NameAgeOccupationMost Famous For
missing image for B Angie BB Angie B50SingerB Angie B, album
B RealB Real47RapperCypress Hill
missing image for B-FLYB-FLYRapperSister of The Game, rapper
B. J. NovakB. J. Novak38ComedianRyan Howard on The Office
missing image for B. Scott SenechalB. Scott SenechalSpouse
B.B. KingB.B. King89*MusicianKing of the Blues
missing image for B.D. WongB.D. Wong57ActorGeorge Huang "Law & Order:S VU"
B.G.B.G.37RapperThe Heart of Tha Streetz, album
missing image for B.J. CookB.J. CookSinger
B.J. ThomasB.J. Thomas75Singeris an American popular singer known for his chart-topping hits in the 1960s and 1970s
missing image for BaatinBaatin35*RapperSlum Village, hip hop group
Babe RuthBabe Ruth53*Baseballone of the greatest sports heroes of American culture
Babette Van VeenBabette Van Veen50Actress
missing image for Baby BashBaby BashRapper
BabyfaceBabyface59SingerCo-Founder of LaFace Records
Bai LingBai Ling51Actress
Bailee MadisonBailee Madison18Actress May Belle Aarons in Bridge to Terabithia
Bailey ChaseBailey Chase46ActorGraham Miller in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Beckett 'Becks' Scott on Ugly Betty
missing image for Balls MahoneyBalls Mahoney44*Wrestler / WWFECW wrestler
Balthazar GettyBalthazar Getty43ActorBrothers and Sisters
Bam MargeraBam Margera38SkateboarderJackass, television show
missing image for BambiBambi34TV PersonalityBasketball Wives LA, season 2
Bambi MonroeBambi Monroe25Singer
missing image for BambouBambouHeir
missing image for Bamlet Lawrence Price, JrBamlet Lawrence Price, JrSpouseFirst Husband of Anne Francis
missing image for Banks McClintockBanks McClintockOther
missing image for BanksyBanksy44ArtistExit Through the Gift Shop, film
missing image for Bansi NagjiBansi NagjiSpouseFirst Husband of Emma Samms
Baptiste GiabiconiBaptiste Giabiconi28ModelThe male face of Chanel, Fendi, and Karl Lagerfeld
Bar PalyBar PalyModelRole in film, "Pain and Gain"
Bar RefaeliBar Refaeli32ModelSports Illustrated swimsuit model
Barack ObamaBarack Obama56President44th and First African-American President of the United States of America
Barack Obama, Sr.Barack Obama, Sr.46*OtherFather of Barack Obama
missing image for Barbara AlberstadtBarbara AlberstadtSpouseWidow of Charlie Wilson
Barbara Alyn WoodsBarbara Alyn Woods56ActressDeb Scott on One Tree Hill
missing image for Barbara AndrewsBarbara AndrewsOtherMother of Julie Andrews
missing image for Barbara Ann KellyBarbara Ann Kelly36*SpouseMother of the succesful German Band Kelly Family
Barbara Ann MooreBarbara Ann Moore49Playboy ModelPlayboy's Playmate of the Month for December 1992
missing image for Barbara AveryBarbara AverySpouseWidow of James Avery
Barbara BachBarbara Bach70ActressA Bond Girl from 1977 and the second wife of Ringo Starr
missing image for Barbara BainBarbara Bain87Actress
Barbara BeckerBarbara Becker51ActressEx-Wife of Boris Becker
missing image for Barbara Bel GeddesBarbara Bel Geddes83*ActressMiss Ellie "Dallas"
missing image for Barbara BenjaminBarbara BenjaminDesignerFirst spouse of Robert Duvall
missing image for Barbara BennettBarbara Bennett51*ActressSister of Joan Bennett
Barbara BermudoBarbara Bermudo42JournalistHost of Primer Impacto, news show
missing image for Barbara BerryBarbara BerrySpouse
Barbara BillingsleyBarbara Billingsley94*ActressJune Cleaver of Leave it to Beaver, television sho
missing image for Barbara BlakeleyBarbara Blakeley91SpouseWidow of Frank Sinatra
missing image for Barbara BootheBarbara BootheSpouseThird spouse of Larry Ellison
Barbara BouchetBarbara Bouchet74ActressMiss Moneypenny in Casino Royale
missing image for Barbara Bray EdwardsBarbara Bray EdwardsOtherEx-wife of Andy Griffith
Barbara BushBarbara Bush92*OtherSpouse of George Bush
missing image for Barbara BushmanBarbara BushmanSpouseSecond Wife of Harry Morgan
Barbara CameronBarbara CameronActressMother of Kirk Cameron
missing image for Barbara CampbellBarbara CampbellSpouseWidow of Sam Cooke and Ex-spouse of Bobby Womack
Barbara CarreraBarbara CarreraActress
Barbara CartlandBarbara Cartland98*Authorwas a successful English author, known for her numerous romance novels
missing image for Barbara CharrenBarbara Charren71SpouseSecond Wife of Dennis Wilson
Barbara ChaseBarbara ChaseOther5th wife of Timothy Leray
missing image for Barbara ClareBarbara ClareOther
missing image for Barbara CohenBarbara CohenSpouseWife of Bob Cohen
missing image for Barbara CookBarbara Cook90Singer
missing image for Barbara CorcoranBarbara Corcoran69ExecutiveShark Tank, reality show
Barbara CosentinoBarbara CosentinoSpouseSecond Wife of Gary Crosby
missing image for Barbara CousinsBarbara CousinsSpouseWidow of Rocky Marciano
missing image for Barbara CraneBarbara CraneProducer
missing image for Barbara CushingBarbara Cushing63*RichSocialite
missing image for Barbara D. FredricksonBarbara D. FredricksonOtherFirst Wife of Lindsay Crosby
Barbara DanaBarbara DanaActressEx spouse of Alan Arkin
Barbara DavisBarbara DavisSpouseWife of Clive Davis
missing image for Barbara De FinaBarbara De FinaProducer
missing image for Barbara DozierBarbara DozierSpouseSpouse of Lamont Dozier
Barbara EdenBarbara Eden83ActressI Dream of Jeannie, television show
missing image for Barbara FeldonBarbara FeldonActress
missing image for Barbara FitznerBarbara FitznerSpouse
missing image for Barbara FlavinBarbara FlavinSpouse
missing image for Barbara FordBarbara Ford62*OtherEx spouse of Robert Walker
missing image for Barbara FoxBarbara FoxSpouseEx spouse of Soupy Sales
missing image for Barbara HaleBarbara Hale94*ActressDella Street of Perry Mason, television show
Barbara HarrisBarbara Harris67SpouseFifth Wife of Cary Grant
missing image for Barbara HavemanBarbara HavemanSpouse
Barbara HersheyBarbara Hershey70Actressis an American actress and activist
missing image for Barbara HooperBarbara HooperActress
Barbara HuttonBarbara Hutton66*HeirHeir to the Woolworth dept. store chain
missing image for Barbara IannoliBarbara IannoliSpouse3rd spouse of Peter Tork
missing image for Barbara IsaacBarbara IsaacSpouse
missing image for Barbara JacobsBarbara Jacobs117Spouse
missing image for Barbara JohnsonBarbara JohnsonSingerEx Lover of Max Roach
missing image for Barbara JoyceBarbara JoyceActress
Barbara Kwiatkowska-LassBarbara Kwiatkowska-Lass54*SpouseEx spouse of Roman Polanski
Barbara LazaroffBarbara LazaroffSpouseWolfgang Puck's ex
missing image for Barbara LeedsBarbara LeedsActress
missing image for Barbara LucasBarbara LucasSpouseEx spouse of Hank Aaron
missing image for Barbara MalleryBarbara MallerySpouseFirst spouse of Dick Clark
missing image for Barbara MandrellBarbara Mandrell69SingerCountry music singer
missing image for Barbara MensahBarbara Mensah72OtherEx-Girlfriend of Muhammad Ali
Barbara MintyBarbara MintySpouseWidow of Steve McQueen
missing image for Barbara Moore Barbara Moore SpouseEx spouse of Tom Berenger
Barbara MoriBarbara Mori40ActressTitle character in the remake of the telenova Rubi
missing image for Barbara MurrayBarbara Murray88ActressBritish actress
missing image for Barbara NicklausBarbara NicklausSpouseSpouse of Jack Nicklaus
Barbara OrbisonBarbara Orbison60*ProducerWidow of Roy Orbison
missing image for Barbara Outland BakerBarbara Outland BakerOtherEnglish Teacher
Barbara PalvinBarbara Palvin24ModelVictoria's Secret
Barbara PaytonBarbara Payton39*Actresswas an American film actress
Barbara Pierce BushBarbara Pierce Bush36OffspringDaughter of George W. Bush
missing image for Barbara PorterBarbara PorterSpouseSpouse of Rick Springfield
missing image for Barbara RobbinBarbara RobbinSpouseWidow of Rik Mayall
Barbara RuickBarbara Ruick43*SpouseBroadway musical, Oh, Kay!.
Barbara RushBarbara Rush91Actress
missing image for Barbara RutledgeBarbara RutledgeSpouseEx Wife of Sam Waterston
Barbara SchonebergerBarbara Schoneberger44Actress
missing image for Barbara SklarBarbara SklarSpouseWidow of Don Rickles
missing image for Barbara SmitsBarbara SmitsSpouseEx Wife of Jimmy Smits
Barbara StanwyckBarbara Stanwyck82*ActressFiery, passionate roles in such films as Stella Dallas, Double Indemnity, Sorry Wrong Number
missing image for Barbara SteemanBarbara SteemanModel
missing image for Barbara SukowaBarbara Sukowa68Actress
missing image for Barbara TrenthamBarbara TrenthamSpouseEx spouse of John Cleese
missing image for Barbara TrippBarbara TrippSpouse
missing image for Barbara TrulliBarbara TrulliSpouseSpouse of Jarno Trulli
missing image for Barbara TurnerBarbara TurnerActress
missing image for Barbara ValentinBarbara Valentin61*Actressaustrian actress
Barbara WaltersBarbara Walters88Journalist20/20 and The View
missing image for Barbara WeathersBarbara Weathers54SingerAtlantic Starr, r&b group
missing image for Barbara WellsBarbara WellsActress
missing image for Barbara WilliamsBarbara WilliamsActress
missing image for Barbara WilsonBarbara WilsonSinger
Barbara WindsorBarbara Windsor80ActressPeggy Mitchell in Eastenders
missing image for Barbara Woods GaryBarbara Woods GarySpouse
missing image for Barbara WussowBarbara Wussow57ActressAustrian actress
missing image for Barbaree Earl NielsenBarbaree Earl NielsenSpouseWidow of Leslie Nielsen
Barbi BentonBarbi Benton68ModelEx-Girlfriend of Hugh Hefner
missing image for BarbieBarbieOtherHookup of Lil Wayne
missing image for Barbie OrrBarbie OrrOtherEx girlfriend of John Cleese
missing image for Barbie Von GriefBarbie Von Grief52OtherDancer
Barbra StreisandBarbra Streisand76Singeris an American singer and film and theatre actress
Barney MartinBarney Martin82*ActorMorty Seinfeld on "Seinfeld"
Baron DavisBaron Davis39BasketballCharlotte Hornets
missing image for Baron Hans Heinrich Thyssen-BornemiszaBaron Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza81*RoyaltyIndustrialist
missing image for Baron Otto von HoffmanBaron Otto von HoffmanSpouseSecond spouse of Barbara Herrar
Barrett BladeBarrett Blade45Actoris a pornographic actor and director
missing image for Barrett McIntyreBarrett McIntyre40SpouseWife of Joey McIntyre
missing image for Barrie BucknerBarrie BucknerOtherEx girlfriend of Kelsey Grammer
Barrie James-O'NeillBarrie James-O'Neill38MusicianFiance of Lana Del Rey
Barron HiltonBarron Hilton90Hotelieran American heir and hotelier, co-chairman of the Hilton Hotel chain
Barry BondsBarry Bonds53BaseballMajor League home run record of 762
Barry BostwickBarry Bostwick73ActorThe Rocky Horror Picture Show
Barry ComdenBarry ComdenSpouseEx-Husband of Doris Day
missing image for Barry CorbinBarry Corbin77ActorMaurice Minnifield "Northern Exposure"
Barry DillerBarry Diller76Executivemedia executive responsible for the creation of Fox Broadcasting Company and USA Broadcasting
missing image for Barry FeinsteinBarry FeinsteinOtherPhotographer
missing image for Barry FinkelsteinBarry FinkelsteinSpouseEx spouse of Mary Travers
Barry GibbBarry Gibb71MusicianBee Gees
missing image for Barry HankersonBarry HankersonProducerEx spouse of Gladys Knight
missing image for Barry HerridgeBarry HerridgeSpouseEstranged spouse of Sinead O'Connnor
missing image for Barry HollywoodBarry HollywoodOther
Barry ManilowBarry Manilow74Singerrecordings as "I Write the Songs," "Mandy," "Weekend in New England" and "Copacabana"
missing image for Barry MatalonBarry MatalonOther
Barry MorseBarry Morse89*Actor"The Fugitive"
Barry PepperBarry Pepper48ActorDale Earnhardt in the ESPN movie 3: The Dale Earnhardt Story
missing image for Barry RobertsBarry Roberts60*ActorDeceased Spouse of Tanya Roberts
Barry SandersBarry Sanders49FootballDetroit Lions
missing image for Barry SloaneBarry Sloane37ActorAiden Mathis on Revenge
Barry Van DykeBarry Van Dyke66ActorSon of Dick Van Dyke
Barry WatsonBarry Watson44ActorMatt Camden on 7th Heaven
Barry WhiteBarry White58*SingerThe Icon Is Love, album
Barry WilliamsBarry Williams63ActorGreg Brady from The Brady Bunch
Barry ZitoBarry Zito40BaseballPitcher for San Francisco Giants
missing image for Barry-Last Name UnknownBarry-Last Name UnknownOtherEx-Boyfriend of Janeane Garofalo
Bart ConnerBart Conner60Othergold medal gymnast at the '84 Olympic Games
Bart FreundlichBart Freundlich48DirectorSpouse of Julianne Moore
Bart JohnsonBart Johnson47ActorHigh School Musical
missing image for Barton BainbridgeBarton BainbridgeSpouseSpouse of Evelyn Keyes
Bas RuttenBas Rutten53OtherFounder of "Bas Rutten System"
Bas WesterweelBas Westerweel55Spouse
missing image for Basil RathboneBasil Rathbone75*ActorSherlock Holmes
missing image for Baskin ChampionBaskin Champion22ModelHookup of Justin Bieber
missing image for Bastiaan RagasBastiaan Ragas46Singerformer member of Caught in the Act
Bastian SchweinsteigerBastian Schweinsteiger33SoccerGerman soccer player
missing image for Bastien BoostenBastien BoostenOtherSpouse of Suzi Perry
missing image for Bat McGrathBat McGrathActor
missing image for Bathurst SkeltonBathurst Skelton24*OtherFirst husband of Martha Jefferson
missing image for Baxter HelsonBaxter HelsonOther
Bay Bay BayBay Bay Bay34TV PersonalityContestant on Real Chance of Love, reality show
missing image for Bayard VeillerBayard Veiller74*Author
missing image for Bayonne WhippleBayonne WhippleSpouse
BC Jean BC Jean 31Singer
Bea ArthurBea Arthur86*ActressThe Golden Girls
Beah RichardsBeah Richards80*ActressHunter, television series
missing image for Beanie SigelBeanie Sigel44RapperThe Truth, album
missing image for Beanna McFerranBeanna McFerranOtherEx-Girlfriend of Yung Berg
Bear GryllsBear Grylls43TV PersonalityMan vs. Wild, survival show
missing image for Beata DziabaBeata DziabaOther
missing image for Beatrice BakalyarBeatrice BakalyarAuthorEx spouse of Anthony Franciosa
missing image for Beatrice BorromeoBeatrice Borromeo32ModelGirlfriend of Pierre Casiraghi
missing image for Beatrice CarrBeatrice CarrSpouseEx spouse of T. Boone Pickens
missing image for Beatrice LaunerBeatrice LaunerSpouseFirst Wife of Jules Dassin
Beatrice LillieBeatrice Lillie94*Actress
missing image for Beatrice SchyBeatrice SchySpouseWife of Abe Vigoda
missing image for Beatrice SilvermanBeatrice SilvermanSpouse
missing image for Beatrice TrezeguetBeatrice TrezeguetSpouseWife David Trezeguet
missing image for Beatrice WeeksBeatrice WeeksSpouse
missing image for Beatriz CoelhoBeatriz Coelho36Model
Beatriz LuengoBeatriz Luengo35SingerMi Generacion
missing image for Beau BokanBeau Bokan36MusicianSinger
Beau BradyBeau Brady36ActorNoah Lawson "Home and Away"
Beau BridgesBeau Bridges76ActorSon of Lloyd Bridges
missing image for Beau DozierBeau Dozier38OffspringSon of Lamont Dozier
Beau FlynnBeau FlynnDirectorSpouse of Marley Shelton
Beau GarrettBeau Garrett35Actressspokesmodel for Revlon cosmetics
Beau MirchoffBeau Mirchoff29ActorMatty McKibben in MTV's "Awkward"
BebeBebe40Musicianwinning the Best New Artist award at the 2005 Latin Grammy Awards
Bebe BuellBebe Buell64ModelPlayboy Playmate
Bebe DanielsBebe Daniels70*Actress
Bebe Moore CampbellBebe Moore Campbell56*AuthorWhat You Owe Me, novel
Bebe NeuwirthBebe Neuwirth59ActressDr. Lilith Sternin on "Cheers" and "Frasier"
missing image for BeBe WinansBeBe WinansSingerBeBe & CeCe Winans, gospel duo
Bebel GilbertoBebel Gilberto52SingerGrammy Award-nominated Brazilian popular singer associated with bossa nova
Bec HewittBec Hewitt34ActressHayley Smith "Home and Away"
missing image for BeccaBeccaSpouse
Becca TilleyBecca TilleyTV PersonalityContestant on "The Bachelor" reality show
Becca TobinBecca Tobin32ActressKitty Wilde of Glee, television show
BeckBeck47MusicianHit single "Loser"
Becki NewtonBecki Newton39ActressAmanda Tanen on Ugly Betty, tv series
missing image for Becky Ann JonesBecky Ann JonesSpouseThird Wife of Vic Damone
missing image for Becky BakerBecky BakerSpouse
missing image for Becky BurgessBecky Burgess29TV PersonalityBig Brother, season 17
missing image for Becky ChristopherBecky ChristopherSpouseEx spouse of Hank Williams, Jr.
missing image for Becky DailyBecky DailySpouse
missing image for Becky GBecky G21SingerShower, single
Becky HammonBecky Hammon41BasketballPlayer for WNBA San Antonio Silver Stars
missing image for Becky LynchBecky Lynch31Wrestler / WWFWWE Diva
missing image for Becky RiordanBecky RiordanSpouseSpouse of Rick Riordan
missing image for Becky RobbinsBecky RobbinsSpouseEx spouse of Anthony Robbins
missing image for Becky RossoBecky Rosso23Actress The Suite Life of Zack And Cody
missing image for Becky SilvermanBecky Silverman39Bankergirlfriend of brandon barash
Becky StarkBecky StarkMusicianthe voice of the band Lavender Diamond
Becky StocktonBecky Stockton37Actress
missing image for Bee GilbertBee GilbertOther
Bee VangBee VangOther
Beenie ManBeenie Man44SingerKing of the Dance Hall
Behati PrinslooBehati Prinsloo29ModelVictoria Model
missing image for Behrouz VossoughiBehrouz Vossoughi44Actoris one of the most legendary Iranian actors of all time.
missing image for Bekim LulanjiBekim LulanjiSpouseEx spouse of Emina Cunmulaj
missing image for Bekka BramlettBekka BramlettOther
missing image for Bela LugosiBela Lugosi73*ActorDracula
Belen RodriguezBelen Rodriguez34ModelSurvivor
missing image for Belina de AguiarBelina de Aguiar79Spouse
missing image for BelindaBelinda28SingerSpanish-born Mexican singer-songwriter
Belinda BauerBelinda Bauer67ActressGabrielle in "Airwolf"
Belinda BoydBelinda BoydSpouseEx-Wife of Muhammad Ali
Belinda CarlisleBelinda Carlisle59Singer"Go-Go's"
missing image for Belinda ChurchBelinda ChurchOther
missing image for Belinda SkudderBelinda SkudderOther
Belinda StronachBelinda Stronach52OtherMember of Parliament for Newmarket-Aurora
missing image for Bella AbellBella AbellSpouseFirst Wife of Paul Armstrong
Bella HadidBella Hadid21Model
Bella HeathcoteBella Heathcote30ActressVictoria Winters in "Dark Shadows"
Bella ThorneBella Thorne20ActressCeCe Jones of Shake It Up
Bellamy YoungBellamy Young48ActressMellie Grant in "Scandal"
missing image for Ben - Last Name UnknownBen - Last Name UnknownSpouseSpouse of Louise Glover
Ben AffleckBen Affleck45ActorGood Will Hunting
missing image for Ben AlexanderBen Alexander58*Actor
missing image for Ben AndersenBen AndersenSpouse
Ben BaileyBen Bailey47TV PersonalityCash Cab
Ben BarnesBen Barnes36ActorPrince Caspian in The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian
Ben BestBen BestOtherPresident/CEO of the Cryonics Institute
missing image for Ben BostromBen Bostrom44RacingMotorcycle racer
missing image for Ben BrierlyBen BrierlyMusician
Ben BurttBen Burtt69Othercreating the "voice" of robot R2-D2 in the Star Wars films
Ben ChaplinBen Chaplin47ActorThe Thin Red Line
Ben ChapmanBen Chapman79*ActorGill-man in "The Black Lagoon"
missing image for Ben ClarkBen Clark50Other
missing image for Ben CrossBen Cross71ActorChariots of Fire
missing image for Ben CyzerBen CyzerOtherBoyfriend of Sara Cox
missing image for Ben EnglishBen EnglishOtherBoyfriend of Hannah Harper
missing image for Ben ErnstBen ErnstOtherFiance of Jodi Arias
Ben FalconeBen FalconeActor
Ben FeldmanBen Feldman37ActorMad Men
missing image for Ben FioreBen Fiore58Actor
Ben FlajnikBen Flajnik35EntrepreneurThe Bachelor, 16th season
Ben FodenBen Foden32SoccerFootballer for Northampton Saints
Ben FoldsBen Folds51Musicianthe former frontman of the band Ben Folds Five
Ben FosterBen Foster37ActorLiberty Heights and Get Over It
Ben FreemanBen Freeman38ActorScott Windsor - Emmerdale
Ben GageBen Gage64*ActorEx Spouse of Esther Williams
Ben GazzaraBen Gazzara82*Actor"Anatomy of a Murder", "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof"
Ben GibbardBen Gibbard41MusicianDeath Cab For Cutie
missing image for Ben GilliesBen Gillies38OtherDrummer of Rock Band Silverchair
missing image for Ben GreeneBen GreeneSpouse
missing image for Ben HagmanBen HagmanSpouseFather of Larry Hagman
Ben HanischBen HanischDesignerBoyfriend of Amy Schumer
Ben HarperBen Harper48MusicianBen Harper and the Innocent Criminals, band
Ben HigginsonBen HigginsonSpouseSpouse of Kaycee Stroh
Ben HollingsworthBen Hollingsworth33ActorThe Beautiful Life
Ben IndraBen Indra39ActorEx-Husband of Anna Faris
missing image for Ben JorgensenBen JorgensenMusician
missing image for Ben KhanBen KhanOther
Ben KingsleyBen Kingsley74ActorGhandi
missing image for Ben Last Name UnknownBen Last Name Unknown28OtherHook Up of Peaches Geldof
Ben LeahyBen Leahy33ProducerEx-Boyfriend of Megan Fox
Ben LeeBen Lee39Singerappeared as the protagonist in the Australian film The Rage in Placid Lake
missing image for Ben LewittBen LewittOther
Ben LoebBen Loeb52MusicianBrother of Lisa Loeb
Ben LyonBen Lyon78*Actorwas an American film actor and a 20th Century Fox studio executive
Ben LyonsBen Lyons36TV PersonalityCo-host of At the Movies
missing image for Ben MendelsohnBen Mendelsohn49ActorRogue One A Star Wars Story, film
missing image for Ben MillerBen Miller52ActorArmstrong and Miller
missing image for Ben NemtinBen Nemtin34TV PersonalityThe Buried Life, reality series
missing image for Ben PowersBen Powers69ActorKeith Anderson of "Good Times"
Ben RappaportBen Rappaport32Actor Todd Dempsy in "Outsourced"
missing image for Ben ReedBen Reed53ActorEx-boyfriend of Tanya Tucker/ Made Special appearance in TV series "Reba"
Ben RoethlisbergerBen Roethlisberger36FootballQuarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers
Ben SavageBen Savage37ActorCory Matthews on Boy Meets World
missing image for Ben SeewaldBen Seewald23TV PersonalityHusband of Jessa Duggar
missing image for Ben Smith-PetersenBen Smith-PetersenOtherSpouse of Riley Keough
Ben SteinBen Stein73ActorWin Ben Steins Money
Ben StillerBen Stiller52ActorTed in There's Something About Mary
missing image for Ben ThigpenBen ThigpenOther
Ben ThomasBen ThomasSpouseEx spouse of Roseanne Barr
Ben VereenBen Vereen72Actor
Ben WallaceBen Wallace43BasketballDetroit Pistons
Ben WhishawBen Whishaw37ActorPerfume: The Story of a Murderer
missing image for Ben WoolfBen Woolf34*ActorMeep of American Horror Story: Freak Show
missing image for Ben WysockiBen Wysocki33Musiciandrummer THE FRAY
Ben YoungerBen Younger45Screenwriter
Ben ZobristBen Zobrist36BaseballTampa Bay Rays
missing image for Ben. E. KingBen. E. King76*SingerStand By Me, single
Benazir BhuttoBenazir Bhutto54*OtherTwo-Time Prime Minister of Pakistan and First Female Leader of Post-Colonial Muslim State
Benedict CumberbatchBenedict Cumberbatch41ActorSherlock Holmes
missing image for Benedict FreitagBenedict Freitag66ActorSwiss Actor
Benicio del ToroBenicio del Toro51ActorFred Fenster in The Usual Suspects, Javier Rodriguez Rodriguez in Traffic
Benita HumeBenita Hume61*Actress"The Halls of Ivy"
Benjamin BiolayBenjamin Biolay45Singersinger, songwriter, musician, actor and record producer
Benjamin BrattBenjamin Bratt54ActorDet. Rey Curtis on Law & Order
Benjamin BronfmanBenjamin Bronfman35Musicianlead singer and guitarist of The Exit
missing image for Benjamin CheeverBenjamin Cheever69AuthorNovelist
Benjamin HarrisonBenjamin Harrison67*President23rd President of the United States
missing image for Benjamin HinesBenjamin HinesOtherWidower of Theresa Merritt
missing image for Benjamin MaisaniBenjamin Maisani45Spouseanderson cooper boyfriend
Benjamin McKenzieBenjamin McKenzie39ActorRyan on The OC
Benjamin MillepiedBenjamin Millepied41OtherSpouse of Natalie Portman and Choreographer in "Black Swan"
missing image for Benjamin OrtegaBenjamin OrtegaSoccer
missing image for Benjamin StoneBenjamin Stone31ActorAlek Petrov of Nine Lives of Chloe King
missing image for Benjamin VicunaBenjamin Vicuna39OtherEx boyfriend of Carolina Ardohain
Benjamin von Stuckrad-BarreBenjamin von Stuckrad-Barre43Author
Benjamin WalkerBenjamin Walker35ActorIn The Heart of the Sea
missing image for BenjiBenjiArtist
Benji MaddenBenji Madden39MusicianGood Charlotte, band
missing image for Benn GeorgeBenn GeorgeOtherSpouse of Tiffany
missing image for Bennett CaleBennett CaleActor
missing image for Bennett CurlandBennett CurlandOtherEx-Husband of Florence LaRue
Bennett MillerBennett Miller51DirectorDirector of "Moneyball"
Benni McCarthyBenni McCarthy40SoccerSouth African professional footballer with the Blackburn Rovers
Benny AnderssonBenny Andersson71MusicianABBA
Benny HinnBenny Hinn65TV PersonalityThis Is Your Day, television show
Beno UdrihBeno Udrih35BasketballNBA Player
Benoit MagimelBenoit Magimel44ActorEx boyfriend of Juliette Binoche
Benoit PoelvoordeBenoit Poelvoorde53Actoris a Belgian actor
missing image for Bente FrogeBente FrogeSpouseSpouse of Lars von Trier
missing image for BenzinoBenzino52OtherThe Source, magazine
Berenice BejoBerenice Bejo41ActressRole in "The Artist"
Berkeley BreathedBerkeley Breathed60Other
missing image for Berlie DixonBerlie DixonSpouseWidow of Ivan Dixon
Bern Nadette StanisBern Nadette Stanis64ActressThelma Evans of Good Times
missing image for Bernadette BirkettBernadette Birkett71Actress
missing image for Bernadette LafontBernadette Lafont79ActressFrench actress
missing image for Bernadette LeonardBernadette LeonardSpouseWife of Sugar Ray Leonard
missing image for Bernadette MoleyBernadette MoleySinger
Bernadette PetersBernadette Peters70Actress"Song and Dance, "Annie Get Your Gun"
Bernadien EillertBernadien EillertSpouseSpouse of Arjen Robben
missing image for Bernaldo MartinezBernaldo MartinezSpouseSpouse of Luz Elena Gonzalez
Bernard BaruchBernard Baruch94*Banker
Bernard BerrianBernard Berrian37FootballMinnesota Vikings
missing image for Bernard d'OrmaleBernard d'OrmaleSpouseSpouse of Brigitte Bardot
missing image for Bernard FoucherBernard FoucherSpouseSecond Husband of Margaux Hemingway
Bernard GiraudeauBernard Giraudeau70Actor
missing image for Bernard LignonBernard LignonArtist
Bernard ShawBernard ShawSpouseSpouse of Patty Hearst
missing image for Bernard SofronskiBernard SofronskiProducerSpouse of Susan Dey
missing image for Bernard UzanBernard UzanDirector
missing image for Bernard WhiteBernard WhiteSpouse
Bernard-Henri LevyBernard-Henri Levy69JournalistOne of the leaders of the "Nouvelle Philosophie" movement in 1976
Bernardo CorradiBernardo Corradi42Football
missing image for Bernardo TargettBernardo TargettSpouseEx spouse of Amanda Detmer
missing image for Bernice BurgosBernice BurgosOtherHookup of Drake
missing image for Bernie HermsBernie HermsSpousespouse of Natalie Grant
Bernie KopellBernie Kopell84ActorAdam Bricker "Love Boat"
Bernie MacBernie Mac50*ActorThe Bernie Mac Show, television sit-com
Bernie MadoffBernie Madoff80OtherMulti-Billion Dollar Ponzi Scheme
Bernie TaupinBernie Taupin67OtherElton John's longtime lyricist
missing image for Berniece JulienBerniece JulienSpouseSpouse of Tyson Beckford
Berry BerensonBerry Berenson53*SpouseWidow of Anthony Perkins
Berry GordyBerry Gordy88ExecutiveFounder of Motown Records
missing image for Bert E. FriedlobBert E. Friedlob49*Producer2nd spouse of Eleanor Parker
Bert LahrBert Lahr72*ActorCowardly lion of The Wizard of Oz
Bert LytellBert Lytell69*ActorSilent Films
Bert McCrackenBert McCracken33MusicianLead singer of band The Used
missing image for Berta ColladoBerta Collado38TV Personality
missing image for Bertha FreemanBertha Freeman71SpouseFirst spouse of Mike Todd
missing image for Bertha Ringer BenzBertha Ringer Benz95*SpouseWife of Karl Benz
missing image for Bertica LowellBertica LowellSpouse
missing image for Bertie GoodBertie GoodSpouse
missing image for Bertold ZahoranBertold Zahoran22ModelBoyfriend of Wendi Deng
Bertolt BrechtBertolt Brecht58*Playwright
missing image for Bertrand CantatBertrand Cantat54SingerFrontman for the rock band, Noir Desir
missing image for Bertrand de JouvenelBertrand de Jouvenel84*Philosopher
missing image for Bertrand LacherieBertrand LacherieModel
missing image for Beryl BrysonBeryl BrysonSpouseSpouse of Alfie Bass
Beryl ScottBeryl ScottSpouseEx spouse of Johnny Weissmuller
missing image for Bess KatramadosBess KatramadosSpouseSpouse of The Big Show
Bess MeredythBess Meredyth79*Screenwriter
Bess WallaceBess WallaceSpouseSpouse of Harry S. Truman
missing image for Bessie Chatterton PooleBessie Chatterton PooleSinger
Bessie LoveBessie Love87*Actresssilent film actress
Bessie WarfieldBessie Warfield89*RoyaltyWidow of The Duke of Windsor/Dutchess of Windsor
missing image for Beth Ann WilkinsonBeth Ann WilkinsonSpouseSpouse of David Gregory
Beth BehrsBeth Behrs32Actress"2 Broke Girls"
missing image for Beth BrittBeth BrittOther
Beth BroderickBeth Broderick59ActressAunt Zelda in Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
missing image for Beth BruceBeth BruceSpouseEx/wife of Brian Krause
missing image for Beth BuckleyBeth BuckleyOtherEx-Wife of Neal Schon
Beth ChamberlinBeth Chamberlin54ActressLorelei Hills of Guiding Light
Beth ChapmanBeth Chapman50TV PersonalityWife of Dog the Bounty Hunter
missing image for Beth ClaverieBeth ClaverieSpouse
Beth DittoBeth Ditto37Singerthe vocalist of American band The Gossip
Beth DoverBeth DoverSpouseWife of Joe Lo Truglio
Beth EhlersBeth Ehlers49ActressHarley Davidson Cooper Spaulding Mallet Spaulding Aitoro of Guiding Light
Beth GibbonsBeth Gibbons53Musicianthe vocalist for the English band Portishead
missing image for Beth IfansBeth IfansSpouseMother of Rhys Ifans
missing image for Beth KilcoyneBeth KilcoyneAuthorComedy writer
missing image for Beth LieblingBeth Liebling51MusicianCo-founder of Hovercraft
missing image for Beth LynnBeth LynnSpouseFirst Wife of Motley Crue
missing image for Beth Marie JansenBeth Marie Jansen31ActressActress
Beth OstroskyBeth Ostrosky45ModelSpouse of Howard Stern
missing image for Beth PantelBeth PantelSpouse
missing image for Beth PayneBeth PayneSpouseWife of Carl Anthony Payne II
Beth PhoenixBeth Phoenix37Wrestler / WWFWWE Diva
Beth RiesgrafBeth Riesgraf39ActressLeverage
missing image for Beth RuckerBeth RuckerSpouseSpouse of Darius Rucker
missing image for Beth SkippBeth SkippActress
missing image for Beth SmithBeth SmithSpouse
Beth StolarczykBeth Stolarczyk49OtherThe Real World Challenge star
Beth ToussaintBeth Toussaint55ActressTracey Lawton in Dallas
missing image for Beth ver DornBeth ver DornSpouseSpouse of Jerry ver Dorn
missing image for Beth WindsorBeth WindsorActressSecond Wife of Michael Nader
Bethanie Mattek-SandsBethanie Mattek-Sands33Tennisan American professional tennis player who competes on the WTA Tour
Bethany HamiltonBethany Hamilton28SurferProfessional Surfer and Survivor of 2003 Shark Attack
Bethany Joy LenzBethany Joy Lenz37ActressHaley James Scott on One Tree Hill
missing image for Bethany RitzBethany RitzAuthorEx fiance of Vincent Gallo
Bethenny FrankelBethenny Frankel47TV PersonalityRunner up of The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, Real housewives of NYC
missing image for Betsey AidemBetsey Aidem60Actress
missing image for Betsey CushingBetsey Cushing86*SpouseEx-wife of James Roosevelt
missing image for Betsy Ann LangmanBetsy Ann LangmanSpouseWidow of Budd Schulberg
missing image for Betsy ArakawaBetsy Arakawa57SpouseSpouse of Gene Hackman
missing image for Betsy BerardiBetsy BerardiOtherEx-Wife of Sammy Hagar
Betsy BlairBetsy Blair85*ActressEx-Wife of Gene Kelly
Betsy BrantleyBetsy Brantley62Actressis an American actress
Betsy DrakeBetsy Drake94ActressEx spouse of Cary Grant
missing image for Betsy FinkleBetsy FinkleSpouseEstranged spouse of Clifford Ross
missing image for Betsy Maxwell CronkiteBetsy Maxwell CronkiteSpouseSpouse of Walter Cronkite
missing image for Betsy RandleBetsy Randle57ActressAmy Matthews on Boy Meets World
missing image for Betsy RossBetsy Ross84*OtherMaker of the first American Flag
Betsy RussellBetsy Russell54ActressJill Tuck, the ex-wife of the sociopathic Jigsaw in the Saw film series
missing image for Betsy StuartBetsy StuartSpouse
missing image for Betsy WyethBetsy WyethSpouseWidow of Andrew Wyeth
Bette DavisBette Davis81*ActressBest Actress of All Time
missing image for Bette Lee WilcoxBette Lee WilcoxSpouseFirst Wife of Ernie Kovacs
Bette MidlerBette Midler72Actress
Bettie PageBettie Page85*Modelher fetish modeling and pin-up photos
missing image for Bettina KoflerBettina Kofler46TV Personalitywinner of austrian TV Show Moertel sucht das Glueck and ex girlfriend of Richard Lugner
missing image for Bettina WulffBettina Wulff44SpouseWife of Christian Wulff
Betty Ann de NoonBetty Ann de NoonSpouseMarried and Divorced Sterling Hayden 3 times
missing image for Betty BartholomewBetty BartholomewSpouseWidow of David Rose
missing image for Betty BennettBetty BennettOtherFirst wife of Andre Previn
missing image for Betty BlakeBetty BlakeSpouseWife of Will Rogers
missing image for Betty BlandiBetty BlandiSpouse
missing image for Betty BohannonBetty BohannonSpouse
missing image for Betty BroderickBetty BroderickOtherMurder of Dan Broderick
missing image for Betty CarpBetty CarpSpouseFirst Wife of Chico Marx
missing image for Betty DavisBetty DavisOther
missing image for Betty FieldBetty Field60*Actress
Betty FordBetty Ford93*OtherFormer First Lady/ Wife and Widow of Gerald Ford
Betty GrableBetty Grable56*ActressWorld War II Era Pin-Up Girl
missing image for Betty HicksBetty HicksSpouseWidow of Mario Lanza
Betty HuttonBetty Hutton86*Actress"The Miracle of Morgan Creek", "Incendiary Blonde"
missing image for Betty Jane ButlerBetty Jane ButlerSpouse2nd spouse of Keenan Wynn
Betty Jane RaseBetty Jane Rase74*SpouseEx-Wife of Mickey Rooney
missing image for Betty Jean HarrisBetty Jean HarrisOtherEx-Wife of Redd Foxx
missing image for Betty KalbBetty Kalb79*Actress
missing image for Betty KernBetty KernOther
missing image for Betty KingBetty KingSpouseWife of Ben E. King
missing image for Betty KleinBetty KleinSpouseEstranged Wife of Allen Klein
Betty LinBetty LinSpouseDeceased spouse of Eddie Fisher
missing image for Betty Lou KeimBetty Lou Keim71*Actress
missing image for Betty Lou MotesBetty Lou MotesOtherMother of Eric and Julia Roberts
Betty MabryBetty Mabry73SingerSecond spouse of Miles Davis
missing image for Betty McDonaldBetty McDonaldSpouseFirst spouse of Dean Martin
missing image for Betty MolinaroBetty MolinaroSpouseWidow of Al Molinaro
missing image for Betty RathmellBetty RathmellSpouseWife of Ian Dury
missing image for Betty SmithBetty SmithOther
missing image for Betty UteyBetty UteySpouse
Betty WhiteBetty White96Actressher close association with the game show, "Password" and "Golden Girls"
Betty XBetty XSpouseWidow of Malcolm X
missing image for Betzaida GarciaBetzaida GarciaSpouse
missing image for Beu SistersBeu SistersOther
missing image for Beulah BondiBeulah Bondi93*Actress
missing image for Bev LandBev LandSpouseSpouse of Dania Ramirez
missing image for Beverley AllenBeverley AllenOtherEx-girlfriend of Christian Horner
missing image for Beverley CrossBeverley CrossSpouseDeceased spouse of Maggie Smith
Beverley KnightBeverley Knight46Singeris an English soul and R&B singer, songwriter, and record producer
Beverley MitchellBeverley Mitchell37ActressLucy Camden on 7th Heaven
missing image for Beverley SharpBeverley SharpOther
Beverly BayneBeverly Bayne87*Actress
missing image for Beverly BentleyBeverly BentleyActress
Beverly D'AngeloBeverly D'Angelo66Actressher roles as Ellen Griswold in the National Lampoon's Vacation film series
missing image for Beverly Dean IrwinBeverly Dean IrwinRestauranteurFirst Wife of Country Singer Darryl Worley
missing image for Beverly EllisBeverly EllisSpouseWidow of Jimmy Ellis
Beverly GarlandBeverly Garland82*Actress"My Three Sons"
missing image for Beverly GerstelBeverly GerstelSpouseWidow of Rob Katz
Beverly JohnsonBeverly Johnson65ModelFirst African-American Supermodel on the cover of Vogue
Beverly LynneBeverly Lynne44Actressis a Hollywood actress who is mainly showcased in erotic film
missing image for Beverly McKittrickBeverly McKittrickSpouse
Beverly PeeleBeverly Peele43Model
missing image for Beverly RiconoBeverly Ricono79*OtherEx-Wife of Buddy Rogers
missing image for Beverly RootBeverly RootSpouseFirst Wife of Gerald McRaney
missing image for Beverly SassoonBeverly Sassoon77Actressactress/author
missing image for Beverly Van ZileBeverly Van ZileOtherEx-wife of Buzz Aldrin
Bevin PrinceBevin Prince35ActressBevin Mirsky on "One Tree Hill."
BeyonceBeyonce36SingerDestiny's Child, r and b group
missing image for Bhavna VaswaniBhavna VaswaniTherapist
missing image for Bianca A. SantosBianca A. Santos27ActressLexi Rivera in The Fosters
Bianca BaltiBianca Balti34Modelis an Italian model
Bianca BeauchampBianca Beauchamp40Modelher glamour and latex modeling
Bianca Christians BeckBianca Christians Beck37ModelEx-Girlfriend of Gerard Butler
missing image for Bianca FoulgerBianca FoulgerSpouseWife of Nathan Foulger
Bianca GoldenBianca GoldenTV PersonalityContestant of America's Next Top Model
Bianca JaggerBianca Jagger73SpouseMick Jagger's ex wife
Bianca KajlichBianca Kajlich41Actress"Rules of Engagement"
missing image for Bianca KamberBianca KamberOtherEx-Girlfriend of Kris Humphries
Bianca LawsonBianca Lawson39Actress
missing image for Bibbe HansenBibbe Hansen66Actress
Bibi AnderssonBibi Andersson82Actress"Wild Strawberries"
Bif NakedBif Naked46Singeris a Juno Award-winning, multi-platinum record selling, Canadian rock singer-songwriter
missing image for Big AngBig Ang55*TV PersonalityMob Wives, reality show
missing image for Big Bank HankBig Bank Hank57*RapperThe Sugarhill Gang, hip hop trio
missing image for Big BlackBig Black45*TV PersonalityRob and Big, reality show
Big BoiBig Boi43RapperOutKast
missing image for Big FreediaBig Freedia41RapperQueen of Bounce
Big GippBig Gipp45Rapper
Big LezBig LezTV Personality
missing image for Big MeechBig Meech49OtherBlack Mafia Family
Big MoeBig Moe33*RapperBar Baby, single
Big PunBig Pun28*RapperCapital Punishment, album
missing image for Big RickBig RickOtherBodyguard of Flavor Flav
Big SeanBig Sean30SingerAmerican Rapper
Big TiggerBig TiggerTV PersonalityFormer Host of 106 & Park
Bijou PhillipsBijou Phillips38ActressDaughter of John Phillips
missing image for Bikram ChoudhuryBikram Choudhury72EntrepreneurBikram Yoga
missing image for Bill BaileyBill BaileyActor
Bill BelichickBill Belichick66FootballNew England Patriots
Bill BellamyBill Bellamy53Comedian
Bill BixbyBill Bixby59*ActorDr. David Bruce Banner of The Incredible Hulk
Bill BlassBill Blass79*Designerknown for his tailoring and his innovative combinations of textures and patterns
missing image for Bill BombeckBill BombeckSpouse
Bill BradleyBill Bradley74SenatorHall of fame NBA player and 3-term U.S. Senator
missing image for Bill BrennanBill BrennanOther
Bill BrysonBill Bryson66Authorbest-selling American author of humorous books on travel
missing image for Bill BurchBill Burch86*Producer
missing image for Bill CallahanBill CallahanOther
missing image for Bill CarterBill CarterOtherEx-Husband of Elaine Stewart
missing image for Bill CharlesBill CharlesSpouseEx spouse of Tawny Cypress
Bill ClintonBill Clinton71President42nd President of the United States from 1993 to 2001
Bill ColleranBill Colleran77*Director
missing image for Bill CookBill CookSpouseThird Husband of Karen Higley
Bill CosbyBill Cosby80ComedianThe Cosby Show
missing image for Bill DailyBill Daily90ActorRoger Healey "I Dream of Jeannie"
Bill DanaBill Dana93Comedianfor his Jose Jimenez alter ego
missing image for Bill DarridBill Darrid69*ActorSecond Husband of Diana Douglas
missing image for Bill DayBill DayOtherEx boyfriend of Marcheline Bertrand
Bill DorfmanBill DorfmanOtherExtreme Makeover Dentist
missing image for Bill DorfrmanBill DorfrmanTV PersonalityExtreme Makeover
missing image for Bill DudleyBill Dudley88*Football
Bill ErwinBill Erwin96*ActorSid Fields in "Seinfeld"
Bill GatesBill Gates62EntrepreneurFounder of Microsoft
missing image for Bill GatzimosBill GatzimosSpouseSpouse of Crystal Gayle
missing image for Bill GirardBill GirardProducerEx spouse of Claire James
Bill HaderBill Hader39ActorSaturday Night Live
missing image for Bill HartBill HartSpouseFather of Melissa Joan Hart
missing image for Bill HigginsBill HigginsExecutiveHusband of Barbara Corcoran
missing image for Bill HudsonBill Hudson70MusicianEx Husband of Goldie Hawn
Bill JohnsonBill JohnsonSpouseSpouse of Heidi Newfield
missing image for Bill JonesBill JonesOtherEx-Husband of Denise LaSalle
Bill KaulitzBill Kaulitz28SingerSinger of Tokio Hotel
Bill KeaneBill Keane89*OtherCreator of Family Circus, television show
missing image for Bill KennedyBill KennedyScreenwriterSpouse of Abby Elliott
missing image for Bill KochBill KochOtherwinner of an America's Cup
missing image for Bill LangstrothBill LangstrothSpouseEx husband of Anne Murray
Bill LawrenceBill Lawrence49ProducerCreating the show Scrubs
missing image for Bill LeeBill LeeExecutiveSpouse of Sara Gore and son-in-law of Al Gore
Bill MaherBill Maher62ComedianPolitically Incorrect, talk show
missing image for Bill MarxBill Marx81OtherAdopted Son of Harpo Marx
missing image for Bill McDonaldBill McDonaldProducer
Bill MelendezBill Melendez91*Producerfor his cartoons for Warner Brothers and the Peanuts series
missing image for Bill MonahanBill MonahanSpouse
missing image for Bill MossBill MossActorEx-Husband of Ann Miller
Bill MumyBill Mumy64ActorWill Robinson "Lost in Space"
Bill MurrayBill Murray67ActorSaturday Night Live
Bill NighyBill Nighy68Actorhis roles in Love Actually, Shaun of the Dead, Notes on a Scandal, Underworld
missing image for Bill NunnBill Nunn63*ActorRadio Rahem of Do the Right Thing, film
Bill NyeBill Nye62ScientistThe Science Guy
Bill O'ReillyBill O'Reilly68JournalistThe O'Reilly Factor
missing image for Bill OvertonBill OvertonSpouse
Bill ParcellsBill Parcells76FootballExecutive Vice President of Football Operations for the Miami Dolphins
missing image for Bill ParsonsBill ParsonsOtherEx Husband of Beth Ehlers
Bill PaxtonBill Paxton63ActorPrivate Hudson in Aliens
missing image for Bill PentlandBill PentlandSpouseEx spouse of Roseanne Barr
Bill PullmanBill Pullman64ActorRuthless People
Bill RancicBill Rancic47EntrepreneurThe Apprentice, reality show
Bill RichardsonBill Richardson70GovernorGovernor of New Mexico
missing image for Bill SankeyBill SankeySpouse
missing image for Bill SwitzerBill Switzer34ActorPlaying Harvey Kinkle in Sabrina, the Animated Series
missing image for Bill ThompsanBill ThompsanRich
missing image for Bill TraversBill TraversSpouseDeceased spouse of Virginia McKenna
missing image for Bill WalterBill WalterSpouseEx spouse of Jacqueline McKenzie
Bill WaltonBill Walton65Basketballachieved superstardom playing for John Wooden's powerhouse UCLA Bruins in the early '70s
Bill WattsBill Watts79Wrestler / WWFCowboy Bill Watts in the WWF
Bill WilliamsBill Williams77*Actor"The Adventures of Kit Carson"
Bill WymanBill Wyman81MusicianBass Player/ Rolling Stones
missing image for Billi Lou YeagerBilli Lou YeagerOther
Billie BurkeBillie Burke85*ActressGood Witch of The Wizard of Oz
missing image for Billie DiazBillie DiazOtherMother of Cameron Diaz
Billie DoveBillie Dove94*ActressThe Original Flapper
Billie HolidayBillie Holiday44*Singerwas an American jazz singer and songwriter
missing image for Billie Jean JacksonBillie Jean JacksonOtherStalker of Michael Jackson
missing image for Billie Jean Jones EshlimarBillie Jean Jones Eshlimar85SpouseSecond Wife of Hank Williams Sr
missing image for Billie Jean NunleyBillie Jean NunleySpouseSecond Wife of Glen Campbell
Billie Joe ArmstrongBillie Joe Armstrong46SingerGreen Day-Lead Singer
missing image for Billie LourdBillie Lourd25ActressDaughter of Carrie Fisher
Billie PiperBillie Piper35ActressTeen pop singer; actress: "Doctor Who," "Secret Diary of a Call Girl"
missing image for Billie ThomasBillie Thomas38Other
missing image for Billie WhitelawBillie Whitelaw85ActressMrs. Baylock "The Omen"
Billy BlanksBilly Blanks62Otherfitness guru, martial artist, actor, and the inventor of Tae Bo
Billy Bob ThorntonBilly Bob Thornton62ActorMovie "Sling Blade"
Billy BoydBilly Boyd49ActorPippin in "Lord of the Rings"
Billy BurkeBilly Burke51ActorCharlie Swan in "Twilight"
missing image for Billy BurtonBilly BurtonOtherHilarie Burton's oldest younger brother.
Billy BushBilly Bush46TV PersonalityHost of Access Hollywood and Cousin of President George Bush
Billy CampbellBilly Campbell58ActorRick Sammler on the ABC series Once and Again
Billy ConnollyBilly Connolly75Actoris a Scottish comedian, musician, presenter and actor
Billy CorganBilly Corgan51SingerSinger for The Smashing Pumpkins
Billy CrawfordBilly Crawford36Musicianis an Filipino-American musician and actor with musical influences from R&B, pop, and soul
Billy CrudupBilly Crudup49Actoras guitarist Russell Hammond in "Almost Famous"
Billy CrystalBilly Crystal70ActorJodie Dallas, on the ABC sitcom, Soap
Billy CurringtonBilly Currington44Musician
missing image for Billy DanzenieBilly DanzenieOtherM.O.P., hip-hop duo
missing image for Billy Davis JrBilly Davis Jr77MusicianThe 5th Dimension
Billy Dee WilliamsBilly Dee WilliamsActor
missing image for Billy DenizardBilly DenizardSpouseSpouse of Olga Tanon
Billy DragoBilly Drago68ActorFrank Nitti in Brian De Palma's 1987 film The Untouchables
missing image for Billy GarlandBilly Garland69Otherfather of Tupac Shakur
Billy GilmanBilly Gilman29Singercountry singer
Billy GrahamBilly Graham99*OtherBilly Graham Crusades
missing image for Billy HayesBilly Hayes71AuthorMidnight Express
Billy IdolBilly Idol62SingerRebel Yell, album
Billy JoelBilly Joel69SingerPiano Man, single
missing image for Billy LushBilly Lush36ActorKevin Donnelly in "The Black Donnellys"
missing image for Billy Mack HamiltonBilly Mack HamiltonSpouseFormer Husband of Frances Fisher
Billy MartinBilly Martin36MusicianMember of the "Good Charlotte" band
Billy MaysBilly Mays50*TV PersonalityTelevision Pitchman known for hawking products such as OxiClean
Billy McKnightBilly McKnightOtherEx boyfriend of Mindy McCready
missing image for Billy MillerBilly Miller38ActorJason Morgan of General Hospital, soap opera
Billy MorrissetteBilly MorrissetteDirectorEx spouse of Maura Tierney
missing image for Billy NealBilly NealSpouseEx spouse of Bettie Page
Billy OceanBilly Ocean68SingerSuddenly, album
Billy PowellBilly Powell56*MusicianKeyboardist for Lynyrd Skynyrd rock band
Billy Ray CyrusBilly Ray Cyrus56SingerSome Gave All, album
Billy RoseBilly Rose66*Other
missing image for Billy RovzarBilly RovzarProducerEx-spouse of Sara Maldonaldo
Billy SheehanBilly Sheehan65MusicianBassist for Mr. Big, rock band
Billy UngerBilly Unger22ActorChase Davenport of Lab Rats
Billy Van ZandtBilly Van Zandt60Authoran American playwright and actor
Billy WarlockBilly Warlock56ActorFrankie Brady of Days of our Lives
missing image for Billy Wayne SmithBilly Wayne SmithSpouse1st spouse of Anna Nicole Smith
missing image for Billy WeinbergBilly WeinbergSpouseHusband of Karin Taylor
missing image for Billy WilsonBilly WilsonSpouse
Billy ZaneBilly Zane52ActorCaledon Hockley in "The Titanic"
missing image for Billye WilliamsBillye WilliamsSpouseSpouse of Hank Aaron
Bindi IrwinBindi IrwinTV PersonalityDaughter of Steve Irwin
Bing CrosbyBing Crosby74*Singeris currently the most electronically recorded human voice in history
missing image for Bingham MorrisBingham MorrisSpouseWidower of Janet Lee Bouvier
missing image for Bingo GubelmannBingo GubelmannOther
Binnie BarnesBinnie Barnes95*ActressKatherine Howard in The Private Life of Henry VIII
Bipasha BasuBipasha Basu39Actress
BirdmanBirdman49RapperCo-Founder of Cash Money Records
Birgit KroenckeBirgit Kroencke83ModelSpouse of Christopher Lee
Birgit SchrowangeBirgit Schrowange60Reporter
missing image for Birgit SteinBirgit SteinActressGirlfriend of Jurgen Prochnow
Birgit WetzingerBirgit WetzingerSpouse
Bishop Eddie LongBishop Eddie Long63*OtherNew Birth Missionary Baptist Church Sex Scandal
Bishop Thomas Weeks IIIBishop Thomas Weeks IIISpouseEX Spouse of Juanita Bynum
missing image for BitchBitch45MusicianBitch and Animal
Bitty SchramBitty Schram49ActressEvelyn in "A League of Their Own"
Bixente LizarazuBixente Lizarazu56Football
Biz MarkieBiz Markie54Radio DJSingle, "Just A Friend"
Bizzy BoneBizzy Bone41RapperBone Thugs-n-Harmony, rap group
BJ PennBJ Penn39Otheris an American professional mixed martial arts fighter and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner
BjorkBjork52SingerPost, album
Bjorn UlvaeusBjorn Ulvaeus73SingerABBA
Blac ChynaBlac Chyna30EntrepreneurEx-Girlfriend of Tyga
Black ThoughtBlack Thought45RapperThe Roots, rap group
missing image for Blaine LarsenBlaine Larsen32Musician
missing image for Blair BrownBlair Brown72Actress
missing image for Blair Gordon NewellBlair Gordon NewellSpouseEx spouse of Gloria Stewart
Blair McdonoughBlair Mcdonough37ActorStuart Parker in Australian television soap opera, "Neighbours"
Blair RedfordBlair Redford34ActorEthan "Lying Game" and Miguel-Lopez Fitzgerald "Passions"
Blair TindallBlair Tindall58MusicianEx-girlfriend of Bill Nye
Blair UnderwoodBlair Underwood53ActorL.A. Law
missing image for Blake CowardBlake CowardOtherBoyfriend of Sadie Robertson
Blake EdwardsBlake Edwards88*DirectorDirector of The Pink Panther, films
Blake Fielder-CivilBlake Fielder-Civil39OtherEx-spouse of Amy Winehouse
Blake GriffinBlake Griffin29OtherLos Angeles Clippers
missing image for Blake HanleyBlake HanleyMusician
missing image for Blake JennerBlake Jenner25ActorRyder Lynn on Glee
missing image for Blake JulianBlake Julian34TV PersonalityContestant of The Bachelorette, season 7
Blake LewisBlake Lewis36MusicianAmerican Idol Season 6 Runner-Up
Blake LivelyBlake Lively30ActressSerena van der Woodsen of Gossip Girl, television show
Blake MichaelBlake Michael21ActorTyler James in "Dog With a Blog"
Blake MycoskieBlake MycoskieEntrepreneurFounder TOMS Shoes
Blake SennettBlake Sennett44Musicianis the lead guitarist for indie rock band Rilo Kiley
Blake SheltonBlake Shelton41MusicianAustin, single
missing image for Blake Tuomy-WilhoitBlake Tuomy-Wilhoit28ActorPlaying 'Nicky' Katsopolis on Full House
missing image for Blake WoodBlake WoodOtherHookup of Amy Winehouse
Blanca SuarezBlanca Suarez29ActressThe Boarding School, television series
missing image for Blanche EarleBlanche Earle69*Actress
missing image for Blanche LaskyBlanche LaskySpouseFirst Wife of Samuel Goldwyn
Blanche OelrichsBlanche Oelrichs60*SpouseSpouse of John Barrymore
Blanda EggenschwilerBlanda EggenschwilerModelEx-Girlfriend of Joe Jonas
Blu CantrellBlu Cantrell42SingerHit 'em Up Style (Oops!), single
missing image for Blue Hamilton Blue Hamilton 38MusicianFiancee of Matt Dallas
Blythe DannerBlythe Danner75ActressMartha Jefferson in 1776
missing image for Blythe NewlonBlythe NewlonSpouseWife of Dan Brown
Bo BiceBo Bice42SingerAmerican Idol Season 4 Runner-Up
missing image for Bo BrinkmanBo BrinkmanSpouseEx spouse of Melissa Gilbert
Bo DerekBo Derek61Actressher role in the movie "10"
Bo DiddleyBo Diddley79*MusicianMississippi Blues and Rock and Roll Pioneer
Bo GriffinBo Griffin51*Radio DJ
missing image for Bob AlleyBob AlleySpouseFirst Husband of Kirstie Alley
Bob BarkerBob Barker94TV PersonalityHost of "The Price Is Right" from 1972 to 2007
Bob BarrBob Barr69Otherthe Libertarian Party nominee for President of the United States in the 2008 election
Bob BryanBob Bryan40Tennisa World No. 1 doubles player for the last several years
missing image for Bob BurnsBob Burns64*MusicianOriginal Drummer for Lynyrd Skynyrd, band
missing image for Bob CarpenterBob CarpenterMusicianNitty Gritty Dirt Band
missing image for Bob ClarkBob Clark67*DirectorDirected "A Christmas Story"
Bob CostasBob CostasJournalist
Bob CraneBob Crane49*ActorHogan's Heroes
Bob CrosbyBob Crosby79*ActorBrother of Bingo Crosby
Bob DenverBob Denver70*Actor"Gilligan's Island"
Bob Di PieroBob Di PieroOtherEx spouse of Pam Tillis
missing image for Bob DolmanBob DolmanScreenwriter
missing image for Bob DuffBob DuffRestauranteurFather of Hilary and Haylie Duff
Bob DylanBob Dylan76SingerThe Times They Are A-Changin', single
missing image for Bob FingermanBob Fingerman53Authoran American comic book writer/artist
missing image for Bob FlickBob Flick80MusicianBrothers Four
Bob GeldofBob Geldof66Singeris an Irish singer, songwriter, author, and political activist
Bob GoenBob Goen63TV PersonalityEntertainment Tonight
Bob GosseBob Gosse55Produceris an American film producer and director
Bob GreeneBob Greene71JournalistColumnist Chicago Tribune
Bob GuccioneBob Guccione79*EntrepreneurFounder of Penthouse Magazine
missing image for Bob Guccione, Jr.Bob Guccione, Jr.Publisher
Bob GuineyBob Guiney47TV PersonalityContestant on "The Bachelorette"
Bob HopeBob Hope100*Comediannoted for his work with the US Armed Forces and his numerous USO tours
Bob HoskinsBob Hoskins71*ActorRoles in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and "Hook"
missing image for Bob IrwinBob IrwinOtherFather of Steve Irwin
missing image for Bob KeltyBob KeltyOtherEx Fiancee of Caroline Rhea
missing image for Bob KerreyBob KerreyGovernorGovernor of Nebraska
Bob MarleyBob Marley36*SingerBob Marley & The Wailers
Bob MayBob May70*ActorRobot in "Lost in Space"
missing image for Bob MilesBob Miles79*OtherStunts
missing image for Bob MorganBob MorganProducerBoyfriend of Sade
missing image for Bob MorganBob Morgan83*OtherEx spouse of Yvonne De Carlo
Bob NewhartBob Newhart88ActorThe Bob Newhart Show
missing image for Bob OdenkirkBob OdenkirkActor
Bob OrtonBob Orton67Wrestler / WWFWWF
missing image for Bob PageBob PageOtherEx-Fiance of Dido
missing image for Bob ParkinsonBob ParkinsonProducerFourth Husband of Connie Francis
missing image for Bob RemickBob RemickOther
missing image for Bob RichardsonBob RichardsonPhotographer
Bob SagetBob Saget62ActorDanny Tanner on Full House
Bob SandersBob Sanders37FootballNFL San Diego Chargers
missing image for Bob SandersBob Sanders65CoachOutside Linebacker Coach for Buffalo Bills
Bob SappBob Sapp43Otherin Japan where he has appeared in commercials, television programs
Bob SchneiderBob Schneider52MusicianFrontman and co-founder of "The Scabs"
Bob SeagrenBob Seagren71Otherone of the world's top pole vaulters in the late 1960s and early 1970s
missing image for Bob SheldonBob SheldonHeirThe Outsiders
Bob SimonBob Simon73*Newsman / Anchor60 Minutes, news show
missing image for Bob ThieleBob ThieleProducer
Bob WaterfieldBob Waterfield62*FootballFormer LA Rams quarterback
missing image for Bob WeinsteinBob Weinstein63ExecutiveThe Weinstein Company
Bob WeirBob Weir70Musicianas a founding member of the Grateful Dead
missing image for Bob WelchBob Welch66*MusicianFleetwood Mac
missing image for Bob WestonBob Weston64*MusicianFormer guitarist for Fleetwood Mac
missing image for Bob WhitfieldBob Whitfield46OtherFormer Tackle for the Atlanta Falcons
Bob WoodruffBob Woodruff56Journalistbriefly replacing Peter Jennings as co-anchor of ABC News
Bobb'e J. ThompsonBobb'e J. Thompson22ActorJimmy Mitchell of The Tracy Morgan Show, television show
missing image for Bobbe ArnstBobbe Arnst77*SingerEx spouse of Johnny Weissmuller
Bobbi BillardBobbi Billard42Modela bikini, lingerie, fitness, and glamour model, actress, and former professional wrestler
Bobbi KristinaBobbi Kristina22*OffspringDaughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown
Bobbi Sue LutherBobbi Sue LutherModelHost of Junkyard Mega Wars, television show
missing image for Bobbie Ann WilliamsBobbie Ann WilliamsOtherAffair with Bill Clinton
Bobbie BrownBobbie Brown48ModelMiss Louisiana Teen USA 1987; eye candy in Warrant's "Cherry Pie" video
Bobbie EakesBobbie Eakes56ActressKrystal Carey Chandler of All My Children
missing image for Bobbie JettBobbie JettOtherEx Girlfriend of Hank Williams Sr
Bobby 'Blue' BlandBobby 'Blue' Bland83*SingerThe Sinatra of the Blues
Bobby BanhartBobby Banhart36TV PersonalityWinner of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, realit
Bobby BrownBobby Brown49SingerDon't Be Cruel, album
Bobby CannavaleBobby Cannavale48ActorBobby Caffey of Third Watch
Bobby CrosbyBobby Crosby38BaseballOakland Athletics
Bobby DarinBobby Darin37*SingerPopular American big band performer and rock and roll teen idol of the late 1950s and early 1960s
Bobby DriscollBobby Driscoll31*ActorVoice of Peter Pan
missing image for Bobby Fernandez-HewittBobby Fernandez-HewittMusicianOrgy, band
Bobby FlayBobby Flay53RestauranteurHost of Food Network
missing image for Bobby GhassemiehBobby GhassemiehSpouseSpouse of Jennifer Gareis
missing image for Bobby GoepfertBobby Goepfert35Hockey
Bobby GoldsboroBobby Goldsboro77ActorHoney, single
Bobby HebbBobby Hebb72*SingerSunny, single
missing image for Bobby HowardBobby Howard33Actor
missing image for Bobby Jean Brown-LaneBobby Jean Brown-LaneOther
missing image for Bobby JuarezBobby JuarezOtherEx-Boyfriend of Jodi Arias
missing image for Bobby KerseeBobby KerseeSpouseSpouse of Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Bobby KnightBobby Knight77CoachHeach Coach of Indiana University and Texas Tech Men's Basketball
missing image for Bobby KrudwigBobby Krudwig39OtherEx Fiance of Haley Scarnato
Bobby LabonteBobby Labonte54Racingis an American race car driver in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series
Bobby LariosBobby Larios48Actorhis relationship with Cuban-Mexican actress Niurka Marcos
Bobby LashleyBobby Lashley41Wrestler / WWFWWE
Bobby LeeBobby Lee41ActorMADtv, television sketch comedy
Bobby LockwoodBobby Lockwood24ActorRhydian Morris in "Wolfblood"
missing image for Bobby MartinBobby MartinOther
missing image for Bobby MazeBobby MazeBasketball
missing image for Bobby McCrayBobby McCray36FootballAmerican football defensive end for the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League
Bobby MurcerBobby Murcer62*BaseballFormer New York Yankees player and broadcaster
missing image for Bobby ReedBobby ReedActor
missing image for Bobby RushBobby Rush84SingerInternational Dean of the Blues
missing image for Bobby SalomonBobby Salomon47ProducerEx-spouse of Jessalyn Gilsig
missing image for Bobby ShmurdaBobby Shmurda23RapperShmurda She Wrote, album
Bobby ThomsonBobby Thomson86*BaseballHR hitter, "Shot Heard Around The World"
Bobby VBobby V38SingerBobby Valentino,album
missing image for Bobby VanBobby Van51*Actor
Bobby VitaleBobby Vitale38ActorPorn star
missing image for Bobby WilliamsBobby WilliamsOtherBoyfriend of Mariel Hemingway
Bobby WomackBobby Womack70*SingerThe Poet, album
missing image for Bobby WrightBobby Wright76MusicianSon of Kitty Wells and Johnnie Wright
missing image for Bobbye Brooks OliverBobbye Brooks OliverOtherEx-Wife of Leslie Nielsen
Bobcat GoldthwaitBobcat Goldthwait55ComedianHis energetic, rabid stage personality, dark, acerbic humor, and high-pitched voice
missing image for Bobette RialesBobette RialesSpouse
missing image for Bobi LadawaBobi LadawaSpouseWidow of Mobutu Sese Seko
missing image for Bobo ChanBobo ChanOther
Bode MillerBode Miller40SkierWorld Cup and Olympic Alpine Skiing Champion
Bodhi ElfmanBodhi Elfman48ActorSpouse of Jenna Elfman
missing image for Bohdan Turok Bohdan Turok SpouseSpouse of Shae-Lynn Bourne
missing image for Bojana Jankovic WeatherlyBojana Jankovic WeatherlySpouseWife of Michael Weatherly
Bojana NovakovicBojana Novakovic36Actress
Bokeem WoodbineBokeem Woodbine45ActorJason's Lyric, film
missing image for Bone CrusherBone Crusher46RapperNever Scared, single
missing image for Bonita FordBonita FordOther
missing image for Bonney LindseyBonney LindseyOther
missing image for Bonnie BartlettBonnie Bartlett88ActressEllen Craig on St. Elsewhere
Bonnie BernsteinBonnie Bernstein47Reporteris an American television sportscaster
missing image for Bonnie BinionBonnie BinionSpouse
Bonnie FranklinBonnie Franklin69*Actress"One Day at a Time"
missing image for Bonnie GoldBonnie GoldOtherMother of Tracey Gold
missing image for Bonnie GravesBonnie GravesActressSecond Wife of George Englund
Bonnie HuntBonnie Hunt56ActressThe Bonnie Hunt Show
Bonnie Lee BakleyBonnie Lee Bakley44*SpouseCon artist; murdered spouse of Robert Blake
missing image for Bonnie Lu NettlesBonnie Lu Nettles58*OtherGirlfriend of Marshall Applewhite
missing image for Bonnie LythgoeBonnie LythgoeSpouse
Bonnie OwensBonnie Owens76*SingerEx-Wife of Buck Owens and Merle Haggard
Bonnie ParkerBonnie Parker23*OtherBonnie & Clyde
missing image for Bonnie PointerBonnie PointerSingerThe Pointer Sisters, singing group
Bonnie RaittBonnie Raitt68Singerfor her songs "Nick of Time ", "Something to Talk About
missing image for Bonnie ShowalterBonnie Showalter88*Spouse
Bonnie SomervilleBonnie Somerville44ActressCaitlin Dowd in Cashmere Mafia
missing image for Bonnie TurnerBonnie TurnerSpouseEx spouse of Ike Turner
Bonnie TylerBonnie Tyler66Singeris a Welsh rock singer
Bonnie WrightBonnie Wright27ActressGinny Weasley of Harry Potter, films
Bonnie-Jill LaflinBonnie-Jill Laflin42TV PersonalityGolden State Warriors Cheerleader
BonoBono58SingerU2 Lead Singer
missing image for BooBoo31SingerBoo from Konvik
missing image for Boo JacksonBoo JacksonBasketballBoyfriend of Hoopz
BoogBoog32SingerB2K, singing group
Booker TBooker T53Wrestler / WWFWrestler at WWE and TNA
Booker T. JonesBooker T. Jones73MusicianFrontman for the band, Booker T and the MGs
Boomer EsiasonBoomer Esiason57FootballFormer Quarterback with NFL
missing image for Bootsy CollinsBootsy Collins66MusicianBootsy Player of the Year, album
missing image for BootzBootzTV PersonalityFlavor of Love 2, reality show
Boris BeckerBoris Becker50TennisWon Wimbledon at age 17
Boris KarloffBoris Karloff81*Actor
Boris KodjoeBoris Kodjoe45ActorSoul Food, television show
missing image for Boubacar KoneBoubacar KoneScientistHusband of C. C. H. Pounder
missing image for BouchraBouchraSpouse
missing image for Bowen PerrinBowen Perrin33Model
Boy GeorgeBoy George56MusicianCulture Club
missing image for Boyd BlackBoyd BlackSpouseFirst Husband of Kelly McGillis
Boyd CoddingtonBoyd Coddington63*OtherStar of American Hot Rod on TLC
Boyd HolbrookBoyd Holbrook37ActorEx-fiance of Elizabeth Olsen
Boyd TinsleyBoyd Tinsley54MusicianViolinist for the Dave Matthews Band
missing image for Brad AlbettaBrad AlbettaProducerSpouse of Martha Wainwright
missing image for Brad AllenBrad AllenSpouseSpouse of Jaclyn Smith
Brad AltmanBrad AltmanOtherBusiness manager and long time partner of George Takei
Brad ArmstrongBrad Armstrong52Actoris a Canadian pornographic movie star and director
Brad ArnoldBrad Arnold39SingerLead singer for 3 Doors Down
missing image for Brad BeckermanBrad BeckermanOther
missing image for Brad BratcherBrad Bratcher47SpouseSpouse of Jenna von Oy
Brad DelsonBrad Delson40MusicianLinkin Park, band
Brad DexterBrad Dexter85*ActorSecond Husband of Peggy Lee
missing image for Brad DourifBrad Dourif68Actor
Brad Falchuk Brad Falchuk 47OtherCo-creator of "Glee"
Brad GarrettBrad Garrett58ActorRobert Barone of Everyone Loves Raymond
Brad GreyBrad Grey60OtherCEO of Paramount Pictures
missing image for Brad GrossmanBrad GrossmanOtherFiance of Nikki Cascone
Brad HallBrad Hall60Actor"Weekend Update" anchor on SNL in the early 80s
missing image for Brad HamlinBrad HamlinOtherBoyfriend of Eva LaRue
missing image for Brad HerbertBrad HerbertSpouseMarried to Carmen Rasmusen
Brad KaneBrad Kane44SingerSinging Voice of Aladdin
missing image for Brad MatesBrad Mates39SingerEmerson Drive, band
missing image for Brad MauleBrad Maule66ActorTony Jones "General Hospital"
Brad PaisleyBrad Paisley45Singerhe has charted twenty singles on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs charts
Brad PennyBrad Penny39BaseballPitcher for St. Louis Cardinals
Brad PittBrad Pitt54ActorInterview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles, film
Brad RenfroBrad Renfro25*ActorThe Client, film
Brad RichardsBrad Richards38HockeyPlayer for NHL New York Rangers
Brad RobertsBrad Roberts54SingerLead singer for Crash Test Dummies
missing image for Brad SalynBrad SalynOther
Brad SiberlingBrad Siberling54Director
Brad SilberlingBrad SilberlingSpouseSpouse of Amy Brenneman
missing image for Brad St. JohnBrad St. JohnSpouseFirst spouse of Jill Whelan
missing image for Brad ThompsonBrad ThompsonOtherEx-husband of Lorrie Morgan
missing image for Brad WalshBrad WalshSinger
Brad WomackBrad Womack45RestauranteurThe Bachelor, eleventh season
missing image for Braden PollockBraden PollockEntrepreneurHusband of Lisa Bloom
Bradford DillmanBradford Dillman88Actoris an American retired film and television actor and author
missing image for Bradley C. GumbelBradley C. Gumbel39OffspringSon of Bryant Gumbel
Bradley ColeBradley Cole59ActorJeffrey O'Neill of Guiding Light
Bradley CooperBradley Cooper43ActorThe Hangover
Bradley HullBradley Hull31OtherBoyfriend of Keisha Castle-Hughes
Bradley JamesBradley James34ActorArthur of Merlin, television show
missing image for Bradley LiebermanBradley LiebermanSpouseSpouse of Courtney Peldon
Bradley McintoshBradley Mcintosh36SingerFormer singer of S Club 7
Bradley NowellBradley Nowell28*SingerMember of the band "Sublime"
missing image for Bradley RaymondBradley RaymondOtherSpouse of Soledad O'Brien
missing image for Bradley StrykerBradley Stryker41Actor
Bradley WhitfordBradley Whitford58Actor"Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip"
Brady AndersonBrady Anderson54Baseball
Brady CorbetBrady Corbet29Actor
Brady CunninghamBrady CunninghamDesignerSpouse of Jason Schwartzman
Brady SmithBrady Smith46ActorHusband of Tiffani Thiessen
missing image for Brady ToopsBrady ToopsOtherContestant on "The Bachelorette" reality show
missing image for Brahim ZaibatBrahim Zaibat32OtherEx-boyfriend of Madonna
missing image for Brahman GallantiBrahman GallantiSpouseSpouse of Lyssa Chapman
missing image for Brahman TurnerBrahman TurnerDirector
missing image for Brain MalarkeyBrain Malarkey45TV PersonalityTop Chef
missing image for Bram StokerBram Stoker65*AuthorDracula
Bramwell FletcherBramwell Fletcher84*Actorwas a British stage, film, and television actor
Brande RoderickBrande Roderick43ModelBaywatch and Playboy
missing image for Brandee TuckerBrandee TuckerSpouseWife of Michael Steger
missing image for Brandel ShouseBrandel ShouseOther
missing image for Branden SteineckertBranden Steineckert40MusicianFormer Drummer and Founder of The Used and Drummer for Rancid
missing image for Branden WilliamsBranden WilliamsOther
Brandi BrandtBrandi Brandt49ModelPlayboy Playmate of the Month, Oct 1987
missing image for Brandi CBrandi CTV PersonalityContestant at Rock of Love,Charm School and I love money
Brandi CarlileBrandi Carlile36Singeris an American singer and songwriter
Brandi ChastainBrandi Chastain49Soccerfor her game-winning penalty kick against China in the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup final
Brandi GlanvilleBrandi Glanville45TV PersonalityEx-wife of Eddie Cibrian
missing image for Brandi MaxiellBrandi MaxiellTV PersonalityWife of Jason Maxiell
Brandi Padilla-GarnettBrandi Padilla-GarnettSpouseWife of Kevin Garnett
missing image for Brandi ReedBrandi ReedOther
missing image for Brandi ShortBrandi ShortOther
Brandon BarashBrandon Barash38ActorJohnny Zacharra of General Hospital, soap opera
Brandon BeemerBrandon Beemer38ActorShawn-Douglas Brady on Days of our Lives
missing image for Brandon BlackstockBrandon Blackstock41SpouseSpouse of Kelly Clarkson
Brandon BoydBrandon Boyd42SingerLead singer of Incubus
missing image for Brandon CoxBrandon CoxSpouseHusband of Kiely Williams
Brandon DavisBrandon Davis38Heir
Brandon FlowersBrandon Flowers36SingerLead singer of The Killers
Brandon IngeBrandon Inge41Baseball
Brandon JennerBrandon Jenner36OtherSon of Bruce Jenner
Brandon JenningsBrandon Jennings28BasketballPoint Guard for the Milwaukee Bucks
missing image for Brandon LeeBrandon LeeActorThe Crow, films
missing image for Brandon LeeBrandon Lee21OffspringSon of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee
Brandon LondonBrandon London33FootballWide Receiver for the Miami Dolphins
Brandon MaggartBrandon Maggart84ActorFather, Fiona Apple
missing image for Brandon MaloneBrandon MaloneSpouseSpouse of Deana Carter
Brandon RouthBrandon Routh38ActorSuperman Returns
missing image for Brandon RoyBrandon Roy33BasketballPortland Trail Blazers
missing image for Brandon SilverfieldBrandon SilverfieldMagician
missing image for Brandon SteimannBrandon SteimannOtherBoyfriend of Audrina Patridge
Brandon T JacksonBrandon T Jackson34ComedianRoll Bounce , Tropic Thunder
missing image for Brandon TrenthamBrandon TrenthamModel
missing image for Brandon WildsBrandon Wilds24FootballNew York Jets
missing image for Brandon WimberlyBrandon Wimberly30FootballFootball player
BrandyBrandy39SingerNever Say Never, album
Brandy AlexandreBrandy Alexandre53Actressis an American adult actress
missing image for Brandy BoylesBrandy BoylesSpouseEx-Fiancee of Richard Jackson
missing image for Brandy DavisBrandy DavisOther
missing image for Brandy FlintBrandy FlintDesignerEx-Girlfriend of Yung Berg
missing image for Brandy GorceyBrandy GorceySpouse
missing image for Brandy Lacole LyonsBrandy Lacole LyonsOtherEx-Girlfriend of Plies
Brandy LedfordBrandy Ledford49ActressDoyle in "Andromeda"
missing image for Brandy LewisBrandy Lewis43ProducerDaughter of Geoffrey Lewis, Sister of Juliette Lewis
missing image for Brandy NavarreBrandy NavarreSpouseSpouse of Francois Navarre
Brannon BragaBrannon Braga52Producerhis work on various Star Trek series since 1990
Brant DaughertyBrant Daugherty32ActorNoel Kahn of "Pretty Little Liars"
missing image for Brant HivelyBrant HivelySpouse
Brantley Gilbert Brantley Gilbert 33Musician
Brawley NolteBrawley Nolte31ActorSon of Nick Nolte
missing image for Braxton OlitaBraxton OlitaMusicianAshlle Simpson's guitarist.
missing image for BrazilBrazilOtherEx-Boyfriend of Nia Amey
Bre LaddBre Ladd34Other
missing image for Bre TiesiBre TiesiOtherFiancee of Johnny Manziel
Brea GrantBrea Grant36OtherHeroes / Daphne Millbrook
missing image for Breana CabralBreana CabralOtherGirlfriend of Taryll Jackson/Event,Party Planner
Breanne RacanoBreanne RacanoActressFiancee of Jerry Ferrara
Breckin MeyerBreckin Meyer44ActorJoseph Gribble "King of the Hill"
missing image for Bree Morgan Bree Morgan Other
Bree OlsonBree Olson31Actress
missing image for Bree TierneyBree TierneyOtherEx-fiancee of Riley Giles
Bree TurnerBree Turner41Actress"The Ugly Truth"
Brenda BakkeBrenda Bakke55Actress
Brenda BenetBrenda Benet36*Actressfor her roles on the soap operas The Young Marrieds and Days of our Lives
missing image for Brenda BurtonBrenda BurtonSpouse
Brenda CarlinBrenda Carlin60*ProducerFirst wife of George Carlin
Brenda Carney MeoniBrenda Carney MeoniSpouseSpouse of Kurt Warner
missing image for Brenda CooperBrenda CooperDesigner
Brenda CostaBrenda Costa35Model23rd in the Top 25 Sexiest Models
missing image for Brenda GeeBrenda GeeSpouseEx spouse of Dale Earnhardt
missing image for brenda Goodmanbrenda Goodman29Playboy ModelPorn Star
missing image for Brenda HarveyBrenda HarveySpouseEx spouse of Lionel Richie
Brenda KingBrenda KingActressWidow of Roy Scheider
Brenda LeeBrenda Lee73Actressan American country-pop singer, who was popular during the 1950s and 1960s
Brenda MarshallBrenda Marshall76*ActressEx spouse of William Holden
missing image for Brenda RawnBrenda RawnOther
Brenda SchadBrenda SchadModel
Brenda SongBrenda Song30ActressLondon of Suite Life On Deck and The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody
Brenda Stone BrowderBrenda Stone BrowderOtherEx-Wife of J.L. King
Brenda StrongBrenda Strong58ActressMary Alice Young on Desperate Housewives
missing image for Brenda SykesBrenda SykesOtherWidow of Gil Scott-Heron
Brenda VaccaroBrenda Vaccaro78Actressan Academy Award-nominated, Golden Globe-winning American actress
missing image for Brenda WillisBrenda Willis50TV Personality"The Willis Family" TLC TV show
Brendan ColeBrendan Cole42OtherBallroom Dancer
Brendan CowellBrendan Cowell41Authoris an Australian actor, screenwriter and director
missing image for Brendan CoyleBrendan Coyle54ActorJohn Bates of Downton Abbey, television show
Brendan FehrBrendan Fehr40ActorMichael in Roswell
missing image for Brendan FitzpatrickBrendan Fitzpatrick30Other
missing image for Brendan FletcherBrendan Fletcher36ActorMark Davis of Freddy vs. Jason, flim
Brendan FraserBrendan Fraser49ActorThe Mummy
Brendan GleesonBrendan Gleeson63ActorHarry Potter films
missing image for Brendan HartfordBrendan HartfordActor
missing image for Brendan HughesBrendan HughesActor
missing image for Brendan KirschBrendan Kirsch39OtherSports Coordinator of One Tree Hill
missing image for Brendan O' CarrollBrendan O' Carroll62Actor
Brendan O'BrienBrendan O'Brien56ActorSon of Edmond O'Brien
Brendan Rooney Brendan Rooney SpouseSpouse of Christy Carlson Romano
Brendan ShanahanBrendan Shanahan49HockeyRetired Canadian Professional Hockey Winger
Brendon UrieBrendon Urie31MusicianPanic! At The Disco
missing image for Brenna GrayBrenna GraySpouseWidow of Paul Gray
missing image for Brennan ClayBrennan Clay26FootballRunning Back for the Oklahoma Sooners
missing image for Brennan TaulbeeBrennan TaulbeeSingerOceana, band
Brent BarryBrent Barry46BasketballNBA Houston Rockets
Brent BolthouseBrent Bolthouse48Other
missing image for Brent EstradaBrent EstradaOtherEx-Boyfriend of Shannon Elizabeth
Brent MoellekenBrent MoellekenSpouseSpouse of Dayna Devon
missing image for Brent PlottBrent PlottOtherEdward Mervin Griffin
Brent ShermanBrent Sherman43RacingIndy Pro Series driver
missing image for Brent SpinerBrent SpinerActor
missing image for Brenton Thwaites Brenton Thwaites 29ActorLuke Gallagher in SLiDE and Stu Henderson in Home and Away
missing image for Bret BarberieBret Barberie50Baseballis a former professional baseball infielder
missing image for Bret BooneBret BooneBaseball
Bret HarrisonBret Harrison36Actorknown predominantly for his work on television
Bret HartBret Hart60Wrestler / WWFThe best there was,the best there is and the best there ever will be,Bret The Hitman Hart in the WWE
Bret HedicanBret Hedican47HockeySpouse of Kristi Yamaguchi
Bret McKenzieBret McKenzie41MusicianFlight of the Conchords
Bret MichaelsBret Michaels55SingerLead Vocalist of Poison, band
missing image for Brett CarsonBrett CarsonOther
Brett DaltonBrett Dalton35ActorAgent Grant Ward in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Brett DavernBrett Davern26ActorJake Rosati In "Awkward"
Brett DesmondBrett DesmondRichSpouse of Andrea Corr
missing image for Brett diBiaseBrett diBiase30Wrestler / WWFFCW
Brett FavreBrett Favre48FootballQuarterback for the Green Bay Packers 1992-2007
missing image for Brett GardnerBrett Gardner34BaseballNew York Yankees
missing image for Brett HopkinsBrett HopkinsSpouseEx spouse of Bif Naked
missing image for Brett HudsonBrett Hudson65SingerHudson Brothers, music group
missing image for Brett JacobsonBrett JacobsonEntrepreneurFiance of Catt Sadler and HER energy drink owner
Brett LeeBrett Lee41OtherCricket
missing image for Brett MarxBrett Marx53Actorthe grandson of Milton "Gummo" Marx and great-nephew of Harpo, Chico, Groucho and Zeppo Marx
missing image for Brett PorterBrett Porter61ActorEx Spouse of Elizabeth Keifer
Brett RatnerBrett Ratner49Director
Brett RogersBrett RogersOthera mixed martial arts fighter.
Brett RossiBrett RossiActressEx-Fiancee of Charlie Sheen
missing image for Brett ShavesBrett ShavesOtherDated Nicole Bown Simpson
missing image for Brett SimonBrett SimonDirector
Brett SomersBrett Somers83*Actresspanelist on the 1970s CBS game show Match Game
missing image for Brett TuckerBrett Tucker46Actor The Saddle Club, McLeod's Daughters, Neighbours.
Brett WrightBrett WrightSpouseSpouse of Yvonna Kopacz
missing image for Bria MurphyBria MurphyModel
missing image for Bria ValenteBria ValenteSingerGirlfriend of Prince
missing image for Brian AhernBrian AhernProducer
Brian AherneBrian Aherne83*Actorwas an Oscar-nominated English actor of both stage and screen
Brian AndrewsBrian Andrews38SingerDay26, r&b group
Brian AtwoodBrian AtwoodDesignerPartner of Nate Berkus
Brian Austin GreenBrian Austin Green44ActorDavid Silver on Beverly Hills 90210
missing image for Brian AutenriethBrian AutenriethSpouseSpouse of Alisan Porter
missing image for Brian BakerBrian Baker50TV PersonalityFormer Spokesman for The Sprint Corporation
Brian BaumgartnerBrian Baumgartner45ActorKevin Malone on The Office
Brian BenbenBrian Benben61ActorHBO Sitcom Dream On
missing image for Brian BloomBrian Bloom47ActorDusty Donovan in "As The World Turns"
missing image for Brian BlosilBrian Blosil65ProducerDivorced spouse of Marie Osmond
missing image for Brian BoumaBrian BoumaOther
missing image for Brian BowmanBrian BowmanOtherEx-Boyfriend of K. Michelle
Brian Christopher LawlerBrian Christopher Lawler46Wrestler / WWFJerry and Kay Lawler
Brian CookBrian Cook37BasketballHouston Rockets
missing image for Brian DalesBrian Dales28MusicianLead singer of The Summer Set, and also ex boyfriend to Chelsea Staub.
missing image for Brian DaviesBrian Davies79ActorSpouse of Erika Slezak
missing image for Brian DaweBrian DaweOtherBoyfriend of Farrah Abraham
missing image for Brian DawkinsBrian DawkinsFootball
Brian De PalmaBrian De Palma77DirectorCarrie
missing image for Brian DeaconBrian Deacon69ActorPlayed Jesus in the 1979 film "Jesus"
missing image for Brian DennehyBrian Dennehy80Actor
missing image for Brian DietzenBrian Dietzen40ActorJimmy Palmer on NCIS
Brian DonlevyBrian Donlevy71*Actor"Beau Geste" and "The Great McGinty"
Brian DroletBrian DroletActorThe Hills
missing image for Brian GadsonBrian GadsonSpouse
Brian GallagherBrian Gallagher38ActorSpouse of Megan Hilty
Brian GaskillBrian Gaskill48ActorDylan Lewis of Guiding Light
Brian GeraghtyBrian Geraghty44ActorThe Hurt Locker, film
missing image for Brian GibsonBrian Gibson59*Director
Brian GrazerBrian Grazer66Producerfounded Imagine Entertainment with partner Ron Howard
missing image for Brian HallisayBrian Hallisay39ActorKyle Parks in "The Client List"
missing image for Brian HargroveBrian Hargrove62Producer
missing image for Brian HarrahBrian HarrahMusicianEx-fiance of Mia Tyler
Brian HartBrian Hart34Actoras the founder of Brian Hart Limited, a company that developed and built engines for motorsport use
missing image for Brian HensonBrian HensonSpouseSpouse of Mia Sara
missing image for Brian HerskowitzBrian HerskowitzOther
missing image for Brian JacksonBrian JacksonSpouse
missing image for Brian JonesBrian Jones27*MusicianFounding member of the Rolling Stones
Brian JoubertBrian Joubert33Skateris a French figure skater
Brian KeithBrian Keith75*Actor"Family Affair"
missing image for Brian KelleyBrian KelleyMusicianFlorida Georgia Line Country duo
Brian KrauseBrian Krause49ActorPlayed Leo Wyatt on Charmed
Brian LeetchBrian Leetch50HockeyRetired hockey defenseman who played with the New York Rangers and Toronto Maple Leafs
missing image for Brian LennardBrian LennardSpouse
Brian LittrellBrian Littrell43SingerBackstreet Boys
missing image for Brian LogueBrian LogueSpouseSpouse of Christina Chambers
missing image for Brian LovellBrian LovellOtherEx-spouse of Stacey Dash
Brian LynchBrian Lynch61Musicianis a Grammy Award-winning New York based Jazz trumpeter
missing image for Brian LynchBrian Lynch39Basketball
missing image for Brian MalloyBrian MalloySpouseSpouse of Jessica Leccia
Brian MayBrian May70MusicianQueen, band
missing image for Brian MazzaBrian Mazza33Football
Brian McFaddenBrian McFadden38SingerFormer Member of Westlife
Brian McFaydenBrian McFayden41TV PersonalityMTV VJ
missing image for Brian McKeeBrian McKee46SingerHusband of Andrea Kelly
Brian McKnightBrian McKnight48SingerBack at One, album
missing image for Brian MillerBrian Miller63SpouseSpouse of Carol Burnett
missing image for Brian MillerBrian Miller77ActorWidower of Elisabeth Sladen
Brian MolkoBrian Molko45Musician
missing image for Brian MonetBrian MonetSpouseSpouse of Ulrika Jonsson
Brian MussoBrian MussoFootballNew York Jets
missing image for Brian NahedBrian Nahed41SpouseHusband of Vanessa Kerry
missing image for Brian PaquinBrian Paquin66RichFather of Anna Paquin
missing image for Brian PerriBrian PerriSpouseHusband of Elisabetta Canalis
missing image for Brian PetersonBrian PetersonOtherMurder of his Newborn
missing image for Brian PetsosBrian PetsosOtherBoyfriend of Kristen Wiig
missing image for Brian PillmanBrian Pillman35*Wrestler / WWFBrian Pillman in the WWE
Brian PresleyBrian Presley40ActorJack Ramsey in Port Charles
missing image for Brian ProutBrian Prout62Musician"Diamond Rio"
Brian PumperBrian Pumper37ActorPorn with Montana Fishburne
missing image for Brian RossBrian RossExecutive
missing image for Brian RussellBrian RussellSpouseSpouse of Cheryl Ladd
Brian SelznickBrian Selznick51Authoris an American author and illustrator of children's books
Brian SetzerBrian Setzer59SingerThe Stray Cats
missing image for Brian ShawBrian ShawOtherHusband of Tiarra
Brian StepanekBrian Stepanek61ActorArwin Hawkhauser "Suite Life of Zack & Cody"
missing image for Brian Stuart HabecostBrian Stuart HabecostSpouseSpouse of Katie LeClerc
missing image for Brian TaylorBrian TaylorOther
missing image for Brian UrlacherBrian Urlacher39FootballChicago Bears
Brian Van HoltBrian Van Holt48ActorBlack Hawk Down and Windtalkers
Brian VickersBrian Vickers34Racing
missing image for Brian WalkerBrian WalkerMusician
Brian WestbrookBrian Westbrook38FootballPhiladelphia Eagles
Brian WhiteBrian White43Actor
Brian WilliamsBrian Williams59JournalistNBC Nightly News
Brian WilsonBrian Wilson75SingerThe Beach Boys
Briana BanksBriana Banks40ActressBriana Loves Jenna
Briana EviganBriana Evigan31ActressDaughter of Greg Evigan
missing image for Briana IsaacsBriana IsaacsRapperStepdaughter of Mary J. Blige
missing image for Briana JungwirthBriana JungwirthOtherPregnant with Louis Tomlinson's Child
missing image for Briann CorbinBriann Corbin35SpouseSpouse
missing image for Brianna BellBrianna BellOther
missing image for Brianna PadillaBrianna PadillaEntrepreneurWidow of Lee O'Denat
missing image for Brianna TaylorBrianna Taylor30SingerThe Real World
missing image for Bridget - Last Name UnknownBridget - Last Name UnknownOtherEx-Girlfriend of Rickey Smiley
Bridget FondaBridget Fonda54ActressRole in "Single White Female"
Bridget HallBridget Hall40ModelSports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues from 2002-2005
missing image for Bridget HardyBridget HardyOtherGirlfriend of Jaleel White
missing image for Bridget KellyBridget Kelly32SingerLove and Hip Hop Hollywood
Bridget MarquardtBridget Marquardt44SpouseThe Girls Next Door
missing image for Bridget MoriBridget MoriSpouse
Bridget MoynahanBridget Moynahan47ActressBlue Bloods, television show
missing image for Bridget PetersBridget PetersModelGirlfriend of Joe Manganiello
Bridget ReganBridget Regan36ActressKahlan Amnell in "Legend of the Seeker"
missing image for Bridget RooneyBridget RooneyOther
Bridgett CasteenBridgett CasteenSpouseSpouse of Dot-Marie Jones
missing image for Bridgetta TomarchioBridgetta TomarchioOtherDated Val Kilmer
Bridgette WilsonBridgette Wilson44ActressVeronica Vaughn in "Billy Madison" and Sonya in "Mortal Kombat"
Bridgid CoulterBridgid Coulter49Actressis an African American and Caucasian actress whose worked in both film and television
Bridgit MendlerBridgit Mendler25ActressTeddy Duncan of Good Luck Charlie
missing image for Bridgitte WilsonBridgitte WilsonSpouse
Brie BellaBrie Bella34Wrestler / WWFWWE
Brie LarsonBrie Larson28Actressone of the main characters in the Disney Channel TV movie Right on Track in 2003
missing image for Brie ShafferBrie ShafferSpouseSpouse of Michael Pena
Brienne PedigoBrienne PedigoReporter
missing image for Brigette ArdenBrigette Arden50Other
Brigitte BardotBrigitte Bardot83Actressamong Empire's 100 Sexiest Film Stars
missing image for Brigitte DeLuiseBrigitte DeLuiseSpouseEx Wife of David DeLouise
missing image for Brigitte HesshaimerBrigitte HesshaimerOtherOther Woman of Charles A. Lindbergh
Brigitte NielsenBrigitte Nielsen54ActressSurreal Life
Brinke StevensBrinke Stevens63ActressScream Queen
missing image for Briona MaeBriona Mae23ModelRomeo Miller's Girlfriend
Bristol PalinBristol Palin27OffspringDaughter of Sarah Palin
Brit MarlingBrit Marling34Other
Britney SpearsBritney Spears36SingerBaby One More Time, album
missing image for BritnieBritnieOther
missing image for BrittBrittOtherAffair with Nick Young
Britt EklandBritt Ekland75ActressBond Girl of The Man with the Golden Gun, James Bond films
missing image for Britt HelferBritt Helfer58ActressSpouse of Robert Newman
Britt IrvinBritt Irvin33ActressCanadian actress and singer
missing image for Britt NicoleBritt Nicole33MusicianGold, album
Britt Nilsson Britt Nilsson OtherContestant on "The Bachelor" reality show
Britt RobertsonBritt Robertson28ActressThe Secret Circle, television show
Britta BeckerBritta Becker45Hockeyis a former German field hockey midfield player
missing image for Britta Hanson Britta Hanson SpouseEx-wife of Track Palin
missing image for Britta LazengaBritta LazengaActressWife of Ryan Kavanaugh
Britta SteffenBritta Steffen34OtherGerman swimmer
missing image for Brittani SenserBrittani SenserSingerAfter Love, debut single
missing image for Brittany AshlandBrittany Ashland46Actress
missing image for Brittany BellBrittany Bell30ActorMiss Guam 2014
Brittany BreesBrittany BreesSpouseSpouse of Drew Brees
missing image for Brittany BrousseauBrittany BrousseauModelGirlfriend of Scott Eastwood
missing image for Brittany BryantBrittany BryantOtherBeing Bandon Jennings Girlfriend
Brittany DanielBrittany Daniel42ActressJessica Wakefield of Sweet Valley High
missing image for Brittany FurlanBrittany FurlanOtherGirlfriend of Tommy Lee
missing image for Brittany GonzalesBrittany GonzalesOtherFiancee of Kellan Lutz
missing image for Brittany HagyBrittany HagyOther
missing image for Brittany JacksonBrittany JacksonOffspringDaughter of Marlon Jackson
missing image for Brittany LangdonBrittany LangdonSpouseSpouse of Matt Barkley
missing image for Brittany LopezBrittany LopezSpouseSpouse of Christian Slater
missing image for Brittany McGrawBrittany McGrawOtherGirlfriend of Steve-O
Brittany MurphyBrittany Murphy32*ActressClueless, film
Brittany PerrineauBrittany PerrineauActressfor her recurring appearance on US TV show Lost
missing image for Brittany PetrosBrittany Petros43OtherBig Brother, reality show
Brittany RobertsonBrittany Robertson28Actress
Brittany SnowBrittany Snow32ActressMeg Pryor on American Dreams
Brittany UnderwoodBrittany Underwood29ActressLangston Wilde of One Life to Live, soap opera
missing image for Brittish WilliamsBrittish WilliamsTV PersonalityBasketball Wives
missing image for Brittney CadeBrittney CadeDesignerSpouse of Mike Dirnt
Brittney GrinerBrittney Griner27BasketballCenter for the Phoenix Mercury
missing image for Brittney Marie ColeBrittney Marie ColeSpouseSpouse of Brian Kelley
missing image for Brittney McNortonBrittney McNortonOtherFiancee of Calvin Johnson
missing image for Brittney PowellBrittney Powell46Singer
missing image for Brittni MealyBrittni MealyOtherEx-Girlfriend of Future
Brittny GastineauBrittny Gastineau34ModelGastineau Girls reality show; daughter of Mark Gastineau
Brock KellyBrock Kelly32Actor
Brock LesnarBrock Lesnar40Wrestler / WWFWWE wrestler, UFC fighter
Broderick CrawfordBroderick Crawford74*Actor
Brody DalleBrody Dalle39Musicianlead singer/guitarist for the punk rock band The Distillers
Brody JennerBrody Jenner34ActorThe Hills
missing image for Brogan LaneBrogan Lane63ModelEx spouse of Dudley Moore
missing image for Bronson PinchotBronson Pinchot59ActorBalki Bartokomous of Perfect Strangers
missing image for Brook LeeBrook LeeOther
missing image for Brook YeatonBrook YeatonSpouseEx spouse of Traci Lords
missing image for Brooke - Last Name UnknownBrooke - Last Name UnknownOtherEx-Girlfriend of Rick Ross
Brooke AdamsBrooke Adams69ActressPagan Tralone in "Lace"
missing image for Brooke AdamsBrooke Adams33Wrestler / WWFWWE
Brooke AndersonBrooke Anderson40TV PersonalityCo-host of Showbiz Tonight
missing image for Brooke BarlowBrooke Barlow39Otherdating Antonio Sabato, Jr.
Brooke Burke-CharvetBrooke Burke-Charvet46ActressFormer Host of Wild On! and Rock Star, television shows
Brooke BurnsBrooke Burns40Actress"Baywatch" and "Baywatch Hawaii"
missing image for Brooke CrittendenBrooke CrittendenModelMTV Assistant turned Model
Brooke D'OrsayBrooke D'Orsay36ActressKate in "Two and a Half Men"
missing image for Brooke DanielsBrooke DanielsOther
missing image for Brooke DavisBrooke Davis39Actress
Brooke ElliottBrooke Elliott43ActressDrop Dead Diva, television show
Brooke HavenBrooke Haven38ActressWorked in over 150 pornographic movies
Brooke HaywardBrooke Hayward80OffspringDaughter of Leland Hayward
missing image for Brooke HealeyBrooke Healey32Model
Brooke HoganBrooke Hogan30TV PersonalityDaughter of Hulk Hogan
missing image for Brooke HundleyBrooke HundleyOtherAlleged affair with Steve Phillips
missing image for Brooke HylandBrooke Hyland20OtherDance Moms, reality show
Brooke KerrBrooke Kerr44ActressWhitney Russell Harris on Passions
Brooke LangtonBrooke Langton47ActressMelrose Place
Brooke MuellerBrooke Mueller40ActressSpouse of Charlie Sheen
Brooke RichardsBrooke Richards41ModelPlayboy's Playmate of the Month for December, 1999
missing image for Brooke SealeyBrooke SealeyOther
Brooke ShieldsBrooke Shields52ActressEmmeline in "Blue Lagoon"
Brooke SmithBrooke Smith51ActressDr. Erica Hahn on Grey's Anatomy
missing image for Brooke SorensonBrooke Sorenson18ActressTammy LaFontaine on Modern Family
missing image for Brooke TessmacherBrooke Tessmacher33Wrestler / WWFPrevious WWE Wreslter
Brooke ValentineBrooke Valentine33MusicianGirl Fight, single
missing image for Brooke WehrBrooke WehrOtherGirlfriend of Jeremy Calvert
Brooke WhiteBrooke White34MusicianAmerican Idol Season 7 5th Place
Brooklyn BeckhamBrooklyn Beckham19OffspringSon of David and Victoria Beckham
Brooklyn DeckerBrooklyn Decker31ModelSports Illustrated
Brooklyn LeeBrooklyn Lee28Actress
Brooklyn SudanoBrooklyn Sudano37ActressVanessa Scott in My Wife and Kids tv series
Brooklyn WeaverBrooklyn Weaver46ProducerCEO of Energy Entertainment
missing image for Brooks AyersBrooks AyersOtherEx-Boyfriend of Vicki Gunvalson
Brooks Laich Brooks Laich 34HockeyBoyfriend of Julianne Hough
missing image for Brooks PerlinBrooks Perlin44EntrepreneurFormer Boyfriend of Katie Couric
missing image for Brooks WestBrooks West67*ActorWidow of Eve Arden
missing image for Brother MarquisBrother MarquisRapper2 Live Crew, hip hop group
Bruce AbbottBruce Abbott63ActorFormer Husband of Linda Hamilton
missing image for Bruce BilsonBruce Bilson90DirectorSon of Danny Bilson
Bruce BowenBruce Bowen46BasketballSan Antonio Spurs
Bruce BoxleitnerBruce Boxleitner68ActorAlan Bradley of TRON, films
Bruce DavisonBruce Davison71ActorSenator Kelly on the X-men
missing image for Bruce DickinsonBruce Dickinson60Musician
missing image for Bruce HartBruce Hart68Wrestler / WWFCanadian Professional Wrestler
missing image for Bruce HasselbertBruce HasselbertOtherFirst husband of Loni Anderson
missing image for Bruce HornsbyBruce Hornsby63SingerBruce Hornsby and the Range, multi-genre jam band
missing image for Bruce J. TackowiakBruce J. TackowiakOtherEx-Husband of Deborah A. Moore
missing image for Bruce JurgensBruce JurgensProducer
missing image for Bruce KaratzBruce KaratzOther
Bruce LeeBruce Lee32*Actormartial arts films
missing image for Bruce McNallBruce McNall68HockeyOwner of the Los Angeles Kings
missing image for Bruce NathanBruce NathanEntrepreneurWallpaper
Bruce OppenheimBruce OppenheimSpouseEx spouse of Cybill Shepherd
Bruce PaltrowBruce Paltrow58*Producerproducer of the television series The White Shadow, St. Elsewhere and Homicide: Life on the Street
missing image for Bruce RobisonBruce RobisonSpouseSpouse of Kelly Willis
missing image for Bruce SomersBruce SomersSpouseEx spouse of Suzanne Somers
Bruce SpringsteenBruce Springsteen68Singerfor his brand of heartland rock infused with pop hooks, poetic lyrics
Bruce SudanoBruce Sudano69MusicianFormer member of the "Brooklyn Dreams"
Bruce WeymanBruce WeymanSpouseSpouse of Laura Allen
missing image for Bruce WhiteBruce WhiteOtherManson family member; fathered Susan Atkins' son
Bruce WillisBruce Willis63ActorJohn McClane in the Die Hard series
missing image for Bruna DuarteBruna DuarteModel
missing image for Bruna LeticiaBruna Leticia33Other
missing image for Bruna MarquezineBruna Marquezine22ActressEx-Girlfriend of Neymar
missing image for Bruno AveillanBruno AveillanDirectorSpouse of Inna Zobova
Bruno BarretoBruno Barreto63DirectorEx spouse of Amy Irving
missing image for Bruno DumontBruno Dumont60Director
Bruno GanzBruno Ganz77Actorfor his portrayal of Adolf Hitler in the 2004 film, Der Untergang (Downfall)
missing image for Bruno GarfinkelBruno GarfinkelOther
Bruno LangleyBruno Langley35ActorCoronation Street
Bruno MarsBruno Mars32SingerDoo-Wops and Hooligans, album
missing image for Bruno NuyttenBruno Nuytten72Director
Bruno PagliaiBruno PagliaiSpouseEx spouse of Merle Oberon
Bruno Richard HauptmannBruno Richard Hauptmann36*OtherKidnapper and Murderer of the Lindbergh Baby, Charles Lindbergh Jr.
Bruno TonioliBruno TonioliOtherDancing with the Stars
Bruno WolkowitchBruno Wolkowitch57Actor
missing image for Brutus BeefcakeBrutus Beefcake61Wrestler / WWF
Bryan AdamsBryan Adams58MusicianAlbums Cuts Like a Knife, Reckless, etc.
Bryan BattBryan Batt55ActorSalvatore romano in "Mad Men"
missing image for Bryan CraigBryan Craig26ActorMorgan Corinthos in "General Hospital"
Bryan CranstonBryan Cranston62ActorMalcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad, television shows
Bryan DattiloBryan Dattilo46ActorLucas Roberts of Days of Our Lives
missing image for Bryan DickBryan Dick40ActorBleak House
Bryan FerryBryan Ferry72SingerRoxy Music
Bryan GreenbergBryan Greenberg39ActorJake Jagielski on One Tree Hill
missing image for Bryan KestBryan KestOtherEx-boyfriend of Lisa Bonet
Bryan LourdBryan Lourd57Other
missing image for Bryan MalatestaBryan MalatestaOther2008 Presidential Candidate
missing image for Bryan MascheBryan Masche39TV PersonalityRaising Sextuplets,reality Show
missing image for Bryan MashardBryan MashardOther
Bryan Michael CoxBryan Michael Cox40Musician
missing image for Bryan PriceBryan PriceActorQuan in The Lady from Yesterday
missing image for Bryan RandallBryan RandallOtherBoyfriend of Sandra Bullock
Bryan SingerBryan Singer52ScreenwriterHis work on the "X-Men" films
missing image for Bryan SouthcombeBryan Southcombe70*ActorEx spouse of Charlotte Rampling and Father of Barnaby Southcombe
Bryan SpearsBryan Spears41ProducerBrother of Britney Spears
missing image for Bryan TanakaBryan TanakaOtherHookup of Mariah Carey
missing image for Bryan Travis SmithBryan Travis SmithOther
Bryan WhiteBryan White44SingerAmerican Country Music Artist
missing image for Bryan WolfeBryan WolfeSpouseHusband of Kim Spradlin
missing image for Bryana HollyBryana Holly25ModelEx-girlfriend of Brody Jenner
Bryant GumbelBryant Gumbel69TV Personalityfor his 15 years as co-host of NBC's The Today Show
missing image for Bryant McKinnieBryant McKinnie38FootballBaltimore Ravens
missing image for Bryce Chandler HillBryce Chandler HillModelAffair with Joe Simpson
Bryce Dallas HowardBryce Dallas Howard37ActressStory in Lady in the Water; Gwen Stacy in Spiderman 3
Bryce GruberBryce Gruber34OtherNYC Socialite
Bryce WilsonBryce Wilson46MusicianGroove Theory, r&b duo
missing image for Bryiana Noelle FloresBryiana Noelle FloresSpouseSpouse of Rob Dyrdek
missing image for Bryn MooserBryn MooserMusicianFiance of Maria Bello
Bryn WilliamsBryn Williams40OtherTV Chef
missing image for Brynn CameronBrynn Cameron31Basketball
Brynn HartmanBrynn Hartman40*ActressWife and Murderer of Phil Hartman
missing image for Bryson TillerBryson Tiller25SingerT R A P S O U L, album
missing image for Bu ThiamBu ThiamOtherBrother of Akon
missing image for Bu.Bu.OtherBrother of Akon
missing image for Bubba SmithBubba SmithActor
missing image for Bubba the Love SpongeBubba the Love Sponge52Radio DJ
Bubba WatsonBubba Watson39GolferWinner of the 2012 Masters Tournament
Buck OwensBuck Owens76*SingerTwenty number-one hits on the Billboard magazine country music charts
Buck RamboBuck Rambo86SingerEx spouse of Dottie Rambo
missing image for BuckwildBuckwild35TV PersonalityFlavor of Love season 2,Charm School season 1,I love money season 2
Bucky CovingtonBucky Covington40SingerAmerican Idol Season 5 8th Place Contestant
Bud AbbottBud Abbott78*ActorAbbott & Costello
missing image for Bud LeeBud LeeOther
Bud WestmoreBud Westmore55*Otherwas a make-up artist in Hollywood
Budd SchulbergBudd Schulberg95*ScreenwriterWriter of "On The Waterfront"
BuddhaBuddha38ActorRunner-up of I Love New York 2, reality show
Buddy ColeBuddy Cole47*Musicianwas a jazz pianist and orchestra leader
Buddy EbsenBuddy Ebsen95*ActorJed Clampett of The Beverly Hillbillies
missing image for Buddy FarmerBuddy FarmerSpouseMarried to Pamela Hayden
Buddy GrecoBuddy Greco91Singer
Buddy GuyBuddy Guy81Musician
Buddy HackettBuddy Hackett78*Actorwas an American comedian and actor
Buddy HollyBuddy Holly22*SingerLead Singer of Buddy Holly and The Crickets, band
missing image for Buddy JewellBuddy Jewell57Singercountry singer
missing image for Buddy LeeBuddy LeeWrestler / WWF
missing image for Buff CobbBuff Cobb89Spouse
Buffie The BodyBuffie The Body41OtherVideo Goddess of the Year
missing image for Buffy Bains Buffy Bains OtherFiancee of Peter Billingsley
missing image for Buffy StewartBuffy StewartSpouseWidow of John Stewart
Bugsy SiegelBugsy Siegel41*Otheran American Gangster
missing image for Bully RayBully Ray46Wrestler / WWF
missing image for Bulmaro GarciaBulmaro GarciaOtherEx spouse of Tiffany
Bun BBun B45RapperUGK, rap duo
missing image for Bunty WhitfieldBunty WhitfieldSpouseWidow of Andrew Faulds
missing image for Burgess JenkiinsBurgess Jenkiins44ActorBilly Abbott of the Young and Restless
missing image for Burhan BelgeBurhan Belge68*Other
missing image for Burke RamseyBurke Ramsey31OtherBrother of JonBenet Ramsey
Burney LamarBurney Lamar37Racingspouse of Niki Taylor
Burt BacharachBurt Bacharach90MusicianBacharach and David, songwriting duo
missing image for Burt LancasterBurt Lancaster81*Actor
Burt ReynoldsBurt Reynolds82ActorBo Darville of Smokey and the Bandit
Burt SugarmanBurt SugarmanProducerSpouse of Mary Hart
missing image for Burt WardBurt Ward72ActorRobin "Batman" tv show
Burt YoungBurt Young78ActorPaulie in the "Rocky" films
Busby BerkleyBusby BerkleyDirectorEx spouse of Claire James
missing image for BushidoBushido39Rapper
Bushwick BillBushwick Bill51RapperGeto Boys
Busta RhymesBusta Rhymes46RapperThe Big Bang, album
missing image for Buster KeatonBuster Keaton70*ActorSilent Films
Busy PhilippsBusy Philipps38Actressstarring role in the acclaimed 2002 film Home Room
Butch PatrickButch PatrickActorEddie Munster of The Munsters, television show
Buzz AldrinBuzz Aldrin88OtherSecond Person to walk on the Moon
Byron AllenByron Allen57TV PersonalityReal People
Byron FoulgerByron Foulger70*Actor"Miracle of Morgan's Creek"
missing image for Byron McCullochByron McCullochOther
Byron PalmerByron Palmer92ActorBroadway Musical, "Where's Charley?"
Byron ThamesByron Thames49Actoris an American television and film actor and musician
Byron VelvickByron Velvick53TV PersonalityThe Bachelor, season six

* Age at time of death

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