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Age: 85 (5/1/1929)

Occupation: Entertainment - Actor

Most Famous For: Brother of Hugh Hefner

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Keith Hefner's Celebrity Biography (via Wikipedia)

Keith Hefner (born January 5, 1929) is an American songwriter, composer, actor, and younger brother of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. His nicknames include Heath the Hearthrob and Kissin' Keith.

He can be seen frequently on the E! Show The Girls Next Door, which stars older brother Hugh Hefner.

Hefner was also the host/performer of two local children's TV programs Mr. Toby's Tip Top Merry go Round, which was seen weekdays on WJZ-TV Ch.13 in Baltimore, Maryland and Time For Fun/The Johnny Jellybean Show, which was seen weekday afternoons and later on weekday mornings on WABC-TV Ch.7 in New York, New York from Monday August 23, 1958 to Friday June 24, 1960.

He also played a KAOS agent in a 2-part episode of Get Smart.

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