nd spouse of Miriam Makeba
missing image for Hugh McCorquodaleHugh McCorquodale65*Spouse2nd spouse of Barbara Cartland
Hugo BeckerHugo Becker32ActorPrince Louis Grimaldi of Gossip Girl, television show
Hugo ChavezHugo Chavez64PresidentPresident of Venezuela
missing image for Hugo ClausHugo ClausAuthor
missing image for Hugo FregoneseHugo Fregonese78*Directorwas an Argentine film director who worked both in Hollywood and in Argentina
missing image for Hugo SilvaHugo Silva41Actor
Hugo van LawickHugo van Lawick65*PhotographerEx spouse of Jane Goodall
Hugo WeavingHugo Weaving58ActorAgent Smith in The Matrix films; Elrond in The Lord of the Rings trilogy
Hulk HoganHulk Hogan65Wrestler / WWFWWF/WWE
missing image for Huma AbedinHuma Abedin42OtherWife of Anthony Weiner
Hume CronynHume Cronyn91*Actorwas a Canadian actor of stage and screen
Humphrey BogartHumphrey Bogart57*ActorCasablanca, film
Hunter BurganHunter BurganMusicianAFI
missing image for Hunter CopelandHunter Copeland100OtherStepfather of Courteney Cox
Hunter HayesHunter Hayes27Musician
Hunter JohanssonHunter Johansson33ActorTwin Brother of Scarlett Johansson
Hunter KingHunter King25ActressSummer Newman on The Young and the Restless
Hunter ParrishHunter Parrish31ActorSilas Botwin in Showtime's television series Weeds
missing image for Hunter RenoHunter RenoModelModel, niece of Janet Reno
Hunter S. ThompsonHunter S. Thompson67*Journalistnovel "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"
Hunter TyloHunter Tylo56ActressDr. Taylor Hayes on "The Bold and The Beautiful"
Huntington HartfordHuntington Hartford97*ExecutiveA & P supermarkets
missing image for Hurricane ChrisHurricane Chris29RapperA Bay Bay
Hutch DanoHutch Dano26ActorZeke Falcone in "Zeke and Luther"

* Age at time of death

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